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  1. So let me get this straight. If someone who is generally associated with you is being who they are, pissing your community off and being an overall detriment for the name of your server, even at the cost of your reputation and image, you don't care as long as its happening outside of your area of jurisdiction. Seems a bit lazy and irresponsible to me. Maybe even a good excuse to let your staff do things they shouldn't be doing, while at the same time letting you guys get away with not being held accountable for your actions, or lack thereof. Let's say someone in your staff did something morally reprehensible, like being a pedophile for instance. Would you care then? Where do you draw the line? Where does the staff fall on issues like these? I've seen statements in the past of you trying to give us your 2 cents on some of these topics but none of us can take it seriously when you lie to our face about the same things you claim to be against. How are you going to have Ran go out on a limb and say something like this, yet have a pedophile lurking in your staff? Why in the world should we trust anything you say when stuff like this is just the norm? Give us a reason to believe you instead of lying to our faces, giving us late or half assed answers, or just straight up ignoring us when we bring up real issues you should be dealing with. The biggest issue the community has with you, the staff, is the lack of consistency and the fact that none of us can trust what you say. Sure every once in a blue moon we get a real ass answer, but often its not even the one we were looking for at the time. Other times we get no answer, and most of the time we get a half baked one, followed immediately by a thread lock because the staff is afraid of a few memes, or just unwilling to continue a perfectly legitimate discussion. Point is, all we want are answers but 99% of the time you are unwilling or unable to provide. Aside from you and Yata, the staff are wholly untrustworthy and we take what you say with a grain or salt or not at all because they refuse to give us anything positive to go off of. It's not like we want to see you fail, but the lack of true staff to player communication has been a problem since anything past year 1 of void. This thread has repeated itself countless times over the years in different forms, created by different people. But what it all boils down to is them asking the same questions we've wanted answers to for years; Why are the staff so corrupt and secretive? How can it be fixed? Can it be fixed at all? What do we, the players need to do in order to make you listen? The thing is, until we get answers this cycle is going to repeat until one side snaps and all hell breaks loose, assuming it hasn't already done so. So you can either start giving us straight answers, or you can wait and watch your server burn to the ground because you refused to communicate. Eventually, people will leave, people will get tired of being lied to and all the broken promises void originally made will keep fading away until no one has anything left to care about.
  2. Just about everything OP said is on point, if we had more people doing this and calling the staff out things wouldnt be quite so nasty the way they are now. that said, if the staff gave even a single fuck about their rep or the community we would have seen people like Structure and Lilu purged years ago, let alone hired in the first place. None of us should be sitting back and acting like things are fine especially the staff (lookin at you, Ran. you hired these goons and could try and fix this if you wanted to), and most of us who know better aren't living a lie acting like things are A-ok, if anything a good chunk of whats left of the players know the difference between what we need and what we dont. Problem is almost none of us speak up when and where it counts. At the end of the day it doesnt really matter though, the damage is done, the community doesnt even remotely trust the staff, and the staff doesnt show any signs of willingness to communicate with us even on the most basic level. There have been 0 real attempts from upper staff to bridge the gap, and the server is as good as dead. Sooner or later they will be forced to see that the hard way once all their money disappears. They can only perm ban people for so long in a vain attempt to hide the truth, pretty soon there will be nothing left, and I think that day is closer than they understand.
  3. If theres anything to take away from this, its that context matters, and the staff has not shown that they care about reading between the lines. Banning anybody over a joke is wrong. Obviously there are some exceptions (threats for example) but more times than not, if you think someone is joking they probably are. Its very sad to see the sorry state of this server, because there was a time when people didnt get banned without any warning over something as simple as a joke. Year 1 void was the best this game (on any server) has ever been or ever will be, i still hold true to that. But sadly just about everything past that point was a cavalcade of mistakes and poor judgement on the staff's part. We deserve better, and i hope one day we get better. All of us. If any staff read this, dont think we hate you, I speak for myself when i say I dont hate you. However I speak for everybody when i say we dont trust you, because you havent given us anything but half assed answers or lies since 2015. At best you ignore us and at worst you silence us without thinking twice. Yall got room to improve, get to it or get out, because you arent anything without a community, and you're losing yours faster than I think you understand. When you ban somebody over a joke, you lose much more than that player. You lose any hope of people who care about them trusting you ever again. If you keep going down this path you wont have anything left. You would do well to keep that in mind.
  4. honestly yeah. actions speak louder than words and we dont see a whole lot of action from the staff unless they want to try and act like everything is a-ok as if they expect us to just lie down and believe everything they say no questions asked. this community gets a lot of flak for being "toxic" or just plain dramatic but its really not as bad as a lot of people make it out to be. but tbh void is like facebook with avatars sometimes. difference is dramatic people in the community consist of a much smaller percentage of people than it really seems. most of the time the loudest ones are the minority when it comes to petty shit. then we got the staff who seem to try but anytime we get our hopes up they most often find a way to mess it up in some way or another. not to say that they cant do anything right, they certainly do sometimes, its more so that they just dont communicate with players where it counts. i gotta give credit where its due, content wise i think they are doing a very good job. the last several events have been really damn solid(GOD FUCKING BLESS THE 2X TITLE RUN EVENT GOING ON RN) we need more events like this, even if not all the time maybe just every several months or so. but that aside, the issues stem from them hardly ever listening to what the masses have to say about the other more real issues such as unfair treatment and the like, like this thread was meant to expose/discuss the lack of any real transparency between the staff and community. i want to see them make an effort to bridge that gap but i personally just dont see it happening anytime soon since they either dont listen, or read a topic/post/thread what have you and just fuckin ignore it but on that 40 chars thing with Tom with all his 50 billions different adds, shit cracks me up to this day yeah nah i have around 70+ or so chars spread between around a dozen accs. you arent the only one lmao ill be real with you tho most of those are just ign banks and not fully fledged chars i play.
  5. Yes but how are you going to improve? I think we'd all like to hear your plans for the future of the server, as well as other details the other staff members have in mind that you're allowed to discuss. You have plenty of leeway on what gets added to the game, so are there any specifics you'd like to mention? Most of what you said past that first line I just quoted is for the most part information we already have access to. It's all in your acc bio, what you do, what you cant do, ect. The rulebreakers bit is pretty good to hear though so hopefully we can expect more good news like that eventually.
  6. hey thanks mate i miss me too. but before it starts looking like derailment if you got anything to add go for it man really though if you want to hmu in game or discord or w/e im not too hard to find. forums are mostly dead to me these days
  7. man i quit using the forums for a hot minute here due to how few quality discussions like this are brought up and once im done with this post or any real replies i get ill go right on back to shitposting and being literally anywhere else. mad props to OP though for reviving this sort of thing. good on you man I will speak my mind here for a sec because frankly if we're all about transparency here I have almost no faith in the staff as it is now. I keep an open mind about it, they arent all bad, at least not all the time. I will cut them some slack since they are a private server, and as far as those go its solid, but absolutely not without its fair share of flaws, and man are they numerous. They add a few really solid updates here and there, but at the end of the day they simply are not much different from official servers, no matter how much they believe themselves to be, at least in terms of how so many people used to shit on them. They have become the opposite of what they originally sought to become; a community driven private server. They got the private part down and man are they secretive. keeping with the theme i assume? At least NA and KR have a level of professionalism and some consistency, both things void severely lacks, and could use in spades. I in no way want to see the server flop, quite the opposite. But its literally gotten to the point where we all just expect it to fuck up in some way or another because unfortunately thats just the way its always been. I pretty much always want to give them the benefit of the doubt, but its becoming less and less doable over the years. I have been here since day one and I can count on about one hand the amount of staff ive seen here on void whom i can say legitimately qualify as decent. All the fired and/or retired members over the years is kinda silly. about 80% or more of all the staff we have ever had are either gone because of personal reasons, got fired for inactivity or other specific reasons, and then we have the ones worth their salt who simply got tired of dealing with the headache and called it quits. As if that weren't bad enough, with a couple exceptions (GS Ark) their going away thread usually entails something like "im bored of the game, stop being harsh on the staff, you dont know them like I do, they're really nice people" Well im sorry to say it simply isnt true, and on the off chance it is they give us very little reason to believe it. The small tidbits we do know about them as people is not positive, and in no way betters the community as a whole. If anything it only ever tends to divide the staff and players more. Even when they choose to come out of their little hole to answer a question or two they tend to dodge the real issue and fail to see the bigger picture. Whether or not they're allowed to say certain things remains to be seen but therein lies one of the biggest issues the community tends to have with them; they dont give us clear answers and even the upper staff never say anything of substance unless its a big update, plans of one, or just "sorry no ETA check in 4 months from now for the same damn answer". I get it. yall got shit to do and it keeps you very busy, but at the bear minimum you need to interact with the players more than you do, because a silly EC event every 2 months that clogs the megas and doesnt draw much attention (at least not positive) isnt interaction. We need transparency, we need a community manager that actually does whats in the name and not just lazing about for free EC. We need more dedicated and active staff, we need people who know whats up in the community as part of the staff, knowing how the game works, what needs to be done, and if i were to list all of that id literally be here all day and quite frankly I would rather drown than go through all of the issues the server has in one post. We have almost no real staff interaction and the slight bits we do get add up to almost nothing significant. Anytime a yearly (often times sooner) staff hiring spree inevitably rolls around because the last mods got tired of this shit, some genuinely great potential members pop up and none of them get picked. As far as we know the staff hiring process boils down to "who is going to suck the most staff dick and question our bullshit the least" And what do you know? Lo and behold its always some chump nobody knows, nobody recognizes, and always ends up quitting eventually. If they wont hire people who know their shit, why hire anyone at all? Serious question to all of the staff, I want to know what goes through your minds when you pick people for mod or GS or whatever you want to start calling it. You have unnecessary confidentiality up the ass and the we the players suffer for it. Because you either dont care, or dont have a good enough reason to make up once you read this. And speaking of bad reasons being made up, let me just talk about how atrocious and unfair the ban appeal process is most of the time. The amount of players who stay banned after a false reason is absurdly high. We dont need to check the logs because clearly you guys are far too lazy to actually do any real work when it comes to investigating wrongfully banned players. At the end of the day, id wager a lot of it has to do with the false bans being issued to players you disagree with. Ones that question the integrity of the staff, try to fix your messes, rally the people. All things you are incapable of doing yourselves because almost every single one of you is so wildly out of touch with the playerbase it leads to discussions like this having to come up in the first place. rant over, have a good day void, and as a final note regarding the staff; listen to us! We arent your enemy even though you seem to be deadset on silencing most of the people who go against the grind. It really doesnt have to be this way and im sure if you guys would just dedicate more time talking to us, it wouldnt have to have been this ridiculous in the first place. Please dont blow this off and act like nothing is wrong. Most of us know better.
  8. +1 because I can't even count the number of times I had to delete several people (who may or may not still play the game) just to make room for some old friends re-adding me on their new main, not to mention all the OGs who insist on adding me on all their alts. An expanded friends list wouldn't necessarily be mandatory but it would be very convenient for those of us in the community who have a ton of people added and don't always want to keep deleting people who may be on hiatus only to find out they still play. Whether or not void has the capabilities to actually implement this anytime soon or at all is questionable but if they can I'd like to see it happen.