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  1. LordEclipse

    Looking for a guild (because it's sad alone ;-;)²

    >Looking for a guild (because it's sad alone) >Hi thots UHHHHH WELL THIS IS GONNA BE QUITE A SEARCH LOL Jokes aside, I can't really help out with that haha I know 2 guilds that could be to your liking, being [Victory] and [Hangover] (both have nice guild masters), but they're very big guilds haha Likewise I'd say [Mythos] but I believe they're a little more PvP orientated and, like the 2 prior, is also a huge guild haha Goodluck with your quest to find a quieter/newer guild though haha
  2. LordEclipse

    [12/07/18] Update Discussion Thread

    Wanna give us an ETA along with that foreshadow?
  3. LordEclipse

    [12/07/18] Update Discussion Thread

    W- what are you talking about? They're totally real! Worth they're worth at least 2b if you ask me!
  4. LordEclipse

    [12/07/18] Update Discussion Thread

    AFDASFDSFSHHHHHHH -dances around raid campfire of statless accessories and 200 Flame Mark Tickets- Tbh this was really needed haha! Raid needed to be more rewarding and now, we can get much more for all our efforts haha Instantly grabbing those statless raid accessories too haha think people got the misconception that I didn't want statless accessories when in all honesty, I want them like hell LOL
  5. LordEclipse

    [UPDATE 12/09/18] About Varnimyr Raid

    Tbf yeaaa guess if it's going to increase anyways, might aswell start as low as you can uwu + 666 is a nice number for it LOL Realistically though, now that you mention the marks needed for a wep/accessory/all of them, yeaaa the numbers do seem insanely high- 666 seems like a fitting number for the raid along with being low enough/realistic enough too haha guess 666 it should stay False dreams intensify
  6. LordEclipse

    [UPDATE 12/09/18] About Varnimyr Raid

    As usual, +1 all across the board haha LHad a long read through and thought over some things too... main thing I'd suggest changing though is Instead of it being Accessory Cube* > Flame Crystals, it should be Accessory > Flame Crystals. Reason being, that way there's genuinely no way to go wrong with it. As long as you have the cube/accessory, it's always possible to exchange it. If it's limited to just the accessory cube being exchangeable, later down the line if this gets implimented, I'd think quite a few may have atleast 1 spare accessory that they're suddenly wishing they never opened. Other than that, everything seems pretty good haha. Was constantly thinking of a flame mark > flame crystal exchange but was always debating how many marks it should be...1k kinda seems in our favour so I imagine, if this does get implimented, it would probably get increased to 1,250 / 1,500 just so some will still see value in getting the trace tickets instead. Imean, unless you love your RNG which most people dont- I can't really see why people would go for Trace Tickets... At most for the weapon bar; but so many are sticking with Void weps so... idk. Then again, 1k does take quite a while to get... Seems the most logical too since 1k is the stack cap. Better yet, make it 500 and you can choose between a trace ticket and a crystal :^) Only other thing I figured (Which I imagine is quite obvious to everyone) is we could have all the exchanges and stuff at the obvious Raid NPC haha = Mark of Crimson Calamity = Mark of Crimson Eye = Mark of Dark Recluse Considering it only has 2 options currently, adding 2 more shouldn't be too difficult... and what better NPC to hold all the raid related things than the NPC that let's you raid haha. Regardless though, great suggestion! Think all of us was waiting for atleast one of these things to happen and this suggestion genuinely puts them all together! Hope atleast some of this gets implemented.
  7. LordEclipse

    Insert to Record

    Oh wow I never actually thought of using a screen keyboard to record with! As painful as that is, pretty smart move haha will definitely do that next time I think
  8. LordEclipse

    Insert to Record

    Exactly my point~ Thought I mentioned that somewhere but apparently I didn't LOL