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  1. The spam is real.

    Everyone add me when the servers get back on and we can throw a party and stuff. My Elesis' ign is: ElsaBlaze
  2. Predict the next big update!

    As much as me and ark are friends. I don't think he's right. Void could be planning some big surprise update and decided not to tell the GS' about since she and Ran wanted to keep it a secret until the server is back up. and Void hasn't said anything about an Update happening or not happening in the notice soo... but thats just a theory. A GAME THEORY!
  3. The spam is real.

    i need people to play MM8BDM/DFO with me ; ; :c
  4. The spam is real.

  5. The spam is real.

    You can play my favorite FPS. (its an MMOFPS) http://cutstuff.net/mm8bdm/
  6. The spam is real.

    Hi. want to play a game together or something? i' m bored and i literally picked the most recent post :v EDIT:Will at the time of me typing this...
  7. The spam is real.

    Yee. lets have 3 of us administer 3 separate sparr rooms so that alot of people can come and celebrate with us \o/
  8. The spam is real.

    Mark Zuckerburg and Butt pats. enjoy.
  9. The spam is real.

    I really don't know why i keep posting these...
  10. The spam is real.

    Shia LaBeard Seriously he almost looks like a stereotypical lumberjack