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  1. 1. add 2. elesis 3. eve 4. probably rose (?) 5. luciel maybe 6. The rest of em
  2. Thank you XD request lock @PhysicsTM @Shiryelle @Structure @Xera
  3. does anyone hev the bathing suit, 2014 els summer, beach look, swimming school rumble, beach party, beach cruiser, Black/white swimwear, Hamel/Velder swimming school, sailor swimwear, velder academy uniform Pics ? pls i need it QwQ
  4. Remove that santa hat rn >:^(

    1. iEatThoseWaffles


      but i love christmas

    2. Extreme


      Oof, I agree

  5. Good luck playing this game 5 socks, i can put 7 shoes in my desk's drawer
  6. Well this is kinda uh, but yeah U need to farm alot btw'
  7. well, this is a nice game, good luck !
  8. Congratulations, you picked the right private server, good luck
  9. i only love metal heart, freyja, just for her looks, and i ship her with ain, lol
  10. wish u all da best, make sure u grind as much as u can lol XD
  11. Good luck on your real life stuffs, wish u all the best m8
  12. Welcome to the best Elsword private server u could ever play in ur whole life
  13. Ain, Because Of hos flashy skills and he's an angel, pretty much
  14. Well not much from me Welcome .-.