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  1. 1st job: Chiliarch, Royal Guard, Diabla 2nd job: Dreadlord, Noblesse, Demonio These belong in separate cubes. If they ever decide to make 2nd job cubes free without events then that would be great, but for the sake of this topic let's focus on 1st job outfits and lower.
  2. IIRC it was said somewhere they are bringing back the perm 2nd job promo cubes from the previous event before the large scale update. It would be nice if they also gave us a chance to get 3rd job promos for free too, but I won't hold my breath. Also would it be too much to ask for a free new character slot or two? Please?
  3. Bump. Anyone else got an opinion they would like to voice on this so it's not just me bumping the topic over and over?
  4. The idea is to replace the existing perm promo costume cubes at Nauen's exchange with the following: Base Cube: Gives you your choice between a Base promo set or the V2 promo set. This adds the cube of your choice to your inventory, which will give you the set for your current character. 1st Path Cube: Gives you the 1st job 1st path promo for your current character. 2nd Path Cube: Gives you the 1st job 2nd path promo for your current character. 3rd Path Cube: Gives you the 1st job 3rd path promo for your current character. 4th Path Cube: Gives you the Metal Heart promo. For example: You choose 1st Path Cube as Add. This gives you the Psychic Tracer promo set. This way, it reduces the clutter in Nauen's exchanges and makes things more simple to navigate through. It would basically be like the 2nd job promo cubes given out in the recent event, but for base and 1st job outfits.
  5. Craftable invisible costumes/accessories using event items (for making hangers to put in the wardrobe) at event NPC in Elder Craftable perm summer outfits using event items at event NPC in Elder Free temporary summer outfits on mailbox timer 1 free perm awk effect exchange ticket per account, exchange at event NPC in Elder A chance to obtain a +10 ammy (+10 is the minimum meta now, why are these still restricted to rare events and people with epic tons of ED?) Cubes similar to the ones from the previous event that give out perm job promo outfits, except they are for 3rd jobs (not to be confused with 3rd path). Drop rate increase in Add's Energy Fusion Theory dungeon and Elrianode dungeons for the duration of the event ED Drop increase in SD's for the duration of the event RNG summer accessory cube, drops in all dungeons. Event NPC is one of those pirate fish men from Laby's story.
  6. Cool, I'll hold on to it then.