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  1. Welcome to Voidels~ I see Theo. Good choice.
  2. Would not want it personally, it's good this way with less gold spawn for the economy
  3. its been 11 days since the last void designer thread was locked participating is fun, will it be coming back soon?
  4. well i guess, that is kind of the point of a private server..the first things i think of when i think of a private server is (most of the time) boosted exp rates, & cheaper cosmetics access but yeah, its okay to still do those dungs despite being overlevelled..isnt it? do you mean you feel lack of feeling a "reward" when you dont level up from doing those dungs while overlevelled? well, you still get ed, but i can understand that i suppose
  5. plenty of people do it for the ed or cause they find it fun, just because youre overlevelled doesnt mean you cant still play those dungeons right? also disagree about skipping heroics if youre super new, you will not have enough power to run elrianode for tears unless you are carried (or you were to spend all the ~200m you get from questing on tears since its cheap asf in void) and when i started gearing a new character from scratch on KR when i wanted to try out Laby, i skipped right past SD gear and went straight to heroics (rip ip block on kr)
  6. if you really wanted to you could just do all the story quests if you wanted to go through the progression like you would on officials, as nothings really stopping you from doing so
  7. -1 i think hanger removals have a purpose at the price they are at in terms of balance a big reason we even got magic wardrobe was due to the addition of these in NA
  8. they have stated before its not possible there is a limited number of NPC slots per map is why she isn't in every map"npc slots"&updated_after=any&sortby=relevancy @PhysicsTM @Shiryelle @Structure @Xera
  9. Hasnt even been an hour.... Glad we got a new small update~
  10. yea its a joke - written there on purpose to actually make u question that its unedited then see that timeskip a lot of it is this kind of joke im not gonna lie i was too dumb to get most of them first time i watched
  11. guess you guys havent seen this huh pre re:boot, doesnt even stack el tears skill dmg.. its just gear
  12. I just wanted to say of a game screenshot pfp yours is cutest ive seen & i love your ara's look in it ~

    1. Sinnia


      Thank you so much!~ ♥ @Scarose


  13. I know they are in there as I have more than 3 of them in my MW, you have to search items differently than on board for ex. you type in Velder Academy in MW but on marketplace board, you can just write velder academy, no uppercase
  14. Magic Wardrobe is case sensitive, all suits are in MW
  15. did you ever get that ign goddess from that guy? were they ever planning to sell it? wanted a different ign from them but they wont even update their forum thread so :c are they legit?

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    2. Beautiful


      well honestly i never had high hopes in him selling them anyways, even when i messaged him about it, he doesnt really reply and just gives the excuse hes too busy

    3. Scarose


      rip, seems shady :( oh well 

      thanks anyways~

    4. Beautiful


      anytime ♡