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  1. -- Limited Edition Item Mall Sale -- Sale Duration: 8/16/19 up to 8/30/19! Marching Band (Ver.1)
  2. Please keep all discussions, questions, and comments regarding the 8/16/19 update here. Update Details [Here]
  3. Patch Notes - Elrios Bae Event Removal - Treasure Chest Update - Minor Fix & Quality of Life Improvements - Magic Wardrobe Update - Temporary Item Mall Sale Treasure Chest Update For the full Treasure Chest Content List click [Here]! Treasure Chest Removals - Ice Burner Sets Lanox Arcane Guardian Weapon Cube Lanox Arcane Guardian Top Cube Lanox Arcane Guardian Bottom Cube Lanox Arcane Guardian Gloves Cube Lanox Arcane Guardian Shoes Cube Lanox Arcane Guardian Hair Cube Lanox Arcane Guardian Head Gear Cube Lanox Arcane Guardian Cape Cube Lanox Arcane Guardian Arm Shield Cube - Costumes & Customization Dragon's Illusion Costume Cube (Ver.1, All Characters) Idol Costume Cube (Ver.Blue, Laby Excluded) Chef 1 Piece Costume (Laby Excluded) Winter Plum Blossom Costume Cube (Laby Excluded) Small Corner in the Forest (All Characters) - Pets & Mounts White Pumpkin Rabbit Pet Guardian Wolf Jr. Pet Summon Stone: Gold Falcon Summon Stone: Drakion New Treasure Chest Additions Ice Burner Set: El Officer (Ver. Dark) Can be used by all characters! El Officer Weapon (Ver. Dark) Cube El Officer Top (Ver. Dark) Cube El Officer Bottom (Ver. Dark) Cube El Officer Gloves (Ver. Dark) Cube El Officer Shoes (Ver. Dark) Cube El Officer Hair (Ver. Dark) Cube El Officer Hat (Ver. Dark) Cube El Officer Cape (Ver. Dark) Cube El Officer Armband (Ver. Dark) Cube El Officer Ceremonial Sword (Ver. Dark) Cube  Costumes & Customization Marching Band Cube (Ver.2) Medic Team Cube (Ver.1, Laby Excluded) Keroro Gunso Costume Cube (Ain & Laby Excluded) Bluesky Convertible (Laby Excluded) Mounts & Pets Birth Crystal (Blue Fox Beeho) Life Crystal (Uniel, the Light Bringer) Summon Stone: Jet Ski E77-DX Summon Stone: Seta Drop Rate Up! The drop rates for Magic Amulet Lv.10 & Magic Amulet Lv.11 have been doubled for this Treasure Chest rotation! Minor Fix & Quality of Life Improvements - Elesis's temporary Arch Angel set effect fixed - Wedding Cake can now be stacked up to 999 - El Resonance Page Expansions can now be purchased from the item mall in the quantity of 3 - Skill Tree Page Expansions can now be purchased from the item mall in the quantity of 2 and 3 - Naeun's new exchange: 1x Eldrit Shard (Unknown) for a selectable Orb of choice (Fire, Water, Poison, Wind, Light & Dark) -- Limited Edition Item Mall Sale -- Sale Duration: 8/16/19 up to 8/30/19! Marching Band (Ver.1)
  4. Lilu

    ED Trade CAP

    #Suggestion Declined Unfortunately, we cannot due to technical difficulties.
  5. You can drop the guild flag during hitstun/while being combo'd. I tested this when suggesting it as the new lag call method, should clear up any confusion. Incorrect. That was my response regarding monitor refresh rate, which others above have also explained. You can see this by me saying "hz" in the screenshot.
  6. Event Reminder The Elrios Bae summer event will end next week (8/15/19). Additionally, the following unused items will be deleted from the inventory after the event ends: • Seashells • Triple Sundaes • Watermelon Popsicles • Pineapple Shrimp Skewers • Deluxe Event Dungeon Tickets Please make sure to get all the goodies from Lifeguard Solace before the event is over! Sneak Peek While the summer event is coming to an end next week, it's time to put on your pirate hat for treasure seeking because the Treasure Chest will be updated! Stability Maintenance The server is currently going down for a stability maintenance. We have decided to do these sort of maintenances every other week in order to resolve lags and other issues that might occur. There is no ETA, so please be patient. These maintenances are necessary to keep the server stable.
  7. After the event winners were announced, it was found days later that they had won unfairly due to the MoG host's error. Due to this, that online/offline banner won't be used and the event is being monitored more closely. Currently there has only been 1 online/offline banner winner due to it being in the rotation section of the event. 1 online/offline banner every 4-5 months sounds a bit too long, so it will likely be in the event more often.
  8. Please keep all discussions, questions, and comments regarding the 8/2/19 update here. Update Details [Here]
  9. Patch Notes - Ice Burner Rotation - Leveling Cube Revamp - Magic Wardrobe Update - Temporary Item Mall Sale Removal Ice Burner Rotation This month's Ice Burner Rotation contains the following: #1: Diamond Yaksha (All Characters) #2: Holy Unicorn (All Characters) Click [Here] for more information regarding Ice Burners! Leveling Cube Revamp Special thanks to @JumperCzech for their suggestion New player? Veteran trying out a new class? These cubes are just for you! The Level Up Cube (Lv.1) can be obtained from the quest called "Welcome to Void Elsword!" This quest can be completed by consuming a Beginner's MP Potion that newly created characters start with! Level Up Cube (Lv.1) Level Up Cube (Lv.35) Level Up Cube (Lv.55) Level Up Cube (Lv.85) Level Up Cube (Lv.99) Magic Wardrobe Update Holy Unicorn Set (Laby) Diamond Yaksha Set (Laby)
  10. It's been quite a while since the leveling cubes were updated. Might be a good time to consider it, ping me if you update this thread.
  11. No, these are just added. Nothing was removed.
  12. All mamada