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  1. Mirrored Fate indeed
  2. The most serious form of PvPing
  3. God I don't feel like losing Brain Cells Alright so Flame Mark Whores already make a huge profit by leeching on 0%s so no thanks, the Accessories should be obtainable in a different way (self promoting own sug). Now to the Weapon. Do u even Raid? if no then understandable that these price ranges are this low. But if u do, do you need a mental check in logic construct? You're telling me that you are suggesting that you should be able to obtain a Leech on 0% Fags Ressource should let you be able to get the Raid Weapon? I'd really like to know where your brain ended up with that idea but ok let's go along and say it gets for the weirdest reason ever implemented. Flame Mark Whoring will take an even larger extreme, already OP Guys will profit from it even more basically the rich get richer, totally flawless system (even if we go by draco123's increased amount). Altho pure RNG isn't great either I agree on that at least but no, an already easily spammable Ressource should never be able to obtain Endgame Gears/Accessories, thats just logic coming from Grade School. I ain't needing mercy on laziness for Endgame stuff.
  4. That was unexpectedly soon