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  1. My fastest time is on my Eternity Winner with a +9 Heroic wep, 1:59
  2. I just want a free method to obtain character slot expansions. I dunno if newer accounts have enough slots by default to have one of every class, but my account is fairly old and I certainly don't have that many. Most of my characters are split between two old accounts, which is a hassle to manage regarding resonance level, bank share and wardrobe. I wouldn't mind remaking a number of my characters if I could get most of them onto one account.
  3. I can understand wanting them for collectors purposes, but in terms of being actually useful you are better off going for Heroics before ultimately ending up on Type Void wep and Elrianode Gear. Not only is Heroic gear much easier to craft or buy off the board but it has better stats than the 4D set, the advantage of being to double up the set effect 2/2 and 3/3, and boosts your skills in addition to a variety of other useful effects. What I would love is an update to the SD sets to make them more on par with Elrianode gear though. Those set effects on the SD sets are really neat, but they go to waste because the sets have trash stats these days. It's quite sad really.
  4. I'm an Elesis main, usually Flame Lord or Bloody Queen. Eternity Winner has been growing on me so I might move over to her as my main, but I'm still undecided on that. One day I plan to go back home to being a Raven main though, whenever I work up the motivation to get my Raven's geared.
  5. I would modify the Nova Imperator path so that Weapon Taker and Veteran Commander unlock their base combos in the original order. Likewise, Shooting Guardian shouldn't have dual pistols yet and Dark Knight shouldn't have Crimson Avengers zzzzzzz spam. The Renewals were a great update but they broke lore a bit with some of their first job base combo choices. I just want things to be more story consistent again.
  6. A system in which people can be kicked for being undergeared and not for leeching is a faulty system. It punishes people for not already having the best gear, even though grinding is required to even obtain it. Sure, Add's Energy Fusion Theory is solo, but getting geared aside from that requires you to play with other players. If you can get kicked for just trying to do everything you can to get geared, whether it be grinding for ED or actually going after El Tear drops or etc, the system is acting counter productive to the entire point of an MMO and punishing players for just trying to play the game and get geared. The kick system should be centered around punishing leeching, not people who simply aren't geared enough to keep up with others. Leeching is their own fault, who they get matched with isn't. In the event in which it's a new player, that's actually horrible for our growth and stability as a server. If new players who haven't had a chance to get geared yet were consistently getting kicked, they would tell their friends about their negative experiences and it would negatively impact Void's growth. This in turn affects the economy in game, as well as how many of each item is for sale on the board and etc.
  7. I feel like the kicking system in dungeons needs some restructuring on how it works. It should account for who is in a party before offering the option to eject someone from a dungeon. If someone is significantly lower level or has a much lower combat level, they should only be able to be kicked if they flat out aren't moving or doing any damage to enemies. If someone at least appears to be trying, they should be safe. It's not their fault everyone else can sweep the dungeon before they even get a chance to land a hit in. Leeching is definitely a serious problem (Leeching defined as someone who has no intention to cooperate and is deliberately benefiting entirely from everyone else doing the work for them) and there does need to be a system in place to deal with these people. The current votekick system however only introduces an even bigger problem: Innocent people just trying to keep up are getting kicked due to how much weaker they are than their party mates. This needs to be fixed. I don't think Void can do it however, the appeal needs to be made directly to KoG.
  8. Honestly I would love for voice and skill color modding to come back, but I'm not getting my hopes up. If something does happen that allows either of these things, I will be pleasantly surprised.
  9. These Laby PvP accessories still can't be wardrobed. Champion's Helm, Champion's Earrings, Champion's Cape, and Champion's Leg Wing.
  10. Has anyone mentioned the PvP accessories you get from the cube that's a quest reward? Laby's in specific, as everyone else seems to be able to wardrobe theirs.
  11. I know it's already on the list but I'm still waiting for Glave's mask to be wardrobable. They have had the easter version wardrobable for ages but not the normal one.
  12. Honestly getting to Naeun is easy. There's two ways to grant yourself free Naeun access. Either join a guild, or make your own guild. Once you are in a guild, you can teleport to the guild base without any fast travel fees, it treats it as if you traveled no distance. (If you are in a town/rest area/hot springs and enter the guild base, then try to fast travel back, it will say you are already there) This way, whenever you have any need of Naeun services, you can simply travel to the guild base, talk to Naeun for whatever it is you need, then easily use the portal to travel back to wherever you were before. It's faster than even going to find her in a village. If you choose to make your own guild, you can invite a trusted friend that you play often with into the guild and make them an admin so they can help you move any alts you want in the guild into the guild, so that all the characters you have that need easy Naeun access can have it. If you meet someone that's offering to invite you into a more proper guild, you can simply leave your custom guild on your current character so that you can join another. If you are doing so as the leader, you can just make one of your alts leader first. This is probably the best workaround there is right now since Void can't (as far as I know) make more NPC slots in towns.
  13. You get up to 3 pages free. If you screwed up on one page, use another.
  14. Almost any game/server is going to start getting asked this question, not because of an actual reduction of quality (even if one happens, which I don't think to be the case in Void) but rather because when you first play something that you like, it's going to have this almost magical appeal to you, especially if you are comparing it to something else you like less and/or have been getting sick of. After a while the magic will wear off. Not at any fault of the server, but just because everyone eventually gets bored. Everything eventually becomes status quo. When this happens, we may feel a need to go back to the "better days" when we still used to feel the magic, not realizing that it's the novelty we feel towards it that has been reduced and not the actual quality of the game or it's community. Of course, drops in quality can occur, but I can't really think of anything major with Void right now that fits any sort of "drop in quality". Everything we used to be able to do that they have any choice in being able to keep, we can still do it. A lot of it has only gotten less tedious to actually do. Sure, new hurdles have been introduced, but that's how any game is.