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  1. Elemental Master, Void Princess, Master Mind.
  2. IGN : MissGenocide Lvl : 80 I Prefer PVP I Wanna Be Yummy And I Can Be As Yummy As I Can .w.
  3. IGN : MissGenocide Level: 80 Languages : English, Italian, Romenian. How Active Are You: Sometimes I Can't Be Really That Much Active Because Of The Studying, But I'll Do My Best To Stay Active As Much As I Can. Why Did You Choose Us: Because I Want To Have Alot Of Fun In This Guild (^з^)-☆ Preferred Name: You Can Call Me Whatever You Want <.<; About Me: idk what to say x.x
  4. IGN: MissSparks Main/Alt : (dis ish my at) MissGenocide (NB) Lvl: Errr 19-21 (i think) Class: CBS Rank (PVP and/or Raid): n0. How Active Are You: So-So. Why You Decided To Join: BECAUSE YOU ARE MY ELSWORD FAMILY YA BAKAS! Last Guild : Do i need to explain this? Age : 18 About You: hi.
  5. Name: Hikari IGN: MissVandal Why would you like to join: becuz i want cookies and other yummy stuff. Do you do PvE or PvP More: PvP, PvP FOR LIEF. Are you yummy: Is It A Problem If I'm A Yummy Vandal? c: Your Skype: Can't Cuz Am 2 Shy. Do You Wish To Join The Discord?: I Don't Want To Get Junko-ish, So thats a noe noe.
  6. calm down with the multiple posts holy shet.
  7. maybe you wanted to put in the end an "?" oh and no, we're not allowed to use 1 hit killing mobs hacks.
  8. okay 1st. @Lilu 2nd. just wait till UK gets Renewal for chars.
  9. Errrr.... Screw It. IGN: MadameValkyr (or MadameEmber i'll just msg yew.) *probably not GM or BH* I liek both k? im a yummy type of vanilla. i dont have skype, im too shy qqqqqqqq
  10. sure, but why not to the other chars also +1