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  1. RioluChaser

    [1/18/19] Update Discussion Thread

    Inb4 #Note: Lu, Ciel, Rose, Ain & Laby Excluded!
  2. RioluChaser

    [1/18/19] Update Discussion Thread

    I really hope we don't start seeing mini mods just like the last other ones.
  3. RioluChaser

    Make Void Weapon Tradeable

    Yep lol OT: Also KOG just buffed the drop rate for the void weapon. Its just a matter of time they'll make it even easier to get. (Inb4 shards can craft the weapon) Can't wait to see 2x drop for the add dungeon with the rate increased. It will probably drop after 100 runs lol
  4. RioluChaser

    Do not hurry or it will be worse for everyone

    So don't put laby in until the rebalance is what you're saying, even though we get them all together?
  5. RioluChaser

    Make Void Weapon Tradeable

    Wait until the void weapon becomes irrelevant but for now, nope.
  6. RioluChaser

    Leave the x2 Apocalypse drop event forever

    Maybe in the future when the void weapon becomes meaningless with a new busted one besides the raid weapon(similar to +9/+10 being a joke in endgame dungeons) then I doubt they'll make it perm lol
  7. RioluChaser

    Frost Maiden potions

    In voidels logic: If its easy to get, we butcher it. I doubt they'll keep the price the same since everything has to be a ED sink or grinding. I'll still support this regardless what happens.
  8. RioluChaser

    Worst bravery skill.

    I meant it as an example lol Though, I wished they stopped.
  9. RioluChaser

    Worst bravery skill.

    I like how there were bravery skills that were once useful then become complete trash after KOG messed with it or they were generally bad at the start and KOG continues to buff it to make people use it. I remember when they kept buffing and nerfing phantom seeker as if they had no clue how the class worked.
  10. They're buddy buddy now. I literally see lilu join his streams some times. lol
  11. RioluChaser

    Because 400m in a +11 and 150m in a +10

    excuse me what?
  12. RioluChaser

    Which characters do you fund the most?

    I literally only have the time and money to invest one class(MP) Not trying to pay money and rarely dressing up is a hard life
  13. RioluChaser

    [12/21/18] Update Discussion Thread

    This is a speculation but I feel like they realized how easily people(the rich ones with no life) were able to get 999 shards within a few days after the event got released. So how void decided to counteract this was, they made the crafting easier but made the drop rate worse. So technically, this feels like we are trying to get 999 shards but its vice versa. I really hope my theory isn't correct.
  14. So what I'm seeing right is, "You're lazy if you can't mindless grind dungeons if you have a life." this ain't it chief lol
  15. While in maintenance: "Stop complain over the event, the drop rate probably will be good" After maintenance: "Buff the drop rate" ???? Also what is with this pattern of, *bad drop rate day 1* then 1 week later *buffs the rate drop*