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  1. Pretty much, since they scale higher, the better the equipment (and you price them mostly for high enhancement players). I hope it somewhat helped you
  2. Means 5 multiply by the enhance. +10 Example again: 5 x Enhancement (+10) = 50%
  3. [2 +Enhancement Stats]% means like on a +10 Elrianode top as example: 2% + Enhancement(+10) = 12% That's basically it. Or +9 Elrianode = 2% + (+9)% = 11%
  4. When you can't decide what to play, and start making 3 new chars in a row...

    End my fking life pls-


  5. Done downloading, still can't do anything, Xingcode not popping up, as well as the game itself just doing nothing. oh man.
  6. My favorite so far is hno, to be more specific the Space Cadet recolor we have in void. I use it mostly on nearly all my main chars (elderp, Add, Aisha). Cash shop wise are mostly the NA, JP, KR contest winner sets as well as lonely wolf. Since I mix up costumes I could list nearly anything, but I hope you get the idea of what I mean ^^
  7. Oh, ye that's right! Still was getting this thought imediatly (Idk, is it typed that way(?)) that came into my head. #MoreStuffForEDBurner eventhoi'mpoorasfffff...
  8. "Goatman costumes" Smells like it could get into a Christmas event :^) butsrsly tho it would fit Still good job there ´^´b keep up the work~ *Donates some Coffee*
  9. Good thing i have a week off from work starting next week, time to Spam the Event dungeon 24/7 then 8^) Also the dabs #feelsgud (gonna farm all the sets for nearly every char then mmmmm)
  10. Woob, being back in Void and getting my first FULL ib for like 220m lol #feelsgudSC_2017-06-0300-04-40-754.png

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    2. MikuHatsune


      dayum BOI , fund meh sum outfits for mah elesis lol jkjk

    3. MeisterDenif


      I would if i would have some left over ED ;c Burned all my ED (and used 250m for the last parts missing from EOvD </3) if i get some drops i will ping u @MikuHatsune

    4. MikuHatsune


      :o U will....? Oh my , how kind ;-;

      Thank u <3

  11. Well, i think i will just make it short since i don't have much to say anyways ( º ᗜ º ); So, i just want to say my goodbyes to Void (I'm not sure if it will be temp now or perm), it was a nice time being around here around 2-3 years (damn time flies by). I made some friends and lost some again, but it was a really great time, but, for me personally, it just got boring and forcing myself to log in is just tiring. Well, i wish everyone how comes new in here a really good start and to have some fun~ Don't take everything serious, no matter pvp/pve salt 'w'b And everyone who is here for some longer time, it was fun playing with you guys o/ take care everyone and stay safe. And to the Staff ty all for doing such a great job, keep it up you're great. bye~
  12. Welp, my first time i managed to get till pepsi man x.x Using +8 Perki legend and +7 Heroic equip (Rank 19-22), 61,5% Maxi, 40% crit, ;; Hao 2 be gud (And only 2 shards, feelsbadman)