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  1. hello!!!!!! Remember me?!Very nice forum can find you, why you haven't online! IGN:NasodMaidCN
  2. I now only one problem!! +10 to +11 whether will decline in the VOID~~Now know the news, can broken~
  3. 10 to 11 can break? cant protect?
  4. who has tryed?..i want to know..
  5. Why don't show in the villages??? only dungeon~~ This is a display bug? Want to repair??
  6. hey dear Ran~~Can reveal some information?? 1、1.9 will there be transcendence and Lv99??? 2、MK2 hackers What can you do??~ 3、Some people say that you decryption the EU server data?? 4、Can reveal some pictures 1.9 development, one or two?? like 1.7 and 1.8~
  7. I'm sorry, but it was impossible...Forever NO ETA~ @Poppy @Stay @Structure
  8. I'm sorry, Ran,We know you work very hard We are eagerly waiting for transcendence~~So for no new content, we are very upset~~ But sometimes will be stable maintenance daily for two weeks~~ There have been many times~