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  1. SaikouPsycho

    [5/4/18] v2.3 Discussion Thread

    S> +9 700m /w me
  2. SaikouPsycho

    [4/20/18] Update Discussion Thread

    Well shit, I guess it's time to kill my GPA with something other than BotW now. Nice 4/20 timing too.
  3. SaikouPsycho

    Hell naw. Broken weapon

    Don't forget Rose; CR is KoG's way of saying "fk balance, fk pvp, and fk the playerbase."
  4. SaikouPsycho

    Few questions for staff

    Last week Ran said that we can expect the crafts to be fixed (and possibly have SD/Henir material exchanges implemented) sometime next week (last week of March).
  5. SaikouPsycho

    Today's maintenance thread I guess

    So, can we expect the Naeun crafts to be updated next week (thursday/friday)? Or is there just going to be a stability maintenance next week, in which case the crafts would be updated the following week?
  6. IGN: MadZero Level: 26 Class: soon to be LP Why you want to join: All of my other guilds are pretty much dead. Also I like anime and stuff. Timezone: (GMT - 5:00) US - Eastern Favorite anime: Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu (AKA Parasyte)