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  1. Scarose

    [Weekly] Void's Designer

    AAAA thank you so much!!<3 im so glad i decided to participate in void designer again, was fun~ Already liking these entries too~
  2. Scarose

    Another set named Winter Casual..add it to game?

    yes, this, like..where do you guys think the MW list is ported from? bump
  3. nigga u gay

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    2. Scarose


      11* thank u and dont forget it

    3. Cultivate


      my ass won't after all that beating uwu

    4. Scarose


      LMAO CEL

  4. Scarose

    Make Guild Coins Banksharable

    He has a point though. If they could be stored in guild bank, people could sell them, albeit less securely this way by quickly joining guild & placing them in guild bank
  5. Scarose

    Another set named Winter Casual..add it to game?

    I already checked before posting a suggestion..things in voids MW =/= only items that are or ever were previously obtainable True, but these are literally word-for-word, all named winter casual, EXACTLY the same The creativity is envious Is that why you voted no too? @Fiere may i ask why not add it?
  6. Scarose

    Back again! ...Sorta

    Welcome back! I like your name~
  7. ..I'm pretty sure there's 3 goddamn sets named winter casual now. Is it that hard to name it something else.. I just found it while making my void designer entry thisskirtisallineedbetweenmakingthecosplayareality,plsvoid add to game when also, when was it released?
  8. Scarose

    Gothic Punk IM Set

    totally forgot this set existed. +1! ifonlyara'shairwasbetter/longer..
  9. i cant vote cus i came here more cause my bf invited me to play here and whys there no option for void's custom systems ex. naeun, ed burners, and cheaper kc ("more p2w" i think is a diff category than cheaper ec) and for 4. i mostly here for not recolored ibs but rather better access to all ibs in general, we get server exclusive stuff (like NA/KR/JP costume contest winner sets, JP kimono)
  10. Scarose

    V2.4 Bloopers

    Ran is this lewds? :// no wonder it's censored
  11. Scarose

    V2.4 Bloopers

    i see you are a woman of culture
  12. Scarose

    Forces Skill Craftings

    big -1 because wow what is this edgy profile boi free bump +1 to this, i think crafting them would be a good idea and crafting sounds good, but i dunno, i think the crafting for uniques should be pretty hard
  13. Scarose

    Hall of El Drops

    are you using greed medal btw? and only choice drops it right- yeah i been thinking to farm this dungeon for it too, i think its a good suggestion.
  14. Scarose

    Improvement to the Wedding System

    -1 because my main will never be married hahaha +1, esp to the 30 day wedding cube and el hammer cubes