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  1. I started back in NA when the 3rd line 2nd jobs were being introduced. Specifically, it was when Night Watcher was having her pre-event. I didn't know anything about what was going on so I thought the Night Watcher NPC in Elder was just a normal thing. My first character was a Weapon Taker. Like I said I didn't know anything about the ongoing events, it was a pure coincidence that I picked the character and class that would be getting a new advancement in the following event a month later. Also by sheer coincidence, my second character which I made the same day was a Code: Electra. I had no idea that she would be getting a job advancement soon either. My third character was a Trapping Ranger. I also didn't know this was the class that was having her 2nd job come out. IIRC I actually made her after the release, so I didn't have to wait to get her up to 2nd job. All 3 of my firsts were 3rd path characters. I think the first non-3rd path character I tried out was Reckless Fist, which I ended up loving. The Weapon Taker line still holds a special place for me nostalgically though.
  2. Sure would be nice if I could grind the event without suffering through nearly unplayable server lag.
  3. Sometimes I feel like half the community here lacks empathy. Accusing someone of such serious things as being a pedophile or a homophobe or etc. is the kind of thing that could change the course of their life forever, it damn well better be true if you are going to make such a claim, and you should definitely be able to back it up with more than just your raw emotion. Always consider how you would feel and act if the same thing was accused of you before you go around spreading such rumors. Would you be fine with someone getting you exiled from the community by rousing up a hate mob against you when you didn't actually do anything wrong? This kind of thing really needs to stop. If an innocent person gets condemned by such a rumor, will it have been worth it?
  4. These look pretty suspicious. They aren't even the same size and some of them are a bit blurry. The last one doesn't even show "reason:" before stating the reason.
  5. Honestly the only reason I can imagine anyone pushing against it when asked for proof of an accusation is because they don't have proof and wish to get their way by raising up a hate mob against someone without needing proof they did anything. When someone is accused of something, it's not at all unreasonable to ask for proof they did that thing.
  6. I really wish the political drama would stop. If Void wants to joke around and make references to United States Presidents like Trump or Obama, it's all light hearted fun. There's nothing wrong with that. People don't need to make up boogie men to justify their own insecurities as victimhood to call people racist or homophobic or whatever. This is 2019, these types of people are practically extinct, at least in the west. Can't we all just get along and learn to laugh together instead of accusing people of being things they are not?
  7. Then let it go. I find it unlikely the staff are going to change their mind on an existing decision like this, so all you can really do is move on with your life and try not to let it continue to bother you. If the person harrasses you again, report them again.
  8. My perspective on this is that in a way I kinda side with both sides of this. Here's what I mean: 1. If someone has an IGN containing the N word, you can actually choose not to get offended by it. Indeed, offending you was likely their goal, and by getting offended you are actually submitting power over your emotions over to them. Their desire is to make you angry, and you are giving them what they want. It's much more mature and self empowering to not let it get to you and brush it off. Remain in control over your own emotions and actions. You can be stronger than a word. 2. Deliberately naming yourself something to offend others is pretty disgusting behavior and should be punishable in some form. If someone walks into a party and starts being annoying and offensive and in general is going out of their way to ruin other people's fun, they usually get warned to behave themselves, and if they don't they get thrown out. I don't really feel like it should be any different here. I feel like the proper way to handle this situation is to keep control over yourself, remain composed, and calmly report anyone with a name you feel is offensive. At this point, you have done everything you can do. It's up to the staff to decide what to do with the situation.
  9. After having only read the first post in the topic, here are my thoughts and perspective: I have never really ever butt heads with the staff before. I have made support topics before, but never for anything like a ban or anything. I don't hack/cheat/etc. so I have never had to worry about such a thing. As such, if there is a problem regarding staff being inconsistently trigger happy, I don't have any experience with it. I can't confirm whether it exists or not, as I can only speak from my own personal experience. The community however is something I am much more familiar with. On occasion I will encounter a well thought out, well spoken post that is stated in a mature and civil manner. Much more often however, I see posts from people trying to one up each other, post memes, make fun of each other, and in general behavior that makes me think that the majority of the community is composed of immature teenagers with trouble keeping control over their emotions and expressing empathy. I will admit that on occasion I too have tapped into my inner silly side and posted a meme or cracked a joke, this is normal. Some users (Whom I will not name) however seem to have a problem with taking much of anything seriously, and there seems to be a general lack of respect for others thoughts and opinions among much of the community. Often I will find entire bait threads open that seem designed to generate controversy and flame wars, such as politically oriented topics or topics based around trash talking particular characters in the game. This occasionally leads me to be unwilling to even post comments, as I often want nothing to do with this sort of thing. My experience on the matter is that when things get out of hand, the staff usually show up to lock topics or at least remind people of the rules. As far as my perspective goes, the staff seem to be doing their jobs in this regard. As much as it might sound like I have a generally negative opinion of the community, the fact is I really don't. I just wish there was more careful consideration among much of the community regarding if their posts would be appropriate, and more comprehension regarding the difference between facts and opinions and how to address them respectfully. My experiences on this forum are actually generally more positive, or at least neutral. Otherwise, I wouldn't be wasting my time sticking around. If I had to express how I feel about the community in one phrase, it would be "It's complicated". That's my two cents anyway. I'm not going to pretend like my viewpoint is any more valid than anyone else's. This all has really just been an emotion dump.
  10. You probably won't meet many people while leveling up in dungeons unless you are part of a guild and can form a party that way, but Void provides you with all the gear you need to be able to solo your way up to the cap if you need to. If you can't find a guild, It's not too difficult to find a match for SD runs, and during events the server starts booming in popularity for a while.
  11. There's nothing really stopping you from doing a celebration in your guild. There's probably never going to be a server wide event for it though.
  12. If you want to be offline for a month then sure. I wasn't implying you need to take long breaks however, I was saying you should play when you want to play, don't force yourself to play when you don't want to.
  13. Don't force yourself to play. If you don't feel like playing, don't. Elsword is a lot more fun when you aren't pressuring yourself. When you get the itch to play, have some fun for a while. When the fun wears off, stop playing until you feel like you want to play again.
  14. As Kukune said, just craft at Naeun. You will require 30 apink cards per cube craft however. There's no RNG, you get the full set of your desired 1st job class.