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  1. The first question is a bit too one-note imo. For me, my opponent(s) determine my feelings after a loss. If they just run the entire time/salty, I will feel anger/disappointment. If they play fairly, I will feel enjoyment. If it's a 2v2/3v3 match, I will feel pressured because I'm not the most geared so I fear that I dragged my teammate(s) down. But what can you do, polls are limited.
  2. Same here but for Ereda, last time I ereda was like 2 months ago or smt though so not sure if it has been fixed yet. One of the ppl in my party afk-ed the entire time, leaving the match entirely to me and the other member. We saw the kick option and both voted for it but they just stay there, afk in the revive spot, which leads to us losing.
  3. You should add a poll so you can see people's vote. OT: Neutral, I don't see why we should but I'm not bothered if it's a thing.
  4. In my opinion, Void should make things that are AN ABSOLUTE MUST free, like share bank, transcendence skill slot, skill unlock books (and mod skill books too please lol). These, however, are not necessary. You can magic wardrobe everything so if you want that ugly accessory gone? Put something else on it. Hate that gigantic head that gives you +4% physical/magical attack? Magic Wardrobe it into Shooting Stars accessory for example. Not like your only options are invisible accs.
  5. This might be the dopest guild thread I have ever seen. or maybe bec I'm a nerd for tarots
  6. Love it when you're actually enjoying pvp for once and a hacker showed up... Also, s/o to (the EtW I cannot name) for calling me "bitch Eve" and "stupid bitch" just because Bullet Blitz got me.
  7. I can't say much about your situation but I sincerely wish you will do well on whatever you decide to do next.
  8. I almost fell into a food coma today. Good times.
  9. If this is possible on Void's part, I entirely support this. However, I don't think it's possible due to coding difficulties. Still +1 and hope Void can somehow manage to do this.
  10. If you're actually serious, I think it's better if it's between "Ran", "VoidCM", "Lilu" and "Yata" or between the mods. -1 from me tbh
  11. Lower's EW's damage since she has the passive that lets her store Transcendence buff and use command skills multiple times, her command skills' damage should be a bit lower than average to make up for it.
  12. we are alive but uni is catching up to our asses
  13. They are still queueing for it yes, for now, but eventually, it will die out.
  14. +1 this, ppl will stop queueing for it eventually and it will be a literal dead zone since no one can enter it. My guildie took 2 mins to queue yesterday and still no luck.