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  1. The Elrios Idols event scoreboard has now been updated, and will continue to be updated [Here]
  2. Please keep all discussions, questions, and comments regarding the 3/15/19 update here. Update Details [Here]
  3. Elrios Idols Event Event Duration: 3/15/19 up to 4/5/19 Special Server Events - 100% Random Mission Buff - All Secret Dungeons are now opened - CoBo Recovery Potions added to event dungeons (70% Chance for 5 Potions) Team Selection Elrios Idol is here. Who will win out of the 3 contestants? They need your vote! After receiving your Team Select Cube from the timer, you can pick your team You will receive 10 badges that can be bankshared, these are required to open Token Cubes for your team Scoreboard & Event Items Score [HERE] Once you pick a side, prove your value to your team by gaining as many tokens as possible! For each contribution you will be rewarded with the generous idol supply pouch! Tokens can be obtained via the following PvP quests: "Delicious Tears", "Flames of Victory" and "Fight of Glory". Additionally, you can obtain more tokens by running any of the following dungeons: - Secret Dungeons (All) - Heroics (All) - Elrianode (All, Story Mode excluded) - Varnimyr (All + Rosso Raid, Story Mode excluded) - Add's Energy Fusion * All rewards are added to the dungeon result screen, not the drops! * Information regarding the supply pouch is available further below! Server Buff Voting Cube Voting Duration: 4/5/19 up to 4/8/19 Winning Votes Duration: 4/8/19 up to 4/26/19 Server Buff Voting Cube & Reward Voting Cube can be opened during the voting duration by the winning team The winning team chooses the rewards, but worry not as the rewards are equally given to everyone even if your team did not win! The winning team may choose 4 server buffs that will be applied to the server! 1 - All Secret Dungeons Opened 2 - Doubled Secret Dungeon Drops 3 - Doubled Heroic Dungeon Drops 4 - Double Title Count 5 - Double Energy Fusion Drops 6 - 100% Random Mission Chance 7 - 800% Base EXP 8 - +50% All Profession EXP 9 - No Ticket Elrianode Dungeons 10 - No Ticket Heroic Dungeons Reward Voting Cube The winning team may choose 2 reward packs that will be given to everyone even if your team did not win! Rewards with actual items will be sent out as timer cubes, rewards like the Guild Pack and the Consumable Pack will be applied server-side during Winning Votes Duration! 1 - Enhancement Pack 15 Cobo Fluorites 5 El Hammer cubes 2 - Guild Pack * This applies once per guild! 2,500 guild coins to all participating guilds 3 - Beginner Gear Pack x4 Magic Amulet Lv.9 x3 Force Manual books 4 - Consumable Pack 50% chance for x7 Fossil Potions 50% chance for x7 Red-Bean Sherbets 50% chance for x15 Hidden Emergency Foods 5 - Socket Pack x100 untradable Sage Stones x100 untradable Twisted Sage Stones x25 Red/Blue/Yellow Shining Mystic Stones x5 Giant Shining Mystic Stones Special Timer Events Idol Showdown Begins! Duration: 3/15/19 up to 4/5/19 Requirements - Your character has to be Lv.90 and above - Stay logged in-game for 15 minutes straight - The reward can only be acquired once per account - Reward: *Elrios Idols Cube * Contains: - NoNo Mini-Me EXP Cube (7 Days) - Team Select Cube (Contains 10 Badges of your Team Choice) - Winner's Cube (Contains: Server Buff & Reward Voting Cubes) Idol Supply Pouch Content List Upgrade Scrolls Magic Amulet Lv.9 Magic Amulet Lv.10 Magic Amulet Lv.11 Accessories Ring of Skills Kumiho Earrings Consumables 5/15/25x Espresso 5/15/25x Frappuccino 10/20/30x Coke 10/20/30x Pepsi 10/20/30x Hard-boiled Egg 10/20/30x Demon Realm Energy 5/15/25x Harmony Festival Cookie 5/15/25x Harmony Festival Steak 5/15/25x Harmony Festival Grilled Fish Misc. Secret Manual: [Mod] Force (A) 1x Growth Elixir (300%) 5/7/10x Sage's Magic Stone 5/7/10x Twisted Sage's Magic Stone Inventory Expansion Card (Equipment) Inventory Expansion Card (Accessory) Inventory Expansion Card (Consumables) Inventory Expansion Card (Materials) Inventory Expansion Card (Quests) Inventory Expansion Card (Special) Resurrection Stone (10)/(30)/(50) Cube 25x Mithril Stone 15x Mithril Piece 10x Mithril Crystal 30x Weak Elixir 20x Medium-Strength Elixir 15x Strong Elixir 5/10/15x Fruit from El's Tree Pet Name Change Card Pet Quick Slot Expansion Ancient Medal of Greed Cube Ancient Medal of Proficiency Cube Selective Second Job Promo Cubes (Includes all 6 pieces) 1/3/5x Sensible Candy 1/3/5x Shy Candy El's Hammer Cube Guild Banner Update The following insignias have been changed to Guild Coins! 150 Guild Coins Nyan Jelly Grilled Meat Sleeping 250 Guild Coins Bethma (Color) Altera (Color) Velder (Color) Hamel (Color) Sander (Color) Lanox (Color) Elysion (Color) Elrianode (Color) 500 Guild Coins Bebe Corgi Space Moon Rabbit Nono 1000 Guild Coins Dark Griffin Radiant Flower Keeper of Time and Space
  4. Although it isn't the best combo like EO/Dusk and Dawn/Black Mesa, it's still a viable 4pc combo for PvE due to the 10% crit damage. Glad you like it, I changed it up a bit from how I usually make them.
  5. Please keep all discussions, questions, and comments regarding the 3/1/19 update here. Update Details [Here]

    Hello? sorry for that I had already changed the password a few days ago and did not know anything else, was there a problem?

  7. ok, I already change the password of my account...sorry for the problems

  8. Helpme plz

  9. No, we won't do a "unban event". Better idea, don't scam/hack. Just follow the [Official Rules]
  10. We got majority of the 1/31/2019 KR balance patch, but not all of it. Although some of our tooltips will be incorrect in-game due to a partial patch, we have the effects. RH's Enchant Hand went from 1.5s to 0.5s for example.
  11. v2.5 Content [NEW CHARACTER] Laby (Eternity Winner and Radiant Soul) [New Dungeons] 11 Laby Specific Dungeons added (Laby cannot enter Ruben to Varnimyr before level 70) [New Achievements] Elrianode and Varnimyr [Revamped] El Resonance Points [Revamped] Gate of Darkness [Revamped] Guilds [VOID CUSTOM] Naeun has been added to Laby's Imaginary World [VOID CUSTOM] Elrianode and Varnimyr ingredients have been added to Naeun's shop [VOID CUSTOM] Starter Cube Modifications [VOID CUSTOM] Laby's craftable Champion's Throne PvP Balance Patch (Partial 1/31/2019 KR Patch) Ara and Lu/Ciel's character system balance update Elrianode and Varnimyr potions are now available Maximum Avatar tab pages increased from 8 to 10 Maximum Gear/Accessory/Consumable/Material/Quest/Special tab pages increased from 2 to 3 Refined Magic Stone Added (randomized stats, Weapon: 9%, Armor: 4.5%) Parties with 2 members or more will now get increased exp and rewards equal to solo runs Demon Realm Debuff decreased and no longer reduces defense Adaptability efficiency in raid has been increased to 2.3 and adaptability stat decreased on accessories Camp: Crimson Edge Buff Implemented (2% Boss Damage, 2% Boss Damage Reduction & 2% Adaptability) 3 new Training Dummies added to Free Training (Defense: Stone Monkey, Boss Rank: Wood Tiger & Defense/Boss Rank: Stone Tiger) Heroic Improvements (unique Heroic gear no longer goes below Rank Lv.20, Heroic quest gives lv.9 amulet, & permanent Heroic quest weapon) Raid Party System (right-click your character in Camp: Crimson Edge to apply for a party) Solo queue is reduced to 30 seconds & queue is faster for pre-made parties (players can choose to wait for others or start the dungeon alone) Improved Auto-Equip (equip button and auto-equip function for the Magic Stones & Mystic Stones merged as a single button) Improved Mystic Enchant Function (apply/cancel function added, closing the Mystic Enchant window without clicking the "Apply "button results in no-replication) Misc. UI Revamp Max character slots increased from 26 to 42 Quest auto accept & quest helper improvements 2nd job transcendence skill clips added to the customization system Stats are now available for basic skill clips Animation will no longer be displayed when you open multiple cubes 5 new titles that can be acquired from leveling have been added Mailbox is now available in the Hot Spring areas Elrianode and Varnimyr daily and weekly quests added to the quest list Chat window setting additions Character body proportion improvements Elrianode's Blacksmith NPC can now repair items v2.5's Launch Timer Event Duration: 2/15/2019 up to 3/1/2019 v2.5 Gift Pouch Timer Requirements - Your character has to be Lv.15 and above - Stay logged in-game for 10 minutes straight - The pouch can be acquired once per account v2.5 Gift Pouch's Contents • 3x 300% EXP Boost Medal Cube (7 Days) • 3x [Cobo] Adapation Potion • 50x [Luriel] Sage's Magic Stone • 50x [Luriel] Twisted Sage's Magic Stone • 20x Philosopher's Scroll • 500x [Cobo] Highly Concentrated Recovery Potion • 250x Corrupted Advanced Recovery Potion • [VoidEls] Class Change Ticket Cube Contains the following selectable class change tickets [Cobo] 1st Class Change Ticket [Cobo] 2nd Class Change Ticket [Cobo] Transcendence 2nd Class Change Ticket [Cobo] 3rd Class Change Ticket • [14 Days] My Friend Gurumi Accessory 10% Chance of +10 MP when attacked 2% Double Attack • [14 Days] Emblem of Victory Accessory 5% Critical 5% Maximize 5% Attack/Attacked Damage (Dungeon) Recover 100 MP upon Awakening (Cooldown: 30 seconds) (Dungeon Only!) Laby's Arrival! Laby is the latest character and she is now ready to join the El Gang! Her job change medals (base job all the way up to 3rd job) are available in the item mall for free (0 EC)! Character Reference: Official Character Trailer: El Resonance Revamp El Resonance is a system that allows capped characters to further enhance their abilities which will be applied to all characters on the account. The cap El Resonance level is 999. El Resonance System & Page Expansions are available for free in the cash shop. Reference: Guild Revamps Guild Improvements - The maximum guild level has been increased from 20 to 25 - A total of 31 new Guild Banner Insignias has been added to Myu - A brief guild introduction is now available for new members that join a guild! Reference: Guild Base Skins You, as the guild master, are now able to personalize your guild with these brand new skins! How exciting! Reference: Guild Skills Revamp - Old guild skills have been reworked - New guild skills added have been added to the guild skill tree - A 2nd page is now available for your guild skills Reference: Guild Mini Games Bond, strategize and play with guild buddies inside these new guild mini game dungeons! Reference: Gate of Darkness Revamp Gate of Darkness Improvements - The Sinister Intent accessories can now be upgraded at Pane (in Feita) - The random appearance of Gate of Darkness has been removed - Gate of Darkness is now available 24/7 in the special dungeon tab Gate of Darkness Potions The following potions can be crafted at an alchemist with Demon Realm Energy. Demon Realm Energy can be obtained via Glave's exchange and completing the Gate of Darkness dungeon (and it's quests). Corrupted Recovery Potions Effects: - Consumes HP - Recovers more MP - Recovers Special Gauge (Ara, Lu & Ciel) Corrupted Warrior Potions Effects: - Heals less HP - Recovers more MP - Recovers Special Gauge (Ara, Lu & Ciel) Reference: Laby's Custom Content Level Up Cube Modifications - The Level Up Cube (Lv.1) can no longer be obtained from the Episode 1 quest - The Level Up Cube (Lv.1) can now be obtained from a brand new quest called "Welcome to Void Elsword!" The "Welcome to Void Elsword" quest can be completed by consuming a Beginner's MP Potion that can be purchased at any alchemist Characters that have been made prior to this update will be able to complete this quest as well! - The Animation (Ver.The El Lady) costume cube is no longer available in the Level Up Cube (Lv.1) - The Dragon Illusion (Ver.2) cube has been added to the Level Up Cube (Lv.1) for all characters and can be put in the MW and bank Naeun's Temporary Ice Burner Exchange The old 15 days Ice Burner set cubes have been replaced with the following set cubes for all characters: - Arch Angel - Arch Devil - El Officer - El Officer (Ver. Dark) - Nasod Battle Suit - Velder Imperial Guard - Celestial Master - Black Mesa - Radiant Flower Camilla's PvP Champion's Throne Craft Laby's flashy Champion's Throne has been added to Camilla's crafts! Laby's Job Change Items Laby's Custom Promo Costumes & Accessories (Rumble Pumn, Shining Romantica, Eternity Winner & Radiant Soul) Laby's Regular Item Mall Costumes (2 Colors Per Set) (Dark Priest, Fantasy Academy, ELS Spring Rain, Gloomy Night & Bad Girls) Laby's 1 Piece Costumes (Chibi & Spa Wear) Laby's Eyes (Odd, Star, Chic, Red & Black) Laby's Poses (Thinking, Curious, Warm Up Exercise, Model & Love Love Academy Doki Doki Letter) Laby's Sitting Poses (Moon Poses, Tree Stump of Memories, Warm Mini Spa, Place of Unfulfilled Promises & Radiant Memories) Cotton Tail Set & Accessory (2 Colors, All Characters) Guild Skins: White King's Garden & Magic Academy Boarding V2.5's Discussion Thread Don't forget to join our official discussion thread [Here] Currently Known Issues & Bugs - Certain skills and passives have been affected by the 1/31/2019 KR patch but contain incorrect tooltips - Laby is currently NOT available in the Ice Burner rotation, but she will be in the next rotation - Content Guide re-appears upon relogging your character(s) - Lu and Ain's enhancement visuals are static List of content for reference purposes: - You will find detailed information on all new content in the reference links below! [New Features] - Laby - - Laby 1st Path - - Laby 2nd Path - - Laby Dungeons Part 1 - - Laby Dungeons Part 2 - - Laby Dungeons Part 3 - - Guild Base Skins - - Guild Mini Games - [Revamps/Balances] - Balance Patch - - Balance Patch #2 - - Balance Patch #3 - - Balance Patch #4 (Partially) - - El Resonance Points Revamp - - Gate of Darkness Revamp - - Guild Improvements - - Guild Skill Revamp - [Additional Patch Notes] - - - - - - - -
  12. Don't worry. It's not accurate for any form of pvp nor pve currently so I don't know what it's meant to be. No need to go into detail about it either, or we would be here all day. With that said, it looks like people are becoming more interested in tier lists again so we may update the official voidels tier list in the near future.
  13. Your account has been banned ( Reason: MAC Block #2 ), the ban will expire on 2050-02-22 10:13:00
    why if i only play whit leader of guild and him helpme up lvl 

    1. LezarD
    2. FuriousGay


      I've got banned mac block#2..

      What is mac block#2???

    3. LezarD


      NO IDEA!!

  14. New Moderators Hello everyone, Void's staff has 3 new additions. Moderators work side by side with us on content, events, in-game presence, transparency, rulebreakers, moderation and many other things. Do not hesitate to contact them at any time if you have anything you want to ask them, they are here to help. The new moderators are: Naivety PhysicsTM Shiryelle Feel free to congratulate them and say hello in their introduction threads [Here] You can go [Here] in order to see the full list of staff members! To all of you who didn't make it, don't get discouraged! Stick around and continue proving your worthiness to the community in order to make Void a better place. Official Rules Update We have updated the [Official Rules] Every rule has been changed/updated in some way. It is strongly encouraged to reread every rule thoroughly.
  15. Welcome to the staff team c: