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  1. Please keep all discussions, questions, and comments regarding official void events here. This is to prevent the event threads from being flooded as they are submission threads. All of the standard forum rules still apply, located [Here] If you wish to leave a suggestion, please do so [Here] All current official events can be found [Here] With that said, be sure to stay on topic c:
  2. Lilu

    [1/18/19] Update Discussion Thread

    Yes, that's normal. You don't have to wait, you can make it permanent.
  3. Patch Notes - Moderator Recruitment - Treasure Chest Update - Magic Wardrobe Update - Item Mall Sale Moderator Recruitment Application Period: Today (1/18/2019) up to 2/1/2019 Hiring Period: 2/2/2019 up to 2/8/2019 Please only apply if you fit everything in the Crucial criteria. Create a thread and post your application in the Moderator Recruitment section. Only you and Official Staff can view your application. Moderator Recruitment [Here] Requirements (crucial) - Active on the forum daily for moderation - At least 200 posts (spam section doesn't count or spam farming) - At least 6 months of experience on Void forums - Be familiar with in-game and forums rules - Be experienced and understanding of Elsword - Capable of fluent English - Be unbiased, friendly, and helpful - Being capable of conducting teamwork - Adaptable and being able to learn fast Additional (not necessary) - Experience moderating forums (IPB, vB, SMF, etc.) - Fluency in multiple languages - Additional skills such as graphics design, art, drawing, writing, etc. Activities - Assist players with their questions and threads - Enforcing the forum rules when necessary - Lock threads that spiral out of control (e.g unnecessary drama) - Move threads to the right sections - Answer private messages and forward to the superior when necessary - Handle reported posts from forum users - Co-ordinate moderation of forum based events with staff - Remove spam and inappropriate content rapidly - Report game breaking issues (bugs & glitches) - Remind players not to spam megaphones, prevent megaphone drama and issue warnings - Assist the staff members with the rulebreaker & ban appeal sections Moderator Application Form • Character names: • Guild(s): • Age: • Country and Timezone: • Languages: • Availability per day: • Why do you want to be a moderator? • Why do you think you should be one? • What do you have to offer? • Why do you think you are incorruptible? • Have you been banned before? If yes, where and for which reason(s)? (Forums & In-Game) • Do you consider yourself as a team player and why? • What would you improve about the forums? (doesn't include graphical things like theme) • Is there is anything about yourself you would like us to know that was not included in the above questions? Treasure Chest Update For the full Treasure Chest Content List click [Here]! Treasure Chest Removals Remenance Cubes Pure Blood Cubes 1 Piece Combo: El'lywood & Hair 1 Piece: Lotus Qipao Elrios Detective Academy Costume Cube White Netherworld Costume Cube White Netherworld Lantern Cube White Netherworld Horn Cube White Netherworld Aura Cube Netherworld Express Platform (Ver.2) Medusa Eldena Summon Stone: Ascalon Summon Stone: Raul's Vassal New Treasure Chest Additions Recolored Ice Burner Set: Khaos #Note: Lu, Ciel, Rose & Ain Excluded!  Khaos Weapon Cube Khaos Top Cube Khaos Bottom Cube Khaos Gloves Cube Khaos Shoes Cube Khaos Hair Cube Khaos Hair (Pure Ver.) Cube Khaos Wings Cube Khaos Leg Wings Cube Khaos Visor Cube Recolored Ice Burner Set: Verglas #Note Lu, Ciel, Rose & Ain Excluded!  Verglas Weapon Cube Verglas Top Cube Verglas Bottom Cube Verglas Gloves Cube Verglas Shoes Cube Verglas Hair Cube Verglas Wings Cube Verglas Tiara Cube  Costumes Lord Chesterfield (Ver.2) Costume Cube Lord Chesterfield (Ver.2) Accessory Cube Shark Hunter (Ver.2) Costume Cube (#Excludes Ain) Shark Hunter's Pile of Treasure - Blue (#Excludes Ain) 1 Piece Combo: Little Lamb & Hair Qiapo (Ver. 1) (#Excludes Lu, Ciel, Rose, & Ain) Mounts & Pets Summon Stone: Rakshasa Summon Stone: Phantom Steed Berthe Jr. Eltrion Jr. Drop Rate Up! Race Go's title drop rate has been doubled for this rotation! Magic Wardrobe Update - Little Lamb Outfit - Little Lamb Headdress - Lord Chesterfield Set - Lord Chesterfield Accessory Lord Chesterfield (Ver.1)
  4. Lilu


    CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTIONS AS OF 12/2/18 [Mythos] was created on [6/10/2014], 8 days after Void launched. We are the oldest active guild and one of the first guilds created on Void. Originally known as [Nostalgia], after being over a year old we decided to change our name to [Mythos] [Mythos] has turned into one of the most popular and active guilds in void and continues growing to this day We accept any nationality that wants to join, although we ask that you know English as it is our main language. We're all like a family and treat each other with respect and occasional jokes at times It is your responsibility to read the rules. Not reading the rules is NOT an excuse to avoid punishment, It is your fault. • Don't Beg: Although we are like a family and help each other when we can, begging is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to items and ED. • Guild Respect: As previously said above, we're like a family so we joke around often. However; respecting each other is a must, to a degree of course. • Keep content mature: Any form of actual 18+ content will NOT be tolerated. This includes forum, in game, guild discord server, etc. Talking and joking about things to a degree is fine but don't actually post/send nsfw images and such. • Follow the Official Void Rules: This speaks for itself and all official rules will be upheld. Rulebreaking is not tolerated. If you see a member of [Mythos] breaking rules, please report them just as you would any other user. The rulebreaker will be kicked from the guild and banned from the game. • Don't try taking advantage of Guild Staff or Official Staff: This basically means you shouldn't try to take advantage of a higher ranked guildy or official voidels staff member. • Problem Solving: We understand that with a large number of members, misunderstandings and drama can arise at any point. If this happens and you can't solve it between yourselves, please contact Lilu or an Admin so we can solve these issues. If a large issue arises then whoever started it will be warned, and the others will be asked to drop it. If continued, a kick may sadly be in order. • Member Inactivity: If you're going to be inactive then let us know in #absence, Inactive members with a reason will be marked by being changed to the "Apprentice" Rank. If you've been offline for 30+ days and haven't told us then you can expect to be kicked. • Re-Invites: If you leave or are kicked you will not be re-invited. There are certain exceptions of course. We go case-by-case. If you have a legit reason, let us know before you leave. • Guild Bank: Our guild bank is NOT your personal storage and do NOT store useless items here (allowed item list below). Any items stored here can be taken by any guildy above Member rank. Members must contact a guild staff member if they want to store or withdraw. Veterans are NOT guild staff. Guild coins can be stored without asking. If IB's are stored, you may only take them if you are the character they are for. However, limit yourself and share with others (Ex: 999 complete recovery pots in guild bank, you can take 100). We also believe in equivalent exchange to a degree, so don't only take and never give. If abused, you will be eligible to lose your rank until you replace what you took. • Do NOT misuse our Guild Name: We understand that certain areas in this game can be a rather salty environment at times but do not give the guild a bad name/rep. You will be given a warning, if continued you will be kicked. This includes but is not limited to megaphoning "S/o to __ for spam/run/lag/etc", threats such as "My guild leader is a GM and he will ban you", as well as salt/rage in general as we don't support any of this. If you catch someone breaking rules don't threaten them this way, simply report with evidence. Do NOT ask for a rank. This will ruin your chance of anything higher than Veteran. Initiate A temporary rank for those that have notified us they will be absent for an extended period of time or did not provide a forum profile yet. Member Given after providing your forum profile, automatically given if you join via this thread. Allows guild skill usage. Veteran Allows access to guild bank. To be given this rank, you must be in the guild for a month. You may be given this sooner or later based on activity. Officer For this rank you must be very active, helpful, and trustworthy as well as follow rules. Discord is required. Administrator This rank is limited to 10 at max. To receive this rank you must have all of the qualities as the other ranks as well as be approved by Lilu and the Admins. You must be able to take care of the guild if Lilu is absent. You must be loyal to the guild and get along with all guildies. Alts cannot receive this rank. You also must be in our discord server. The below items are allowed, anything not on this list is deemed "useless". Text version with more detail is in the spoiler below. x x x x All guild events are announced in our guild discord server and in-game guild chat. Guild Experience Service [Mythos] provides a free Experience Buff Service (50% Boost) every Sunday from 2pm to 6pm EST. We use this occasionally during other days as well when we have more guild coins than usual. It is highly encouraged and appreciated to contribute with Guild Coins so we can increase the duration of the experience buff or have the experience buff during other days as well. Guildies may come and go, but the achievements they attain won't be forgotten. As long as a guildy is or was in Mythos during said achievement, it will forever remain here. Official Tournaments Unofficial Tournaments We do have a discord, but only guildies and allies are allowed to access it. Just post here or contact one of the guild staff members, simple as that However, if you post here then please fill out this so we can get to know you a little Anything that has a * below is required, the rest is optional *IGN: *Language(s): *How active are you: *Why did you choose us: Previous Guild: Preferred Name: About me:
  5. I hope everyone enjoyed this tournament. Thank you to @NarcissisticNick2 and @Annovie for streaming. Congratulations to the tournament winners: 1st Place: LunchingNoob (CC) 2nd Place: Runecraft (CS) 3rd Place: RRRRRRRRANK1 (CS)
  6. Official VoidEls Zenith Circuit Tournaments are hosted every month. Tournament Information Hosted by [GM]Lilu™ Date: 12/29/2018 - 12/30/2018 Day 1 - Round 1 (Starts 5:00pm EST/23:00 Server time [Here]) Day 2 - Round 2 to Finals (Starts 12:00pm EST/18:00 Server time [Here]) Round 1 to Quarters are Bo3, Semi-Finals and Finals are Bo5 This tourney is 1v1, 32 players, single elimination • Team Match • 400 Seconds • Power Mode • Equipment on • Titles on • 0% ERP Streamed by @NarcissisticNick2 [ TBA ] Brackets [Here] Do not sign up in this thread as this is the discussion thread. If you wish to sign up, post in the official tournament thread [Here] You may discuss, debate, and all that stuff in this thread. All of the standard forum rules still apply, located [Here] There's also a little thing called "Bracket Prediction" so feel free to have fun with that after the brackets are created. I hope everyone enjoys this tournament c:
  7. Day 2 of the tournament has now started, goodluck everyone. Streamed [Here] & [Here]
  8. The tournament is done for the day, we will resume at 12:00pm EST/18:00 Server time tomorrow. Below are the following classes that still remain in the tournament.
  9. The tournament has now started, goodluck everyone. Streamed [Here]
  10. Sign up/Check-in are now closed. The tournament will start in 3 hours from now.
  11. Official VoidEls Zenith Circuit Tournaments are hosted every month. Tournament Information Hosted by [GM]Lilu™ Date: 12/29/2018 - 12/30/2018 Day 1 - Round 1 (Starts 5:00pm EST/23:00 Server time [Here]) Day 2 - Round 2 to Finals (Starts 12:00pm EST/18:00 Server time [Here]) Round 1 to Quarters are Bo3, Semi-Finals and Finals are Bo5 This tourney is 1v1, 32 players, single elimination • Team Match • 400 Seconds • Power Mode • Equipment on • Titles on • 0% ERP Streamed by @NarcissisticNick2 [Here] Brackets [Here] Rewards 1st Place: 30,000 EC + Gold Tournament Trophy Mini-Me 2nd Place: 20,000 EC + Silver Tournament Trophy Mini-Me 3rd Place: 10,000 EC + Bronze Tournament Trophy Mini-Me Sign up Do not try reserving posts. You are responsible for correctly spelling your name. Sign up example IGN: [GM]Lilu™ Class: Nova Imperator Sign ups/Check-In will be closed at 12:00pm EST on 10/29/2018 (5 hours before the tournament) If caught intending to play on more than one character you will be banned from future official VoidEls tournaments. Check-In The Official VoidEls Zenith Discord Server will be used for Checking in and RNG rolls for the stages. When it is time for your match you will be pinged in the discord server, please be ready. By checking-in this lets us know you remember and intend to be ready for your match. Please provide your forum profile in the Greetings channel to receive access. Link to the official discord server [Here] Stage Selection The first stage will be decided via random RNG roll in the official voidels zenith circuit's public discord channel. The next stages will be decided as stated below. The Loser of the previous match will then choose the next stage. You can't counterpick a stage if you've previously won on it during the match unless both agree. The following is a list of stages that are allowed. Rules It is YOUR responsibility to keep updated with the rules as they're subject to change. If in the event you are not prepared when your match is ready or break a rule, you are at fault for not reading these rules and will result in an auto-loss. Void Official Rules still apply. All Character Force Mods are allowed (Ex: Mod Finishing Slash) All Force Skills/Force Passives are banned (Ex: Haunting Spirit) Weapon Element Attributes are banned. Armor Element Attributes are allowed. Allowed Titles. Veteran, Supersonic, Speedholic, Hamel's Seal, Burning Butt, The Challenger. Vanilla Mode, All Costumes and Accessories are Banned except for the following: Mana Necklace Allowed 1 Skill Ring Allowed (Non-Proc/Not RoF) MP Viewing Goggles or Earrings Allowed +7 or +8 Sparring Set only. 5 piece sparring set only. +8 is the maximum enhancement allowed. No Hyper actives/Couple/Marriage skills. Self explanatory. Map Pool. Garpai Sandstorm, Sander Oasis, Tyrant's Arena, Hope Bridge, and 3D maps are banned. There is a list of maps allowed in Stage Selection above Rules. Match Re-do/Restarts. Match re-dos are at the discretion of Lilu. If you wish to call something out then do so. You must say "lag", not "???", "lol", etc. It must occur during the match, not after. If in the case something happens such as forgetting to full screen, you may ask for a match restart before the match starts. If someone calls lag it is up to the streamer and co-commentator to accept or deny it. They must respond quickly. If they deny, the match will continue uninterrupted. If accepted, the match stops and then Lilu will review to decide. If 2 lag calls are false, it will result in a loss of that match to the one that lag called. If the lag call is legit and accepted, a redo will be done. If 3 lag calls are legit and accepted, the one that called the 3 lag calls wins the game to avoid unplayable matches. Lag calls carry over. Account sharing and Substitutions are not allowed. Only you may play on your account. Substitutions of any kind are not allowed. Violation of this rule will result in an immediate disqualification, and possible restrictions in future events. Do not register with multiple characters for any official VoidEls Tournament unless explicitly stated in the rules. If caught intending to play on more than one you will be banned from all future official VoidEls tournaments. Disruptions If your match is coming up, please be ready a match early so we can invite you. If you are not ready for your match once, you will be skipped and put to a later time if possible. If you are not ready for your match for a second time you WILL be disqualified from the tournament, no arguments. Bad planning on your part does not necessarily constitute an automatic emergency on our part. Please be a good sport. Unsportsmanlike conduct will at first give you a warning, and then get you disqualified from the tournament. Network Conditions (Lag Calls) In the event of unusual network conditions, players may call for a review at any time during their set either publicly or privately (via whisper). This may include individual lag checks, reviewing recorded footage from either side, or further testing. If either player's connection is found to be disrupting the game to an unreasonable extent and the issue cannot be corrected, they will be disqualified from the event. All players are encouraged to record their games for review, as netcode discrepancies can cause spectators to see the game differently. If a lag call cannot be accepted or denied immediately, the match must continue and will be reviewed afterwards. Please keep in mind that in the interest of fairness, we cannot reverse completed games or sets. You must call out something during the match, not after. #Note: These rules are intended to fairly deal with disruptive outliers, not to punish players for their location or connection quality. We understand Void is an international server; however, there are clear cases where Internet issues can affect the outcome of a match. If a player's connection is significantly worse than expected for their region, it is their responsibility to handle it. Reviews will NOT be streamed, to ensure the process remains unbiased and fair. The results of these arbitrations will be made public at the conclusion of the event. Tournament Discussion This thread should stay clean with ONLY sign up applications to enter. I have created a Tournament Discussion Thread to discuss anything related to this tourney. Any post here that's not an application that should be posted in discussion will be deleted. [Here] ~Results~ 1st Place: LunchingNoob (CC) 2nd Place: Runecraft (CS) 3rd Place: RRRRRRRRANK1 (CS)
  12. Stability Maintenance The server is currently going down for a stability maintenance. We have decided to do these sort of maintenances every other week in order to resolve lags and other issues that might occur. There is no ETA, so please be patient. These maintenances are necessary to keep the server stable.
  13. That was 9 months ago, he apologized/improved since then and has been streaming void for months again. Also, he's only streaming the tournament. I'm the host and the prizes are explained in the thread (Trophies/EC).
  14. Have you been thinking of a theme one of our many official Void events could use? If so, you've come to the perfect place. Previously suggested by [Structure], this thread was created for that sole purpose. There won't be an official prize for this. However; if your theme is chosen, your forum name will be in the event thread. We felt this would be a nice way to allow the community to have some input in contests as well. If you wish to suggest a theme, I ask that you follow the below format: *Contest: (Which one of the current contests?) *Theme: (The name of the theme you're suggesting) Description: (Explain your theme in detail if possible) Additional Details: (Anything else about your theme?) If you agree with a suggested theme, give that post a like. This helps prevent quote spam and "+1" posts. Please keep off-topic discussion to a minimum as this thread is a submissions thread, if you wish to discuss the events please use [This] thread.
  15. Please keep all discussions, questions and comments regarding 12/21/18 Christmas update here. Update Details [Here]
  16. Please keep all discussions, questions and comments regarding 12/14/18 Christmas update here. Update Details [Here]
  17. Stability Maintenance The server is currently going down for a stability maintenance. We have decided to do these sort of maintenances every other week in order to resolve lags and other issues that might occur. Drop Rates The event material drop rates have been adjusted based on the community's feedback. We apologize for the inconvenience the previous drop rate may have caused! Frost Maiden's Craft Adjustments 1x Winter Core, 150x Frost Shards, & 125,000,000 ED Cobo Lv.10 Amulet 1x Winter Core, 300x Frost Shards, & 400,000,000 ED Cobo Lv.11 Armor Only Amulet 1x Winter Core, 500x Frost Shards, & 500,000,000 ED Head Hunter [Elite]
  18. Server is up, Merry Christmas c:
  19. Reminder, it is not 999 dungeons. It is 999 event materials, multiple drop per dungeon.
  20. White or Red? Here's Red for now.
  21. -- Limited Edition Item Mall Sale -- Sale Duration: 12/14/18 up to 1/4/19! NoNo Mini-Me EXP Cube (3 Days) A cute mini-me EXP accessory cube that can be traded! Illipia Core Weapon Guard Cube (3 Days) A badass weapon EXP accessory cube that can be traded! Summon Stone: Amba Formal Attire 1 Piece Costume & Hair (6 Types)
  22. DISCLAIMER: If you intend on posting in this thread, be prepared to debate with facts and experience. Having an idea is fine, but logic/facts/experience take priority over ideas. And yes, standard forum rules still apply [Here] This tier list is based on standard 1v1 tournament rules. (Sparring Channel/Sparring Gear/Arena Mode/No RoF/No Items/0% ERP/No Weapon Attributes/Etc.) What is a Tier List? Terms Tier Criteria: Tier Placement: VoidEls Represenatives*Under Construction* We have updated the Official VoidEls Tier List. Current Tier List as of 5/27/2018 [Current Update] Everything is always subject to change the more we lab/test/learn. Some updates in Void v2.3 not included in the above link include: DoomBringer's Enhanced Plasma passive duration increased from 10 seconds to 20 seconds. Equipment/ERP Options Class Tier Reasonings: *CURRENTLY OUTDATTED: Need to update to 3rd jobs* Elsword: Aisha: Rena: Raven: Eve: Chung: Ara: Elesis: Add: LuCiel: Rose: Ain Previous Tier Lists - 5/18/2017 - 3/17/2017 - 2/18/2017 - 9/29/2016 - 9/20/2016 - 9/9/2016 - 5/1/2016 - 4/26/2016 Changelog 5/18/2017 3/17/2017 2/18/2017 9/29/2016 9/20/16 9/9/2016 5/1/2016 4/26/2016
  23. Please keep all discussions, questions and comments regarding Void v2.4 update here. Update Details [Here] Currently Known Bugs & Issues - Content Guide appears each time you open skills per relog - Luciel and Ain enhancement visuals are static