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  1. +1! void can get a little boring without an event so this would definitely motivate me
  2. Name/Nickname (optional): Momo IGN: ReinaAkumaClass: ShaktiMain or Alt: MainPrevious Guild (if you were in one before): RenewalGear (Not relevant to joining, just want to know because i'm curious): 4D Spear and Elrianode gear (working on getting Void wep)Timezone: ESTAbout you (optional): - I really love drawing, reading, and writingWhy did you decide to join this Guild?: I'm not social until I start to get to know people...i want to be apart of a guild that doesn't ignore me :3! Also, looking for a guild for my Shakti XD
  3. +1 Yes JP voices are the best!!
  4. the prices for the potions are kinda overkill +1
  5. Hello, not to disturb you or anything, just wanted to see if you're interested in joining my new discord server, that has currently 13 members (excluding the bots), and it would be great if you could join it, we accept memes, cursing, and literally you can do whatever you want!


    Thank you! :)