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  1. I dont think its dying per say. I honestly think the fact that the updates have such a huge gap between them is why the player count is low. In the past the Staff polled which way we (as a community) wanted the updates to be handled, Big patches or small patches every other week. Back then there were so many updates so frequently on top of void trying to catch up to KR that people voted for Big Patches that way they were able to enjoy updates before they could move on to the next thing. Though now with even KR slowing down with its new content and releases I feel the staff should probably re-poll this, Especially with the new community of players in void now. Maybe keeping up to date with KR maybe 2 patches or so behind them would help the player count a bit more, but then again this is my opinion.
  2. I mean I dont pvp so idk about that sht but...Diangelion needs a serious bossing buff like I used dark plasma mod does good dmg but the cast time takes forever not to mention the transformation time... Black massacre... Can she please get some type of range buff? Like her clearing is god awful... And is it me or has she become one of the only classes with near 0 clearing capabilities like at least twilight does OK with giant potion Time to get rekt by all Oz mains. She needs an mp gain nerf in PVP that is the only 1 truth I know about pvp I dont understand how a class manages to use 2 and 3 300 mps right after each other I mean I dont see many ungeared Oz in PVE so idk about her dmg output Rena in general just needs a speed buff Chung... Oh chung you went from OP to nerfed to the ground to insanely OP once again. Elsword... Idc never have never will Raven heh not gona start on the dmg output Eve speed buff please... Like i tried playing my CU again (as far as I know it was always the fastest eve) and did they nerf her movement speed df even with 30% movement speed speed elixir and storm apples I felt slow af
  3. Dont worry it will be over burned in 2 days and will be about 400m per acc peice
  4. -New Update - No Event - Too Poor to care for IB sets BACK TO SLEEP I GO ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Well Was doing drabaki and got smacked with "No Response from Server" REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  6. +1 Also 50 dungeons is nothing... Just do add dungeon... I personally get 50 dungs in an hour... especially with this free +10 they gave out
  7. I dont know whether or not to be happy... I have terrible internet now....
  8. On my FP I do of course I have better gear I could use but sparr gear is more entertaining. ^ all depends on your stats. I was able to do add dung easily with tremendous gear under 2:30
  9. +1, Though the Pvp Essential thing is ??? +10 sparr gear is pretty tough to get if you dont farm for it so giving it for free is a slap to the face for those who grinded for it. Also if your giving them so many high grade magic stones why the sage stones?... prob I wouldnt mind if the Sparr gear was temp maybe? 30 days or something. But besides that the rest are fine.
  10. Yeah totally ready for the 2b weapons 3b wings and f2p farming ima have to do qq
  11. I dont mind my only prob is when they try to kill main boss before mini bosses...I dont care for the title so I just want el tears but everyone always rushing waste of 3m tbh . -.
  12. Took me 15 Hours to download the whole things so i know the feels e -e
  13. Nah 2 days 1 for the server to go up and 1 to download
  14. I'm at the DMV but on forums cuz long ass wait does that count as productive?
  15. Wanna see something funny? Look at entfernen They decided to double the dmg of an already 1 shotting skill