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  1. Screenshot_68.png

    i now only accept hate in the form of dms that you then delete after sending

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Ave


      came from the void just to say; fuck you

    3. Help~



    4. Kioshi


      late, but fuck you

  2. ur pfp is bootiful

    1. Help~


      thank u i w oul d die for hi m...

  3. Ok i'm so done

    p sure theyre implying they got hacked
  4. [Yikes] Jinkies, Scoob.

    yeah uhh we're mainly just a discord hangout now, no one cares for this server anymore in this guild bye
  5. [Yikes] Jinkies, Scoob.

    fuck this game
  6. [Yikes] Jinkies, Scoob.

  7. [Yikes] Jinkies, Scoob.

  8. [Yikes] Jinkies, Scoob.

    HFDJS?? We're doing fine!! you can join back its fine lmao, i tried to reply to you when you left but it wouldn't let me LOL rip
  9. [Yikes] Jinkies, Scoob.

  10. [Yikes] Jinkies, Scoob.

  11. How much ED do you have?

    15.6b and broken dreams of waiting for ets3,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  12. [Yikes] Jinkies, Scoob.

  13. [Yikes] Jinkies, Scoob.

    ngnhggjnmgghhgnghng day 69, no water, no food, ave is a weeb,
  14. [Yikes] Jinkies, Scoob.

    yo marty is fuckin dead also here's a bad pun by ghost-kun
  15. [Yikes] Jinkies, Scoob.

    I FORGOT TO BUMP HEY KIDS im too lazy to find more so theres that