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  1. 9/10 times I get salt whispers, it's always from an RH who spams Spread in the middle of the combo and cannot recatch without core.
  2. I'm getting on now , imma /w you!
  3. Nethane

    Toggleable Awaken Mode Costumes

    I +1 this ...if Void can make it happen. It sounds like a big change to the existing codes and if they somehow are able to implement it, it will crease a fuck load of bugs that will affect existing and upcoming contents.
  4. Nethane

    [Suggestion] Whitelisting Berthe Jr

    +1 because the top tier pets: Miho, Hoya, Dororo are all tradable. I need a reason why Bethre Jr. isn't
  5. IGN: Tyfonas Name or Nickname: InesGender: FemaleTime Zone: GMT+7Age*: I was today-year-old when I learn that people say "break a leg" because they hope that you will get in the castAbout Yourself*: cool guild because Schleep and who tf doesn't like to sleep
  6. Nethane

    Worst bravery skill.

    Mod skill can be considered a completely different skill than Enhanced skills. Comparing [Mod] DKB with unmodded DKB is like comparing literally any skills out there. But since I just got my mod book for my Anemos, I'll humour you. This is my Resonance page, on my exp grinding page so no investment in skill damage. This is tested without awakening + as high as I can jump with Enhanced Sharp Fall (from the platform in the spar room and double jump upwards). This is tested with awakening and the same jump height (or as close as I can manage) for unmodded Sharp Fall (I made sure not to use transcendence awakening slots as well since I moved Sharp Fall into the C slot) . As you can see, DKB (both version) does a lot more damage than Sharp Fall. The application itself is questionable but it is no doubt that it does a lot more damage. If you still think I pulled witchcraft out of my ass, you can check Elwiki for Sharp Fall's damage vs DKB's. But since 2NAfish didn't put mod DKB's maximum damage and according to you, it's unfair to compare mod vs non mod I whipped up this for you to comprehend.
  7. Nethane

    Worst bravery skill.

    Even if I'm not an Anemos main, I still have her and I do use her plenty. I'd call her my 2nd main even, excuse me for being too broke to afford a mod book. I am definitely not strong enough to use my Anemos in Raids so I will not argue the application of the skills there. I'm just replying to you saying that [Enhanced] DKB does less damage than [Mod] Sharp Fall. The result from your test was probably from Skill damage tears and Resonance. reply to your p.s: that is the worst argument I have ever seen tbh
  8. Nethane

    Worst bravery skill.

    Sounds like I need to get my Anemos her [Mod] DKB then.
  9. Nethane

    Worst bravery skill.

    This is my take on the whole DKB vs Sharp Fall. Have not tested Mod DKB because Anemos isn't my main, thus no mod book. without awkening with awakening To make this fair, I went in naked, no gears, no costumes, no pet, no title and no ERP skills in skill damage. Edit: Oh and forgot to mention, yes DKB is Heavy and Sharp Fall is Empowered in my previous test.
  10. Nethane

    New Community Member (Voidels)

    If you wanna do story quests for ED, I suggest starting at Elrianode~ Edit: also remember to buy the Void server buff in IM for 0 EC
  11. Nethane

    Make Void Weapon Tradeable

    All of the points have been said above. If KoG decides to release new weapons that make Void weap drop to Heroic weap's tier, then yes. In its current state, Void weap is still very much still an endgame weapon. The fact that it's easier to obtain now doesn't mean it's a cakewalk. They may have dialed the difficulty down to 90 but that doesn't mean we should make it 0. So, -1.
  12. You know what we need? Sunglasses Corgi as well. Do bring back normal version Corgi as well
  13. Nethane

    Worst bravery skill.

    shots fired
  14. Nethane

    Worst bravery skill.

    They put Dark Tomorrow before editing it. 22k% on Heavy Trait though, maybe it has 26 secs cd (which is ass), but I wouldn't call it the worst Bravery skill. If used on bosses that are super armor or immovable, it always deals full damage. OT: Weak proc, weak initial damage. The grenades' skills 2 seconds cooldown reduction and floating are cool I guess, but it's still a gigantic waste of space. Edit: Oh nvm Nattie sniped me
  15. I will give my 2 cents on the chars I actually play. CEs: Tesla Flare and MeB need to be nerfed in PVP. I know CEs is a dead PVP char without those two skills but they literally cost around 80mil and 50mp. At least, lower their damage a tad bit so they don't deal Bravery tier damage. Also, for a close range char, she has no approach tool. Hell, even long range chars have tools to close gaps. MeB's hitstun is shit. She needs a super armour move that lets her recover in midair (like CU's spear burst or CS's Electronic Move <- this one doubles as a ground gap close too) or close gap on ground. Cata: please nerf their Apollyon in PVP. That shit can take away 90% of your HP upon cast. No way to manabreak out of it either, unless you have future vision or sick deep reads. Anemos: fix her kicks please, sometimes, it doesn't even connect if your opponent isn't extremely close to you and immobile.