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  1. This just isn't getting anywhere. i need help..
  2. Lol, +1 on wheel of life buff thought.
  3. Lemme get that useless thread award though.
  4. waiting for you to notice what i said at the end. so this comment accomplish what exactly?
  5. Can you guys stop making these threads about the same thing is it hard to search for the Original Thread how are they supposed to look into it when (your or you're) constantly making the same threads if you guys stopped it probably would be faster so can ya'll please just stop. Idk if anyone cares about this shit i'm just trying to help ya'know?
  6. Maybe if people was polite and patient, maybe just MAYBE they could get free EC as compensation, but they decide to make multi Threads about the same thing instead of searching for the first thread about what's happening.
  7. I thought EC compensation hasn't been done "2" years ago.
  8. Some mates are having the same problems, and about the Compensations i don't think they do it anymore they never did it any other time stuff like this happened i assume.
  9. FFS i hit no by accident... +1 :^(