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  1. maelstrom phantom sword where
  2. a little bit if you look closely at their mp during firewall, you'll notice it doesn't even go up. that simple firewall ended the game because there was no way to get mp back from being hit.
  3. that's how any economy functions. you take advantage of opportunity windows when you can so that you can come out with a profit. they know the buyers will buy at a price higher than they purchased, so they do it. blame the buyers, not the sellers.
  4. you get punished for using bad combos. efficiency and well thought out recatch options makes it so you don't ever really get punished for playing the game correctly. there are classes that do win the game by losing however, but that's an imbalance through their design and not the passive. in addition to the other comments, the passive was unnormalized. you could get the 30% then the guild passive's 50% came next. 4mp per hit x 1.3 is 5.2mp 5.2mp x 1.5 is 7.8mp, which is mostly what you got when hit (decimals matter). with a 10% instead, you would get 5.72mp which is roughly 2mp less per hit. this means you're taking roughly 27% more hits because of this nerf.
  5. the raw stats of the void weapon alone destroy the legendary raid weapons, so there's that
  6. this is good, but rather a different way of doing it is to implement a frag system similar to the relic exchange then implement the rare items into that instead of letting it be rng pulls. this way people are more inclined to burn because they know they're going to get something out of it as opposed to wasting 3b and getting nothing decent and never burning again. if you want an idea of why rng doesn't work, spring burners are a pretty good example. then look at revamped ib pull rates and see how many people are willing to burn now because they know there's results at the end of their efforts. the goal isn't to punish those with large amounts of ed. they are wealthy and will continue to stay wealthy until you drain their wealth in a way that can't be gotten back.
  7. - +10s should be easier to pull. doesn't have to be much, but it should be possible to pull from 1b worth spent, and very likely to pull from 2b. - anything that can be pulled should either be a desirable or it can stack. items that can't stack cause issues when burning - instead of just putting in random pets, put in an exchange item that lets people trade for pets - instead of just putting in random titles, put in an exchange item that lets people trade for titles - rickshaw should be added as a +9 rarity. it is an extremely powerful mount, but still a mount as a side note, if the enhance system is ever really got fixed, it'd be far better for ed burning.
  8. it was a band aid fix. when you take into account that without the passive you get 4mp as opposed to 6-7, you'll realize just how poorly imbalanced this game is without it. the passive has become a necessity to survive against most classes.
  9. remove infinite stamina and add a real cost to the stamina pots remove the ed buff rate ed burner revamp with untradeables gz you just started a process of ed burning while also preventing it from getting worse again
  10. any reputable pvper will consider this a horrible change. it causes the meta to shift to a 1 catch win, which will cause the game to become extremely stale (more so than it already was). erp has already caused massive damage to na's compettiive scene, so something like this is not going to go over well. if it hits void? well good luck.
  11. i mean, first thing's first is to stop farming ed. additionally, the ed boost that void provided in the buff needs to be removed as well. when you farm, you add ed into circulation. with increased rates and infinite stamina, a single player can easily farm 50m a day (50 SD runs isn't that complicated with proper gear). add on to the fact that, say, 100 players do this a day, you would have added 5b into the economy in a single day. that's why infinite stamina in a game like elsword is troublesome. it CAN work, but it needs to not be free. the ed buff certainly should not exist. you have s+ stones, +9 scrolls, leveling service, ereda if you can find enough people for premade parties, reselling, cashing. you would have henir service but void destroyed that completely with no intentions of fixing that mistake. point being though, you have methods to make ed as a PvE main without relying on farming. as for ib prices, it's laughable that this is still being complained about. with ic removal, the ib prices is dependent on enough players cashing to put supply into the game, just like na. for na, it works great because plenty of people are willing to burn. on void, this is not the case clearly. to reduce prices on IBs, you need competition, but there is no competition when you only have 1 IB wep for Ain being pulled every other day. that keeps the prices up, in addition to what sera said about people willingly BUYING at those insane prices. basically, if you want overall prices to go down, infinite stamina and the ed buff should be looked at immediately. if you want ib prices to go down, incentive to burn needs to increase. either put in desirable items that can't be traded, or something to that effect.
  12. mmos function by players grinding for the endgame. that's not the same as giving out a broken weapon day 1 and saying lol well too bad u weren't here then. in this case even, you didn't even grind for perkisas weapons. some might have put in the effort, but ultimately it wasn't even needed. why does this matter? the end result is they're going to get a raid weapon that should be on the same level of free as perkisas, so why prolong the wait so much for them to get it?
  13. just make the unique and elite ones able to be sealed, and allow a method to get horns and the breath. people exaggerate how much effort it took to get these, and seeing as they're far stronger than heroics, they should be possible to make still. you are not entitled to godlike stats because you started earlier than another player.
  14. not shitty neutral. injection stigma is a hilariously useful button as it only takes 2% hp for a fairly large range confirm. but she doesn't have grm's initiate passive, so grm has far less risk since cra can still miss w/ stigma.
  15. most yr players will tell you that she's boring as fuck. she's just too strong and too forgiving on mistakes. asura is not weak. her optimal play is still strong. problem is she is no longer be a 1 catch warrior along side not having extremely amazing neutral. that's why she's upper end of mid tier. sd is fun to me. she has a simple win condition and if you decide to play flashy or w/e she has cool options for that too. much tankier too so she has a "win by losing" thing going on for some of the cast.