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  1. Oh djfjbd thank you for notifying me :,DD do i have to make a wallpaper too or is it optional?
  2. IGN: Mabushii *the Geissler tube is one of the first versions of a neon light tube [GFX] wips: art credits:
  3. Summer Breeze Rose IGN: HayateArashi "Hm...The wind feels so nice! It was a good decision to wear shorts after all~" more screens: items:
  4. Rena as Glinda from "It's good to see me, isn't it? Oh, no need to answer- that was rhetorical." IGN: Mabushii

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    2. ks_log


      god. god he's so silly i can't believe i like this cop 

    3. Wonho


      im sorry but i stan buster bros and matenrou more than mtc

    4. ks_log


      oh that's valid!! i actually like matenrou more as a unit but i just really like juto on his own

  6. nerf innocent and please bring dominator back to life please he's dying daybreaker too her skills kinda do bad damage is twilight a thing? i don't even know metamorphy needs less mana-consuming skills that are useful fix bluhen's frame destruction rate.
  7. @Zeny I'm on right now!
  8. IGN: MabushiiLevel/Class: Grand Archer lvl.91Main or Alt: MainPrevious Guild: NoneTimezone: GMT +7:00Reason for wanting to join: i'm bored and i need people to talk to, also to help/get helped in grinding lolCake or Cookies? cookies because cakes are tiring to eat Preferred time for recruitment: uhhhhhhhhhh 11 PM my time
  9. Male: Add ( IGN: CocoaAuLait ) "Gosh, it sure is hot outside." "Yes...Everyone should just work for me..."
  10. -screaming eternally internally- welp Void's Scribe was a ride

    1. ks_log


      guess im just

      a void scrUBBBB OHHHH

      i can't believe myself

      let's improve for next month sayonara fuckers

  11. Eeehm hi~ IGN: CocoaAuLait Class: Arc Tracer, will be a Mastermind in 14 levels Age: fairly young, below 15 Availability: Please don't expect me to be on much, although I usually go on on Sundays, PST +7:00 Hanoi Time About me: i'm really shy... Reason I wanna join: I wanna have a Guild experience, since I've never been in one before Expectations: I don't expect much, not because I'm underestimating you guys. I'm a kinda chill person. English Fluency: although It's not my first language, I consider it so. I mean, I think in English after all
  12. I kinda mix and match things from the mall yeah...