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  1. Sounds like guild HP regen passive? Has red particles too
  2. I dont think those cubes were added to naeun for gear purposes, but rather for people who wanted the old sets again to play around with them? Maybe for armor looks, idk? so neutral ig for the people who wanted those, though i dont use personally. maybe just make all those into an exchange than craft, frees up space. same for the costume boxes for jobs (plus those job costume boxes cost 1 ed, its not an ed sinker, so why not?) agree with putting all sets into naeun gamble cube instead of naeun special goodies & good vs evil bring back gumi set too
  3. this happened as i tried to list smtg on board, then game crash
  4. Everyone who usually cashes is instead spendin' their EC burning It's crazy thus rates went up
  5. itd be great if you can find any info on it, i just tried but i dunno what keywords to even try to look for
  6. i want to know about this happening in officials too, can you try to find any evidence of it? if it would be possible it would be great, but as others said it was previously rejected. hopefully things have changed since then, if so +1 but not sure if its possible
  7. Wish you good luck wherever you go next
  8. consumables is going to be the bulk of your drops, because it's not suppose to always be good every time. i'd prefer consumables instead, because official KoG has useless NPC summon cards and old boss accessory cubes in ice burner.. youre SUPPOSED to mostly get trash, thats how the regulation works. and at least consumables are useful you can't separate the good rewards from the bad rewards, thats not how these rng cubes work and yeah, suggestions isnt a place to joke, take joke threads to spam thread or random if its worthy of a discussion itd make everything devalued because the rarer drops that are supposed to stay rare become common, see?
  9. it matters in this case because the disc is how they keep track for tourneys
  10. yeah your poll is confusing for no reason.. this is also a bad idea. there is a reason why consumables, etc are in there.. RNG is RNG. youre not suppose to get the reward you want every time, just at the very least always something that can be used 3.5mil per costume piece would devalue the entire set so hard, most definitely never happening & makes no sense sure miths would go lower, but like..just no.. and last would be pets & mounts, would devalue mounts & pets even more so
  11. Scarose

    Buff/Change Orbs

    not sure whether adding more range to the attack range is better or worse? would have to readjust aim on it, i guess? but wouldnt they have to change the orbs attack appearance as a whole and make it bigger for that hitbox change? that makes this suggestion quite hard no? also changing poison cloud range to 20m and changing it to 1000% would make it deal 10,000% and have very likely chance of hit, thats a pretty big buff, though im not entirely against the idea of might be a gamechanger? they'd have to resize the poison cloud to be 3x bigger though.. hmm..and why nerf wind orb dmg by 12%? just for even numbers?
  12. Girl what you want