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  1. aaaaaaaaaa :fked: First of all : No u ;c Theres nothing much to say tbh the people above said everything you tried always your best with helping new people to introduce them to raids and dungeons, lvling feels sad to think about to lose a person like you we had good times and i remember our first raids xD >2.4 Nostalgia when they came out and we struggled and had good fail runs :loading: #StayStrong I also remember when u killed our guildies in 12-3 but karma hits back :^) or we both met in spar good times! :pepecry: We'll miss you sis hopefully u'll visit us all someday in elsword and hopefully you will enjoy your time irl P.S i'll visit you someday in your restaurant :peperun: and pls dont mind me english skillz tho
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