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  1. LordEclipse

    Make Dimension Master Cubes Bankshareable

    +1 too! Fact that the accessories can be sold kinda defeats the purpose of "You must do it for your own char/class!" so don't see the harm in making the cubes bankshareable~ That and Pane looking like a snac like always u///u anything to make me visit her more often LOL
  2. But imean, that is literally your entire argument. "Only 250 people can be in a guild but there's 1,000s of players on void" "1 guild shouldn't be allowed keep these benefits to themselves" And to which I respond, it's to encourage competitiveness. What would be the point of everyone being able to fit into 1 guild if everyone could? You may aswell just make it a server banner/buff at that point. Also, no guild prevents other guilds from getting it. The only reason 1 guild usually always has it is because they recruit the best they can find/do guild expeditions all the time to be that "top guild". If you want the banners/blessings for yourself, then reach stage 200 and clear it before they do. They're too fast/better than your guild? Well recruit more players who can do it/work with your guildmates to gear up and overtake that top guild. If I'm being honest, your points genuinely make less sense than mine considering it's supposed to be competitive (hence why KoG made a rankings for it). That whole "we all can't live in perfect harmony" is also false since no-one said the rivalry can't be friendly/not salty. The Expedition is supposed to be a race to the finish; that's why "having everyone be able to fit into 1 guild" and "1 guild always getting 1st place" are both screwed over simply by the word "Competition". It's like saying "Oh Usain Bolt shouldn't be allowed to always get the gold medals, why can't all the runners get gold medals?" Anyways enough before I somehow manage to cause a scene like I apparently always do. Goodluck with your suggestion.
  3. While I see your point, which is a fair point indeed (being neutral doesn't help much (unless there's reason behind it imo)); that last part (in bold) couldn't be more wrong lol I know exactly what I want, thus you got a comment detailing that. Though yea with that said, guess based upon your reasonings and all, I'd say no. Simply because yes, sucks if only 250 people can fit in 1 guild, but this way it encourages other guilds to get stronger/be rivals and race to the top. It's like saying "Why can't everyone have star rank? Why must it be limited to the top 100 people". It's like that to encourage rivalry and competitive playing to get that top spot.
  4. Imean ik you're being sarcastic and all but that's really not the same. OT: I'm very 50/50 about this. Imo, the gold banner things should be added to Myu whilst the El Search Party and Greed Blessing (possibly) should stay Expedition exclusive. Reason being, since the guild banner stuff was all changed to cost coins rather than banner points, having gold parts to your Banner isn't really much of a rarity. If a guild wants it, they can buy it provided they have the coins. If they don't, guild expo until they do. Other issue being, KoG didn't seem to have any reason or rhyme to which gold things would be expo exclusive and which can just be bought... Hell they weren't even Banner Point exclusive either. If all gold pieces were only obtainable from the guild expo, then it'd be fine... but they weren't even made to be. This is where the El Search Party insignia comes in. It's a 1 of a kind mark which is much more memorable than a gold piece or 2 that no-one even knows is exclusive. Something like this, I feel, is actually worthy of being locked behind the Guild Expedition. Essentially like (On officials) having Star rank/the Star Rank Throne but just the guild equivalent. The Greed blessing is a lot more 50/50 though since it's the only practical thing the guild banner has/the expo gives (aside from guild coins ofc)... but then the ED drop rate blessing is free/guild coin based (ED drop rate and Item Drop rate always seem to kinda go together imo). On the flip side, it could partly be insentive to join/advertise a guild so... much more debateable. TL;DR: Decent suggestion though I feel like some should be added and some should be left to the guild expo. Gold Banner things? Myu's shop for sure, El Search Party Insignia? Expedition exclusive imo, Greed Blessing? 50/50 on that though leaning slightly towards Myu.
  5. LordEclipse

    MEL+D4 Extraction

    1. Agreed Feel like the case of hackers, since hackers usually never seem to be very smart, they'd be spamming the same skill over and over for the entire dungeon legit at every mob A lot easier to tell a difference there I think + they'd usually have max mp at all times too 2. Agreed but it's a little too late Henir gear seems to be getting removed based off the new henir revamp (or atleast I think it becomes redundant?) so while this would've been nice back in the day, feel like there's not too much point in it anymore. Would still be really nice for those who want to use henir gear for whatever reason haha 3. Just get Elrianode gear instead~ Doesn't even have to be +10 or 11 since Ik that is very costy for the average player Then again, this is you we're talking about :peperungif:
  6. LordEclipse

    Legendary Force Skills

    And that statistic is even worse when you look at how many people across the entire Elsword Playerbase has dropped either Elrian Clock or Remaining El's Aspiration... Tbh in my eyes, KoG doesn't encourage alts, but they'll treat the game as if people are making a few alts anyways... hence why with the Varnimyr Raid content, everything drops in bankshareable cubes so you can pass them around to the character you want them on. Sure that could mean you can get it on your alt and give it to your main, but when you realize how hard it is on official servers to get into Raiding; I imagine you'll need to spend and gear up your alts as if they're all your mains haha That kinda is partly why I stopped tbh Though on the flip side, the 2nd part of the suggestion is atleast something that would always be useful... Though they didn't impliment that sort of thing up till now so I can't see them deciding to do it wiith the henir revamp coming up... unless they use it as a way to say "We have the Henir Revamp, but better!" which idk how I'd feel about that LOL glad but disappointed too? 
  7. LordEclipse

    Hall of El Drops

    Tysm for the bump! Time for me to get back at it and keep it going haha