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  1. Make Type-Void Weapon bankshareable

    +1. I don't think many people would want to farm a weapon for each of their characters along with wasting money on scrolls.
  2. The server is still under maintenance.... Refer to this:
  3. So I'm 85! What now?

    Psst, dailies resets in like an hour so if you need a buddy to run them with, gimme a holla~ Everything else was already mentioned above so... i dont really have much advice / tips to give. xD Edit: A little help for mp management. Seraphim Blessing gives +100 max mp as well as +2 mp regen / sec. Combine that with GoD's buff, should help you manage your mp alittle easier. Takes 2 GoD tickets for 1 Seraphim Blessing so its basically free. The blessing lasts for an hour~
  4. Ill join as a volunteer o/ IGN: Leonmichelli Usual/approximate time availability: On all day except for weekends. Im usually a night owl so... 6PM ~ 4AM PST Extra comments: I do SD's and henir dailies once it resets, which is at 12AM PST. So if your on and need help / want to join, feel free to ask! If your also looking for a buddy to farm titles or someone to help you with leveling, send me a message! (I can help you level from 1 ~ 85 in two days) You can also find me on discord if you want to message me without having to wait for me to respond through forums! (Izumi#8517)
  5. Some ideas for lvlers (It is just my opinion)

    I helped carry a friend from level 1 to 85 in 2 days. If we weren't procrastinating in between, would have been a day (or even 7 hours). Plus, don't they have the +1 level up in hell burners?
  6. Pssst, discord invite code expired.
  7. New Forum name

    Okai. No problem xD
  8. New Forum name

    Type in: Lucifer/Satan#7673
  9. New Forum name

    Bought from him before. I can vouch. Btw, can i reserve some EC? ~ Leonmichelli
  10. PCG Subway Giftcard (& Others)

    Just got home. https://gyazo.com/f010e6c9d678e7d747decc029651d492 I checked on my PC. subway option is still there.
  11. PCG Subway Giftcard (& Others)

    Hmm, I checked the gift card purchase options and I saw subway as an option. I checked using my phone since I'm not near my PC atm.
  12. Buying EC

    6:100 - 765mil 7:100 - 892.5mil 8:100 - 1.02bil
  13. Lv80 Raid Weapon

    You will have to buy them from other people.
  14. question summer event !!!!

    mmm, Since Noblesse is already has good mob clearing and bossing skills. So i would say a freezing pet. May need a second input.