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  1. Oh boy it's a big one... incoming text wall (TL;DR below!) Tbf after raiding for months, I do take back what I said about the drop rate in previous threads like this (Yes, I'm eating my words haha if you're reading this Dominator) With upcoming patches (2 resets per week rather than 1) we should have more chances to drop accessories, but multiplying a 0.01% drop rate by x1.5 really won't help much- Furthermore, the only people with tons of those accessories are people who farm with 5 ~ 20 characters usually. Ridiculous how difficult it is getting even 1 when you raid with only 1 char... > Making the Accessory itself tradeable This, -1 honestly. At most, I'd say it could be bankshared, but not completely tradeable. Considering Legendary Poru seals don't exist, that would mean it can be traded around infinitely (also makes it bankshareable as you can just mail them to your alts). While that's not reeeaaally a bad thing I guess, kinda seems too free for such a powerful item set. > Making the Accessory cube tradeable This is much more debatable for me. I'm slightly more on the -1 side, but seeing the old Eltrion/Drabaki weapon and remembering they were tradeable... I'm 50/50 Making the cube tradeable solves a few problems too. This way, it retains it's "locked to your char upon opening" idea, but it can move around from player to player until then (almost like Sacrifice/Berserker/Race!Go! which are arguably the top titles too) Also helps out those who physically cannot entire the endgame side of Elsword (Due to FPS/Internet issues/etc). Only reason I'm not too keen on it becoming tradeable is because, it''s kinda ridiculous if you can just buy your way through the game like that. If the weapon cube was also tradeable, the richer side of the community could buy their way into complete endgame more than they already do... > Alternative Suggestion: More ways to obtain Blazing Crystals Big +1 here from me. Not sure exactly what I'd look for either (I'd say exchange for a large amount of flame marks, though I know how you feel about them haha). A weekly quest like that does seem quite nice... however 1 run of each seems far too easy... Maybe have it be 3 / 5 clears? (Maybe 4 12-5 clears, 3 12-6 clears and 2 12-7 clears). Reason being, 1 run of each in genuinely just 1 Full Raid. Genuinely everyone (that raids) does that anyways if not even 2 fulls thanks to reset tickets (soon to be 3?). Making it be a little more than just that forces people to stick around and help each other out a little more haha. Only problem to come would be it makes it harder for those who aren't the strongest in raid... NOTE: This quest should definitely be account shared (Like add's weekly quest. Can only be completed once per week across your entire account). I don't think I need to explain why haha TL;DR: Tradeable Accessories? -1. Too OP Tradeable Acc cubes? 50/50. Oldest endgame items could be, would be nice to bring that back... but whales- Blazing Crystal Improvement? Huge +1. Just need to find the right way to do it haha Nice Suggestion Regardless! Hope some of it gets implemented haha and sorry for the wall of text qq Those "useless weapons" were before Perkisas though and used to be the strongest weapons in the game (Henir coming second iirc)
  2. As nice as that would be, I believe it's more a buggy issue from KoG themselves. Doesn't actually make much sense but, on official servers too, normal gear/weapons (Like dungeon drops and stuff in IM) doesn't show the enhancement effects either in the MW. So yea haha I believe this entire thing is more... KoG's buggy coding rather than a feature Void chose to implement. Still a nice idea though!
  3. Honestly, banksharing is a bad idea unless they become tradeable all together. If they were straight-up tradeable, it wouldn't seem so dishonest... but the fact that it'd be only bankshareable kinda promotes "Oh, join bigger guilds with any char that can get in, grab some guild coins, then send them bank home without the guild knowing" imo. Having them be completely tradeable however makes it a fair game to everyone. Bigger guilds can then sell more guild coins (if they want) whilst smaller guild could buy from them which would help build their guild, both of which are without the "joining bigger guilds just to use them for guild coins". Yes, making them tradeable would most likely cause a bit o an uproar too, but definitely would be a lot less deceitful than making them bankshareable. Like I can't think of 1 scenario that says "Make them bankshareable but not tradeable" honestly. It just seems sneaky and dishonest.
  4. Karis > Everyone else Mischevious 4 life IGN: LordAurora Team: Karis
  5. Ofc we all know Apple and ...What'd you mean that's not the right Apple D:
  6. Tbh Mari and Tom would destroy whoever that LordAurora kid is Don't even know them