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  1. arteq93

    Legendary Force Skills Drop Rate Bar

    It shouldnt be a problem to make an achivement to increase drop rate for legendary for skill ( even one for both of em ) while makin an bar can be problematic for void stuff D:
  2. arteq93

    Legendary Force Skills Drop Rate Bar

    Welp there is achivement to obain skills , my proposal is about drop rate increase D:
  3. arteq93

    Legendary Force Skills Drop Rate Bar

    They can make achivement for it or smth similar to it , it hasnt be the same drop rate incease bar like at void wep , at all it would vbe grate if they provide us any chance to drop those skills
  4. Hey guys I have been thinking a lot lately about Legendary Force Skills and their drop rate in this game , meanwile uniqe forces dropping so hard , legendary ones looks like impossible to drop at this moment . Personally did like 4k runs ( at music sheet event- just 4 stacks) and still nothing. End game content shouldnt be depended on luck , is much more valuable and fun if u are being rewarded by ur hard work and patience to obtain smth valuable. I don't know how exactly works that drop rate increase at Void Apo Wep and Demonic Type Wep but if it will be similar to it , we are should be able to drop it afterall.
  5. arteq93

    Legendary Force Skills

    In My opinion at end game content like this ( farming for legendary items and skills) should be rewarded from ur hard work and patientce not just from luck , its srsly stupid while some1 will take this skill from like 100-400runs? and im still grinding (4500 runs..) . Makin this achivement will be rly great escpacially for christmans or even at the begginig of decemeber Void Staff pls :D <3
  6. arteq93

    Title Party

    Lookin For People who will spam DFW with me , im BM +9 wep whisp me or pm , nick : GhostOfPast