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  1. Raccoon

    [Monthly] Void's Artist

  2. Raccoon

    any good WS players?

    ^UBAD Jk. How about Chiptune's non-RoF style?
  3. Raccoon

    [Collab Suggestion] Outfit Master List

    06, 12, 14, 22. 10/10 would buy.
  4. Raccoon

    Skill cut in contest

    Why don't you find it a good idea? Some nice artists aren't pretty famous, that'd be a cool way of showing off their art skills. Also I think Skill Cut-in have a lot more merit than just making recolors. I think a Skill Cut-in contest with EC or ICs as a prize would work pretty well. +1.
  5. Raccoon

    IB price check.

    I want to know the standard price for a full Nasod Battle Suit MK-black for Add, and also a Millennium Fox red for Elsword.
  6. Raccoon

    Chungs 3. Power Booster Avatar :v

    Yeah, and also a Diabolic Esper's DP mode mask. I'm tired of all those Ara-themed/Kitsune-themed things like pets, mounts and accesories. I want something that's inspired in the other characters too. u.u
  7. Raccoon

    Character voices.

    I'll try it. Thank you mate :3
  8. Raccoon

    Character voices.

    Any useful modder with a guide? Thanks in advance.
  9. Raccoon

    Character voices.

    It really annoys me when I'm talking to someone and my character starts spamming things. Or when I click somewhere and it makes another annoying sound. Is there a way to mute the character voics only/delete their quotes/something to not hear them talk?