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  1. What made you choose your guild? A Private Guild where friends can dump their Alts n shit instead of having the hassle of being in 5 billion Guilds. What do you expect from a guild? Chill Family stuff, all the stereotypical good guild things u can imagine probably but with basic human decency to understand that real lifes a bitch How often do you run guild expedition? Whats that. Guild Minigames for the win What are your favorite guild passives? The Class: Alchemist How do you like your guild's community? Yeah the silence from the Dead Alt Characters is amazing, you can hear all their opinions and discussions, simply amazing.
  2. We still at it to get them aesthetic raid weapons ic Will probably make a compilation of how the weapons look like for each character (if Elwiki doesn't have it)
  3. Obviously, people who need to do Henir to get the Title "God of Dimensions" will stop doing Henir, exactly.
  4. The funny thing is, they used to be Bankshareable in the Korean Sever but then they siked and made them non Bankshareable +1 tho
  5. This Thread rn (The current replies not the Thread itself)
  6. let me give your telescope more use as it would be a shame to let such an expensive thing go to waste (The occasional shitpost for shitpost needs) As you can see, the Community is rampant in this Thread asking constantly for answers so I wonder how long you can keep up with this before it gets locked by whomst. Yes this is 1px
  7. Nah shit, this Thread is gonna be wild
  8. Mirrored Fate indeed
  9. The most serious form of PvPing