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  1. I have a better idea why don't we just ban everyone under 600k CP jk jk -1
  2. IGN/Class: Xenogenesis/ Dominator Age/Gender 20, Male Previous Guild: ProjectMysticz (Well I'm actually still the Guildmaster of that Guild, but the Guild is dead BigOof) About Me: I love Food and Sleeping In my religion I worship a 2metre long Tuna I am not very smart and I love asian People :V
  3. Preferred Name: Fapulouz IGN: JiminTenshi Main/Alt?: Alt (maybe changing him to be my Main) Old/Current Guild (If you have one): ProjectMysticz Favorite K-Pop Song: The Truth Untold Favorite K-Pop Artist: BTS K-Pop Bias: My favorite K-Pop Idol is Jimin from BTS ( thanks to Chiisai for telling me what Bias means Yujin's Strawberry) Btw nice Guild Post
  4. sadly the good and beautiful time for me is already over, but still thank you
  5. I played on the german server (now the eu server) before changing to void and the reason why I changed was because I got banned for literally doing nothing (the reason that they show to you when you try logging in on that account was for me just a - )
  6. Take care and good luck with whatever you gonna do. p.s nice playing void for 6 years nearly 2 years before the server launched respect
  7. +1 from me at least for the pose
  8. IGN: NotFapulouz What items do you want? : SR Wings Eve Reason: So I finally have a birthday Present for my Brother
  9. The reason why we are able to choose between the korean and english voices in void is, because Void is using NA's files and NA does have it implemented to choose between those voices. So i don't think they gonna do it (maybe they aren't even able to do it) ... at least I think that's the reason
  10. It took me like 170$ to get my +11 Type-Void blade
  11. I run at least so many runs that I get 100 Shards per day somtimes I run more
  12. Wenn du mit irgendetwas Hilfe brauchst kannst du einfach eine FA an den Char Fapulouz schicken