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  1. probably, but that just refers to damage dealt rather than your stats. still not a bad line to go for.
  2. well first of all, the top can't get party buffs, and it definitely can't get magic attack boosts like that. only the bottom can get those kinds of lines. secondly, yes, things can stack. the most notable way of stacking is to go wisdom 2/4 with shoes and (i think) top for mp reduce. it's easy to hit the 20% cap that way. then an additional 10% from set effect. so with just 2 simple pieces of gear you would get 30% mpr. putting that on something like dc is really something
  3. nah that's still yr. ip is just 2nd cn is SUPPOSED to be best still, but she needs mpr to stay on top. no idea where she'll go now
  4. either you completely misread the post, or you're intentionally misinterpreting to fear-monger. really don't know why you're emphasizing the buff part when their post clearly just used it as evidence to support the rest of their post. then you buy it like pvp players have to do pve for gear or buy it that's how markets work
  5. no it is not r29 is not raid dmg tier either. it's been tested, and with both at a +10 level, r29 is far weaker. it's just the next best thing.
  6. the good news is you will pull heroic pieces and invites faster the bad news is you get an extreme rush of competition because now everyone wants to rush and sell this after a while, this is probably going to result in heroics becoming another dead market
  7. she was placed in high A tier. that's not underrating, that's just being realistic. EM's flaws were insane back then. for starters, teleport chunking her MP away meant she had to be careful how she moved.
  8. cn has no reason being god tier without the use of mpr it'd require 2 converts to get to her win condition fast enough, and in that time, a yr has AN to catch and force break. str will easily outclock cn, as well as EM can. without the use of atomic shield available at the immediate start of the game, it will boil down to if she can survive running from other god tiers, and in this case, she can't even keep up with EM anymore.
  9. yeah you're being really reasonable. pvp mains are being the toxic ones here.
  10. stable income implies that pvpers will have a way to compete with the market compared to PvE players. they do not have to be completely equal or anything like that, but if PvE gains a valuable market tool (right now, heroics), PvP needs something valuable as well so they can enjoy doing what they want to do just like PvE players can. PvP needs relevance. for henir, it's more of a PvP perspective. the addition of double attack, proc rate increase, and being the set to have the best source of HP in the game makes it extremely worthwhile. not much for pve since heroic IDs are just too good. so you got called out on not knowing what you're talking about, and going to change your stance to be based on an irrelevant ( as well as non-factual) points. that's usually the point where people are just grasping for straws, so i'll go ahead and put this discussion away since you're not going to offer relevant arguments.
  11. uh, heroics? the best money maker in the game as of now? "some ed" is a little bit of an understatement when people are shelling out 100s of mil for drops that don't even require godlike rng. making an SD set is not...difficult. lol. playing 2 SDs per character is effortless, and w/ the new leveling, you should be capping like it's nothing, which means you should have more chars to use. you don't even need to gear them up because now you're given lv 85 gear which is +9'd and insanely good. 2 days tops in PvE for minimum effort. PvP tho? that method was removed because apparently no one did it. the time required to get mats through it was ridiculously imbalanced compared to PvE. it used to be 3 salts for 1 coin. that's 30 kills per coin. it required over 50 coins in total to finish a set. you're telling me it was easier to get the SD set through pvp, which required at least 1500 kills, at an average of 2 minutes per match (account for loading and exiting and queueing), for a total of 3k minutes assuming zero breaks in between, reduced to 50 hours straight.....is faster than doing 2 SDs per day on around 5 characters. yeah no. that's not how pvp works. you do not know how pvp works.
  12. i really want to know what you think PvE is
  13. as said in the other thread, the main issue of revamping arena rewards is that people swarm over anything that doesn't take a lot of effort (xmas IBs are a good example of this). even rng rewards aren't a good source since we've seen ed burner profits take a huge drop ever since their release. there truthfully isn't a good revamp for arena cubes if we're looking to add stable income. it'd require monthly maintenance to even have a hope of accomplishing something decent, something we've seen void refusing to do. this is absolutely not a black and white issue. if you make something too easy, the prices drop fast. if you make it too hard, the item has to be valuable and therefore pve would either have it, or want to have it as well. there's very little room for compromise. side note: henir gear is actually really good. arguably on par with hero gear due to its set effects pre-5pc. just that raid weps exist so zzz
  14. deranking and all that is nothing new. it was just slow. more importantly, everyone did that in 2s so you were pitted against geared constantly. the more geared you were, the faster you got salt. that applied to all points of pvp. otherwise, there wasn't really a "faster" method. arena revamp is a core issue. it aint changing. we're going in circles now. if you revamp it, what do you put inside it? you have to be careful not to saturate the market with goods that already exist, otherwise you end up with a shitty cube again. the only real way this could work if it had a monthly revamp, and i really don't think void will do that. sure, this would satisfy majority of pvpers, but then the services related to these things get nerfed hard. if you're willing to maybe gut the services to these things, go for it. still increases supply, which ends up lowering price. again, sure, but that's a risk you're gonna have to take. oh i must have misread the other one. honestly, don't decrease the cost if you're going to do that, just remove it. that's probably the best option but still runs into the potential supply lost so here's what im going to suggest: do something to make it so the pvp option is worth selling, but the pve option is worth doing and not worth selling. ideas being to remove the cost of the s+ stone entirely - preference remove the rng aspect of pve and instead drastically increasing the reqs
  15. it creates additional filters in the queue, and lengthens the time in between filters so that you're not instantly matched unless someone close to your gauge is queued up. additionally, the start of arena exists so that people of similar rank gauge basically lose a big chunk or gain very little, so it takes a very long time to rank up until enough people start getting to S+ or S++ long story short, queue's fucked until you get like 10k more players in pvp