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  1. Forget it, you didnt get my joke lol
  2. Yes. I know my jokes. I'm a fellow Gamer Girl aswell you know. I also do Gamer Girl stuff.
  3. D8AAVNxW4AAYsTd.png

    felt cute, might delete later

  4. Thats a stupid idea, whats the point of farming then when you only need 1 weapon for everything? -1
  5. No timer event or am i blind?
  6. +1 Everytime I wanna have a gif avatar I gotta slaughter it to the point it looks like some doodoo shit.
  7. Sloth


    b r u h
  8. Hoi! Is been a while indeed
  9. I mean, I'm not really an Add Main anymore xd But thank you!
  10. Sloth

    Portable bank

    this isnt minecraft -1
  11. Yes, it's actually me, the infamous Sloth. I've semi come back to Elsword and Forums just to merely hangout and to do some farming every now and then. My alt account on forums is @Slothma which most of y'all probably knew already. I initially tried to hide myself under a different name around June 2017 but scrapped that a year later. I did that because I was paranoid and feared those few people that witch hunted me for months. A handful of people disliked me and probably still dislike me for some mistakes I did. Back then I was rude and annoying to a degree to some. If I ever was rude to you or just ignorant towards you, then I apologize. I quit the game last year around July I think to completely cut myself of the community. I only really logged into the game when there was an event that was worth playing in my opinion. But now I am back since a few months now. I mostly been silence or just been posting a couple of things here and there. I somewhat engage in the community again and hope you guys welcome me once more. especially the people i used to be friends with Also @ everyone that wants to start trashing me again. Just stop it, it's not even worth our time. lol Anyways.. Sup, how have y'all been doing?