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  1. iEatThoseWaffles

    idk hi

    Good luck playing this game 5 socks, i can put 7 shoes in my desk's drawer
  2. iEatThoseWaffles

    ello poppits

    Well this is kinda uh, but yeah U need to farm alot btw'
  3. iEatThoseWaffles

    Hi! :D

    well, this is a nice game, good luck !
  4. iEatThoseWaffles

    Totally newbie on Elsword

    Congratulations, you picked the right private server, good luck
  5. iEatThoseWaffles

    Rose hater

    i only love metal heart, freyja, just for her looks, and i ship her with ain, lol
  6. iEatThoseWaffles

    Returning for another round?

    wish u all da best, make sure u grind as much as u can lol XD
  7. iEatThoseWaffles

    Leaving for the Real World

    Good luck on your real life stuffs, wish u all the best m8
  8. iEatThoseWaffles

    ello poppits

    Welcome to the best Elsword private server u could ever play in ur whole life
  9. iEatThoseWaffles

    Your main and why

    Ain, Because Of hos flashy skills and he's an angel, pretty much
  10. iEatThoseWaffles

    What's up.

    Well not much from me Welcome .-.
  11. iEatThoseWaffles


    See u in the next update Luiz
  12. iEatThoseWaffles


    Hello brudda welcome to the voidels u'll find some salt here
  13. iEatThoseWaffles

    Now I'm here

    Welcome to Void Where the worldwide-best salt is produced
  14. iEatThoseWaffles

    How many tries did it take you to get a +11?

    0 I'm still on +10
  15. +1 , bump dis daily