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  1. CrowRising

    Void's Ultimate Boss Rush!

    What I would like is a game mode where you fight every single boss in chronological order. They appear as they do in normal dungeons (so no duplicates or anything like in Henir) but are scaled up to be challenging to whatever your current gear is. You have to be level 99 to enter, can only enter solo, cannot use items, HP and MP are restored between bosses, and if you die once your run ends on the spot. The further in you get, the better your reward. That's what I imagined when I first heard about Henir, what I actually got was... Disappointing, and has only gotten even more so with revamps over time.
  2. CrowRising

    Make Void Weapon Tradeable

    -1 from me. I mean, what's the point of even having a game if you aren't going to play it? Sure, it can be rather grindy to get, and I would be lying if I said I had many characters geared enough to even attempt grinding for it properly, but... That's Elsword. The entire game is -like it or not- designed around grinding. If you have nothing to grind, you are going to run out of things to do rather quickly. Besides, even if they did make it so it is tradable, it would become a highly sought after item because of how relevant it still is. That makes it incredibly valuable. If you aren't willing to grind to get the weapon, what makes you think you would be willing to grind to get the ED to buy it?
  3. CrowRising

    A way to obtain old Raid weapons

    I certainly wouldn't mind some way of being able to get these again.
  4. CrowRising

    Do not hurry or it will be worse for everyone

    The post-Laby revamps may or may not even be that big of an update. Either way, they will come to void eventually, so there's no harm in releasing the Laby update when it's ready.
  5. CrowRising

    About Laby quest story in Void later

    Wait that was patched out? I guess it was a little suspicious that I made 80 mil ED in 2 and a half hours on a brand new character.
  6. CrowRising

    What do you think of Arena/PvP on Void?

    I have mentioned it before in other topics, but Arena mode has been an absolute joke ever since the available gear's OP'ness has gotten out of hand. What used to be a thing where you could rise up the ranks through pure skill is now barred off from anyone who doesn't have certain gear or above. Sure, you might get an occasional match with someone using less unfair gear that doesn't one shot you occasionally (It's even been a little more often lately), but when you finally do meet someone who overpowers you enough, all the fun of PvP is just sucked right out of it. I am of the opinion that Arena mode should function under a similar concept as Ereda mode. That is to say, gear should have no effect. If it were up to me, I would have it so every class has pre-set stats that they always have in Arena mode no matter what designed around balance. On the topic of balance, the damage each skill is capable of would need to be tweaked with balance in mind as well. The less resources needed to cast a spell, and/or the easier it is to hit with from a distance, the less damage it should do. The more resources you need to cast it, and/or the more difficult it is to hit with, the more damage it should do. Cooldowns should also be split between PvE and PvP with the same balance mentality in mind. I would also link the pre-set stats to your character level (But not Resonance) so that you do still grow stronger as you level up. While this would make PvP a little bit inaccessible to lower level players, it's not like that isn't already the case anyway, and it would still be less bad than it is now. The stats would just have to be set up as such that even if a character is lower level, they still stand a chance. They just have to work harder to achieve their win. With this system in place, ranks would actually have meaning again, and would be a true signifier of your skill as opposed to your gear. You would have to overcome the enemy through pure skill, no longer able to cheaply just save up MP and then nuke someone because their gear is so much worse than yours. Lower level players would still be disadvantaged, but nowhere near as much as they are now. There would still be the problem of lag, but that's not really fixable. Perhaps if the game was better optimized it might reduce the problem a little, but it will never go away entirely. People from anywhere in the world could be your opponent on Void after all. Some people might ask "But I like fighting others using my gear stats!". I feel that this has no place in competitive PvP, everyone should be on equal ground in a competitive environment. However, Sparring mode could include the option to switch between the set stats and geared stats. Duals could also continue using gear, so long as they don't contribute to competitive ranking. I would also bring back the rematch system for Arena mode so that if you enjoyed fighting against someone or it was a close match and you thought you could have done better, you don't have to rely on luck to get matched with them again. With the rematch system in place, I would set it so no matter what you can't be matched with the same person twice in a row in the queue. If you wanted to fight the same person again, you would have rematched them. That's all just a pipe dream though. It's obvious KoG doesn't care about making Arena mode fair, they are making way too much bank off people cashing just to get easy wins in PvP. They will just keep buffing and nerfing classes based on popular demand from KR players, not really giving a crap about players who want a more fair competitive environment. To put it simply, nothing even close to resembling the system I described will likely exist in Elsword, ever.
  7. CrowRising

    Voice Slider in Options

    I started a topic similar to this yesterday.
  8. Would it be possible to implement an option to entirely turn off voices without turning off general sound effects, and vice versa?
  9. hey can u help me to fix this


    1. CrowRising


      I would go to a staff member for help. Start a topic in the support section of the forum.

  10. CrowRising

    Petition to bring back Star rank

    I didn't even notice it was gone.
  11. I'm still waiting for the Glave accessories to be wardrobable... Still, why not. +1
  12. CrowRising

    Increase character slots to match officials

    I would certainly benefit from it.
  13. CrowRising

    Make Guild Coins Banksharable

    I don't really see a positive point to this. Guild coins are already pretty easy to come across, even if your guild isn't especially active, as long as someone in it is active it should be only a matter of time before you accumulate enough to fund whatever you need coins for. What making them bank sharable would do is make it so a character in one guild that is earning coins can then transfer their coins they haven't stored in the guild bank to an alt on their account that is in a different guild, and put the coins in the alts guild bank instead. It is possible that someone could be arranging deals in this situation in which coins that should be going to one guild are going to another instead, with the player doing this receiving ED through a trade consisting of them getting the money and not giving anything back, and then they go put the coins in the guild bank after getting the money. This could even be done in secret, without the guild owner/staff's permission or knowledge. They could arrange the deal through party chat or PM's, or through an alternative chat like Discord. Even if the intention is to put the coins in the guild bank for free, the way I see it is the coins should be going to the guild the character is in. Making them bank sharable could make it more difficult for active guilds to accumulate coins and easier for inactive guilds to accumulate coins because players could just farm coins in their active guild and then bankshare them to deposit in their inactive guild. This rewards inactive guilds for doing nothing, and punishes active guilds that should by all means be accumulating coins. In theory, right now you could just leave a guild with coins in your inventory, join another guild, and deposit the coins into that guild's bank. However, most guilds aren't going to allow a player to keep hopping back and forth, so this is a very limited method of doing the same thing as above, and much less harmful overall due to most people being unwilling to bother with it. Making the coins bank sharable would make the process much easier to abuse.
  14. CrowRising

    Characters/Classes that needs Buffs or Nerfs?

    The problem isn't that some characters can do more damage than others, it's that it also takes them less effort to do that damage. Take Iron Paladin/Comet Crusader for example: The whole idea of his job path is that he's really tanky and a really hard hitter, but he's also a bit on the slow side and is mostly confined to melee. Compare this to Deadly Chaser/Fatal Phantom, whom is much quicker and uses many more projectiles. Ideally, his first path should be hitting harder, while his second path should be doing less damage, but doing it faster, and it should take them both about the same amount of effort to kill each other. That's how you do balance. The problem is that KoG is really bad at the effort part, and we find characters that aren't necessarily heavy hitters in concept doing every bit as much damage if not more as the characters that are supposed to be doing big numbers, without having to work as hard to achieve it. There's also an over saturation of homing shots in the game. Every character since Elesis so far has had a homing shot on at least one of their job paths, and there's plenty of homing shots before her as well. This turns PvP (Between equally geared players) into a contest of who can save up and manage their MP better, rather than who is actually more skilled at playing their character. There's a lack of effort needed to actually do damage, with the amount needed being inconsistent between characters and classes. Until that gets fixed, the characters will never be balanced, even if the gear problem gets fixed.
  15. CrowRising

    Characters/Classes that needs Buffs or Nerfs?

    Nah I don't take offense, though Gungnir aside she did used to be really OP, at least in PvP after the renewals came out. You could just spam Wind Wall for easy catches. It was so broken, I was able to win PvP matches against people much higher level than me on a rather low level character still at 1st job. I remember trying it again after some balance patches and it not working so well anymore, and I haven't really noticed Rena's being all that OP since then. It's possible they might have overnerfed her, I'm not a Rena main, but as far as I can tell she seems kinda fine now.