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  1. nah lets me it a contest between the main cast to start a flame war. that would be way better. Marisia would probably win anyways
  2. So eve clone, best girl or a slut? You already know what I'm picking.
  3. Don't blame the hand that feeds you, blame the creator.
  4. @VoidEls since laby is here..... Laby selection for class guides when?
  5. Or for short, User Interface. The old one was outdated lol
  6. finally now I won't have to look at that old UI anymore.
  7. Don't expect shitposts from me. I ain't going to burn myself out again.
  8. wait.... was that whole "no u" thing was a set up? Were they waiting for someone to say "where's the maintenance or stability maintenance at" so they could wait for shit to happen just to drop it? If so, then holy shit. Always dropping shit on unexpected times.
  9. Stop playing with my emotions >:[ I just wanted to rest at peace and and you throw this at me.
  10. I thought it was the community managers job to listen to what the community has to say but i guess i was wrong. Why did this distance between staff and community even started to the point where we need someone as a middle man to hear both sides? Also, its going to be hard to find someone like acow or ben.
  11. I remembered when someone told me, they hated rose because she took rena's plot queen crown.
  12. Inb4 #Note: Lu, Ciel, Rose, Ain & Laby Excluded!
  13. I really hope we don't start seeing mini mods just like the last other ones.