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  1. +1. I don't think many people would want to farm a weapon for each of their characters along with wasting money on scrolls.
  2. The server is still under maintenance.... Refer to this:
  3. Psst, dailies resets in like an hour so if you need a buddy to run them with, gimme a holla~ Everything else was already mentioned above so... i dont really have much advice / tips to give. xD Edit: A little help for mp management. Seraphim Blessing gives +100 max mp as well as +2 mp regen / sec. Combine that with GoD's buff, should help you manage your mp alittle easier. Takes 2 GoD tickets for 1 Seraphim Blessing so its basically free. The blessing lasts for an hour~
  4. Ill join as a volunteer o/ IGN: Leonmichelli Usual/approximate time availability: On all day except for weekends. Im usually a night owl so... 6PM ~ 4AM PST Extra comments: I do SD's and henir dailies once it resets, which is at 12AM PST. So if your on and need help / want to join, feel free to ask! If your also looking for a buddy to farm titles or someone to help you with leveling, send me a message! (I can help you level from 1 ~ 85 in two days) You can also find me on discord if you want to message me without having to wait for me to respond through forums! (Izumi#8517)
  5. I helped carry a friend from level 1 to 85 in 2 days. If we weren't procrastinating in between, would have been a day (or even 7 hours). Plus, don't they have the +1 level up in hell burners?
  6. Pssst, discord invite code expired.
  7. Okai. No problem xD
  8. Type in: Lucifer/Satan#7673
  9. Bought from him before. I can vouch. Btw, can i reserve some EC? ~ Leonmichelli
  10. Just got home. https://gyazo.com/f010e6c9d678e7d747decc029651d492 I checked on my PC. subway option is still there.
  11. Hmm, I checked the gift card purchase options and I saw subway as an option. I checked using my phone since I'm not near my PC atm.
  12. 6:100 - 765mil 7:100 - 892.5mil 8:100 - 1.02bil
  13. You will have to buy them from other people.
  14. mmm, Since Noblesse is already has good mob clearing and bossing skills. So i would say a freezing pet. May need a second input.