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  1. been asked many times - technical difficulties. i would love it, would love if ran could look into it again, but most likely won't happen for those who would be unconcerned about not having that specific skill dmg tear just to play alts for fun, RIP
  2. actually you can dismantle MW'd items, they have a chance of dropping sage stones
  3. whats wrong with equips being used for looks? someone above already restated what i said about about the logic thing
  4. if you think it's "disgusting, ugly, weird" it's just your opinion..just because equipment isn't labelled as a "costume" it can't be used for looks? what is your logic lmao that..makes no sense? the purpose is for stats+looks, then u would lose stat bonus from costume weapon bonus effect + sockets ????? there is pages and pages of equipment on KR you can store in MW..and personally i want even more equipment sets on void because they look cool
  5. why's there not an option for armors like 1c? anyways the fact that the only way to get 29 through official is rip so +1 it needs a change
  6. Scarose

    Ara Hair !!

    i think they are saying they want an option for characters who have an appearance change when they awk to keep original appearance on awk..
  7. ran has said before that they have considered it for ed burner rotation
  8. i feel like #2 would be hard to implement even though i completely agree with it
  9. reminder that kog increased board trading limit, added a bank, but did nothing to personal trading limits, so dont know if it'll ever really happen well hackers cant spawn in th shit to to sell to npc anymore and are banned much faster now but if they were brought would they make as much money without being able to sell the coins actually? im sure there was another reason must be but i cant think of it right now
  10. not in void's technical capabilities, there's been threads like this
  11. you still need to add examples to your main post, nobody should have to scroll so much to know what they look like, literally just copy and paste them into your main post, pref in a spoiler
  12. it actually does have some stats (faceoff's anyways) and you COULD socket it but that is besides the point the point is this is not one of those games and it doesnt feel like an annoying purchase here like some items are obvious moneygrabs that impede gameplay (ex. skill slot medals) ESPECIALLY on void where you can get MWable costume pieces for less than 5m off board already
  13. yes lol not every game lets you hide accessories for free, this isnt that type of game you didnt play when we didnt have MW and we just had to wear things that were ugly just for stats -1 theres plenty of cheap alternatives under 5m you can get off board to make it more bearable until you can afford it's a type of progression that has no reason to become free
  14. isnt it because then you'd have to exit the dungeon every single time to accept the quest, then queue again? especially with the new queuing method, youd be forced to wait 20~40ish seconds each and every time, maybe more or less?
  15. 10 kills = 10 pouches if you 3v3, and your matching time is between 1-2ish mins, you get potentially even better than running say, 1:10ish average add dung runs for pouches gain i actually got more pouches in way less time spent than my friend did playing pve however it really depends if youre good at getting last hit or not