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  1. sealords

    Opinions on the Event

    Came back a week ago. Realizes everyone have a +11 Void & +10 Elirande set. So what do i do now o.o wait for next christmas? = = Obviously it isn't fair how easy items were handed out. While the rest of the year, player are forced through the repetitive grind cycle for gearing. And No. Its not even comparable between grinding for event vs grinding normal dungeon for drops then recycling it to ED/+10 amulets/Head Hunter. But I do get it was Christmas ^ ^ - Happy Christmas :P tho, my feedback is truth from my heart! *im a bit jelly, will get over it soon. FYI - when i left 2 years ago, a +11 amulet was still 37b o.o
  2. Everyone needs a nerf! I wanna show case my skills, not my SKILL lol
  3. sealords

    Do you think void is "dying"?

    There is tons of concepts Void can do to prolong Elsword, even when KOGS is out of business. So. It only dies when Ran & company wanna retire lol
  4. sealords

    Make Void Weapon Tradeable

    +1 Some people would want the xtra ED instead of deleting/storing xtra Void Weps. Not everyone plays alts. But i do ^ ^
  5. When CRA was Hot & Nouvelle
  6. sealords

    Aaaaannnnd he's gone.

    BB - and glad you came clean.
  7. Bring back Ice Crystals, cause its the best currency after Void Tickets. Volatile at times, but better than being scammed ^ ^ Or the next best item, which is Ice Burners.
  8. Its late with the GS --> Real GS changes. But w/e , the worst has happened. Just glad, we finally got real staff that have an impact in game.
  9. sealords


    its the same with every game , a learning experience. It'll help if void pins a custom guide for newbies. Tho, i kinda think Newbies should have a sense that this is a private server and searching is a thing if you wanna get ahead of the competition So - NO lol
  10. sealords


    I've been reselling game after game, i still don't really get it myself. Satisfaction/willingness to pay is more relevant than using demand/supply in explaining game items. Cause people can be paying for 90k mith one day and start buying 200k mith the next... its like can't you wait o.O?? <-- and i know for sure this happens , cause i used 3b to buy out the market of mats and resold the next 2 month lol -And in terms of IB, the preference for styles is even more strange to explain. Like some of them are pretty ugly and still priced so high XD -But of course your explanation is right, just that game economics are always so surprising!!
  11. sealords


    Look, after the ED wipe, all the old Voidels like myself are broke ROFL, thank goodness i have a shit ton of IB after 2 years hogging the market Can't say i'd agree IB being cheap is validated when at any point EDs can be worthless ^ ^ Right now, my plans are storing my excess funds in anything but ED lol
  12. sealords

    Leaving (Finally)

    After the ED wipe, there is really few memories to keep us playing. So enjoy other new mmorpg , bet one of them will click more than Elsword ^^ GL
  13. sealords

    Since Void tickets no longer exist:

    That is why we should collect Ice Burner's and peg a relative price with it ^ ^. Its like trading with Ice Crystal all over again
  14. Gonna miss you. There are better game out there. So go with a smile too.
  15. sealords

    How Much ED you lost

    No one gonna be happy if they lost 2 years worth of ED. I'm still sulking omg!