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  1. Summer Breeze Rose IGN: HayateArashi "Hm...The wind feels so nice! It was a good decision to wear shorts after all~" more screens: items:
  2. Rena as Glinda from "It's good to see me, isn't it? Oh, no need to answer- that was rhetorical." IGN: Mabushii

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    2. ks_log


      god. god he's so silly i can't believe i like this cop 

    3. Wonho


      im sorry but i stan buster bros and matenrou more than mtc

    4. ks_log


      oh that's valid!! i actually like matenrou more as a unit but i just really like juto on his own

  4. nerf innocent and please bring dominator back to life please he's dying daybreaker too her skills kinda do bad damage is twilight a thing? i don't even know metamorphy needs less mana-consuming skills that are useful fix bluhen's frame destruction rate.
  5. @Zeny I'm on right now!
  6. IGN: MabushiiLevel/Class: Grand Archer lvl.91Main or Alt: MainPrevious Guild: NoneTimezone: GMT +7:00Reason for wanting to join: i'm bored and i need people to talk to, also to help/get helped in grinding lolCake or Cookies? cookies because cakes are tiring to eat Preferred time for recruitment: uhhhhhhhhhh 11 PM my time
  7. Male: Add ( IGN: CocoaAuLait ) "Gosh, it sure is hot outside." "Yes...Everyone should just work for me..."
  8. -screaming eternally internally- welp Void's Scribe was a ride

    1. ks_log


      guess im just

      a void scrUBBBB OHHHH

      i can't believe myself

      let's improve for next month sayonara fuckers

  9. Eeehm hi~ IGN: CocoaAuLait Class: Arc Tracer, will be a Mastermind in 14 levels Age: fairly young, below 15 Availability: Please don't expect me to be on much, although I usually go on on Sundays, PST +7:00 Hanoi Time About me: i'm really shy... Reason I wanna join: I wanna have a Guild experience, since I've never been in one before Expectations: I don't expect much, not because I'm underestimating you guys. I'm a kinda chill person. English Fluency: although It's not my first language, I consider it so. I mean, I think in English after all
  10. I kinda mix and match things from the mall yeah...
  11. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! Although I won't be on much due to school, I hope I could be friends with you all~
  12. Hi, I am Cocoa. I started playing Elsword summer this year and recently transfered from NA. I draw and write, watching anime and reading manga is my side hobbies. Please treat me well. (Idontpvpiplayfordressupdontjudgeme)
  13. Aaggh sleepless thanks to waiting for scribe results

  14. Aaggh sleepless thanks to waiting for scribe results