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  1. Going to NA isn't the Answer

    All you're doing is trying to excuse the pay2win element now. Hilarious paragraph really considering you missed the part where it's still paying for it. Hey, where are all the free fluorites? Ah right, currently being monetized by void at a 100% rate. Keep trying to be selective here, it's really working well for you. Oh wow, you mean to say that the +8s cost the same? You mean to tell me that +9s aren't much different either? Ah wait, probably wasn't intentional on your end. Then again, how could I expect someone relying on completely outdated info to get simple details right. After all you still believe in that elulu vid. But I'm sure you fact checked what he said. Even void staff was skeptical so surely the players would keep an open mind instead of blindly believing anything anti-na. If you did fact check you might have realized something else about your server too, which I'm sure you did! Nice chatting. Maybe kaad was right in his post after all.
  2. Going to NA isn't the Answer

    Poor dungeon design is poor dungeon design. Take a guess why they're nerfing Elysion soon and why solace was already nerfed. Players didn't appreciate the requirement of gear. Getting a +9 hasn't been difficult for a long time on na. Getting at least a +8 is a cake walk with the revamp that void still hasn't gotten despite the fact that it was suppose to come with the enhance update. Sorry guy, but not keeping yourself updated isn't an argument here.
  3. Going to NA isn't the Answer

    Cool. On na that +9 will hold you over. On void you're considered undergeared.
  4. Going to NA isn't the Answer

    Oh no, you don't have access to +10 gear while leveling. Guess it's too pay2win there. News flash, void has long since passed na in being pay2win. You're expected to have at least a +10 type void here when on na players are still using a +9 sd and 4d wep. Sure ibs may be cheaper now, but at what cost? The overall supply of it got destroyed with recent events. There is no argument anyone can make anymore to prove void is still better. Players realize this now and that's why they're migrating.
  5. A small discussion about tier lists.

    No they do not. Op has nothing, IS has nothing, and many more examples exist
  6. A small discussion about tier lists.

    Sorry but it does. Yr is in God because of life swap. Grm is in God because of rushing sword Ip is in God because of guard Str is in God because of os passive. One thing is all you need to make a class that strong.
  7. A small discussion about tier lists.

    You not socketing correctly is your own fault. De can end most characters with maxi strike so he's nowhere near weak in damage.
  8. A small discussion about tier lists.

    1v1 only. Pve isn't included at all because it's for pvp. The rest is nonsense and shows a complete lack of understanding of how pvp works.
  9. Improvements I Can Make On IS?

    maelstrom phantom sword where
  10. concentration nerf

    a little bit if you look closely at their mp during firewall, you'll notice it doesn't even go up. that simple firewall ended the game because there was no way to get mp back from being hit.
  11. Economy Resolutions

    that's how any economy functions. you take advantage of opportunity windows when you can so that you can come out with a profit. they know the buyers will buy at a price higher than they purchased, so they do it. blame the buyers, not the sellers.
  12. concentration nerf

    you get punished for using bad combos. efficiency and well thought out recatch options makes it so you don't ever really get punished for playing the game correctly. there are classes that do win the game by losing however, but that's an imbalance through their design and not the passive. in addition to the other comments, the passive was unnormalized. you could get the 30% then the guild passive's 50% came next. 4mp per hit x 1.3 is 5.2mp 5.2mp x 1.5 is 7.8mp, which is mostly what you got when hit (decimals matter). with a 10% instead, you would get 5.72mp which is roughly 2mp less per hit. this means you're taking roughly 27% more hits because of this nerf.
  13. Heroic weapon vs void weapon

    the raw stats of the void weapon alone destroy the legendary raid weapons, so there's that
  14. [Official] New ED Burner Discussion

    this is good, but rather a different way of doing it is to implement a frag system similar to the relic exchange then implement the rare items into that instead of letting it be rng pulls. this way people are more inclined to burn because they know they're going to get something out of it as opposed to wasting 3b and getting nothing decent and never burning again. if you want an idea of why rng doesn't work, spring burners are a pretty good example. then look at revamped ib pull rates and see how many people are willing to burn now because they know there's results at the end of their efforts. the goal isn't to punish those with large amounts of ed. they are wealthy and will continue to stay wealthy until you drain their wealth in a way that can't be gotten back.