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  1. i hate to admit, but you do have a point o.o
  2. +1 , The accessories aren't OP at all if you look towards future contents thats going to be added. Look how far the meta is changing from Heroic --> Elrianode, the dps jump is massive esp. with Head Hunter Force skill add-ons. Considering that that Raids contents eventually becomes obsolete on updates, and are hard to get, then its justified things should be bank-shareable. Why should people who enjoys the game through the numerous class & characters be gimped? I think having multiple alts. is the true way to enjoying a successful Elsword game. And like previous poster has said, re-farming Void Wep & Elrianode set for each character is already Hard Enough!
  3. The kick system triggers pretty often if you party with someone who can one shot clear maps. Not really reliable in this meta =) I don't find fault with OP even if he was leeching, everyone is over geared for SD, just carry him ^ ^
  4. +1 Cuz, you should be using Newts even for normal runs to shave 30 second in either the boss stage or the mini boss stage of 11:4. 500k per newt elixirs, just isn't gonna cut it o.o Can we not have sudden nerfs ahah ^ ^
  5. The goal is 1-shot 11:4 Lab boss, for exp/ed farms. Even if it means switching Head Hunter midway o.o Which i admit, sucks. =)
  6. If, anything that needs improving. Its those new BEADS! - Too small.
  7. Its worth it, 300 grind at 11:4 Lab, i haven't even found one useful tear. And to explain why 2% Crit DMG is only 5m while 3% is 150m. There are no middle class in Void =) You either raking in the billions or you mowing the 1m/dungeon trying to buy a mana Nec & subsequent upgrades. And lest be real, if you gonna use a 3% on a +8/+9 , you might as well save for a +10 Eliranode =) And becuz you own a +10, you not going to use 2%!
  8. 5:100 was the rate when i first joined. So 6:100 to me is still too HIGH! I don't see much concerns with rates going down. People donate when there are new contents and a need for upgrades. Not what the rates are. And a lowering rate is an indication ED dumps are working & less illegitimate EDs are circulating. And Item Mall-EC will always be relevant, cuz Ran controls it lol.
  9. Void is the most successful private server i know, besides the one's in RO o.o The fan base they have including me is enormous. Once NA is down, the party is here.
  10. Void currently is too grindy. But - thats the Meta. Where everything is a grind from Void weapon --> Elrianode Tear armor --> Force skills --> raid specific accessory. Prev. versions, all we needed was an SD set & optimization wasn't necessary. Now itemization gotten so complicated, you gotta wiki/guide research how to build your set/stats. Elsword obv. is being made for an older audience o.o - Us players who grew up with him ^ ^ Void could revamp it, im not against it lol
  11. Umn current Meta sucks. Grind Void weapon --> Grind Shard --> To grind Unique/Legendary force skills. The word grind doesn't describe the RNG. And there isn't an alternative, Void wep/Force skills is essential for endgame contents/raids. *who wanna use a +10/+11 amulet on anything but a void Wep? I don't think the current meta even encourages ALTs lol. So - when every talks about grinding more than 1 void weapon or multiple legendary/unqiue force skills, it absolutely doesn't make sense to me ^ ^ +1 Oops - I necroed. Didn't c date. eek. @Structure and @Xera Lock Necro Post. -Thankie.
  12. Its easy to spot 1/100/1k/10k undercuts if its right under. Isn't it up to the buyer to notice its a jerk move =) ? Acceptable undercut is 3-5% , 1k-2k for Materials, 2m-4m for high end items. And you shouldn't drop too MUCH at once, cause some of us need to make a living lol
  13. EC rate is fair, there is less hackers. I have no complains. Except, the market is dry when there is no events. =)
  14. Came back a week ago. Realizes everyone have a +11 Void & +10 Elirande set. So what do i do now o.o wait for next christmas? = = Obviously it isn't fair how easy items were handed out. While the rest of the year, player are forced through the repetitive grind cycle for gearing. And No. Its not even comparable between grinding for event vs grinding normal dungeon for drops then recycling it to ED/+10 amulets/Head Hunter. But I do get it was Christmas ^ ^ - Happy Christmas :P tho, my feedback is truth from my heart! *im a bit jelly, will get over it soon. FYI - when i left 2 years ago, a +11 amulet was still 37b o.o
  15. Everyone needs a nerf! I wanna show case my skills, not my SKILL lol