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  1. I'll not quote everyone not to crowd the post, but I want to thank you all for the warm welcome ^^
  2. It's less an If and more of a When I need help to be honest, but thank you! Nice to meet you! And it's always nice being back to hell :)) Dress up is a way of life, honestly. And I'll be sure to add you later ^^
  3. Not exactly a new player, I've been playing Void for a while now and had never been much too serious about it. Just in it for pretty outfits and some fun with friends. Then I got my Ara to 99 and decided "Well, might as well leave the comfort of the Lvl. Up Cub Equips and find something stronger if I want to keep playing solo". ... Suffice to say I'm a little completely lost. So I decided to come here to try to find myself and since I'll be lurking more than usual well, why not introduce myself? So, I'm Lacie, here to hopefully learn and become a better player. Nice to meet y'all! ^^