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  1. I mean, why not? You can sell them if you need an ed source or just buy them if you're lazy, I see no harm?
  2. Scarose

    Make the old, The New

    im guessing youre suggesting to somehow add it like these old ones? also if you want ran to read this i'd suggest making it clear what you want, i had to read all that just to understand you want old sd sets in the game..and recolored? and also some revamped but same effect..? it's a bit unclear im guessing you also have another suggestion of making pvp exclusive to pvp gear? that's just not possible but honestly? i dont think the effort of adding it in is worth it -- i doubt many people will want to use them.. the only reason people would want it in the game is literally if it just looks nice and we get equipment tab in magic wardrobe
  3. Scarose

    Board on Varnimyr camp

    this is only possible if there's an NPC slot, if there isn't then it just isn't
  4. Scarose

    [2/15/18] v2.5 Discussion Thread

    if you set it to automatically eat whats in pet invo, you may be out of luck..
  5. Scarose

    Add Naeun to every village?

    Might I suggest requesting a lock because this thread has been made multiple times & it cannot be implemented as stated by Ran several times before?
  6. Aaaa DY HNOr ArP EO AD when
  7. To address your last comment, theres +11 in void, just not +12

    Theres not really a pve tier list, its hard to fairly aggregate classes based on different playstyles and small patches make old lists completely change

    Hopefully by "im out" you dont mean youre deciding to not play on this server, have a good day!

  8. Scarose

    [2/1/19] Update Discussion Thread

    but yata, where can we properly suggest what ibs we want and assure it will be seen? AD/DY/ArP/HNOr when../EO guys ArP has a new ornament you gotta
  9. Scarose

    Weekly Bonus Cycle

    big +1 i have little incentive to play pve when theres no events going on tbh why grind for erp when i could grind during 100% random missions? or dungeons in general when i could do it while also getting event drops to get extra money (or just nice stuff) why grind add dung when i could grind during 2x drop?
  10. Scarose

    Void - Coming Events & Content

    CM has brought up not talking about other pservers before. However C:C is in the same partnership as Void is in, so it's fine
  11. my personal votes ridiculous how vak/r was only once the one that probably deserves a rerota the most is probably that
  12. Scarose

    Legendary Force Skills

    Henir is getting a revamp anyways, so this suggestion would probably not get implemented irregardless And no, this game doesn't encourage alts..if you want a perfect +10 elria set and +10 weapon? 11b, maybe, not including accessories, maybe add another 1b if using most accessories shared from a main however it's definitely still doable, just not so much if you also want costumes..
  13. Scarose

    Permanent Raid Sit Pose (Infernal Throne)

    big +1 i want this chair but 7 days big gay
  14. Big uwu energy

    1. krackster




      u got me