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  1. Because then "all the laby players will complain that they never got an IB" despite her not having that much of them. It was the same way for all the other characters. We can only blame KOG for taking a long ass time making IB's for newer characters and never making old ones for said new character. This hell cycle of waiting for IB's will keep going until KOG decides to make it/release it.
  2. Remember when in arena if someone picked up an item and that person would burn it out while the other waited? Good times.
  3. To be fair, it was already dead a long time ago. Void was just the ONLY server that tried to keep fair pvp alive but it seems that they are discarding it now. It was only a matter of time. I guess its time to revive the old meme "Ded Game" now.
  4. since when did we started going KR/NA mode in terms of tournaments?
  5. Despite easily winning the content, we all couldn't stay on the same agreement.
  6. RioluChaser


    I wouldn't mind if EW got killed while RaS and NL got buffed
  7. Play elsword on NA and picked SK on the old version when it was just eve, chung and etc. Then I got bored of it and came back just to play add. I believe I only stayed base since I didn't feel like getting a path and the quest took too long.
  8. It was going to be one sided from the start since they picked two idols that the majority don't give a fuck about. I don't think the community is the one to blame for the bonus lol. Also, even with the bonus ignia will probably hit 1m by the end of this month.
  9. nah lets me it a contest between the main cast to start a flame war. that would be way better. Marisia would probably win anyways
  10. So eve clone, best girl or a slut? You already know what I'm picking.
  11. Don't blame the hand that feeds you, blame the creator.
  12. @VoidEls since laby is here..... Laby selection for class guides when?
  13. Or for short, User Interface. The old one was outdated lol