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  1. Well shit, I guess it's time to kill my GPA with something other than BotW now. Nice 4/20 timing too.
  2. Don't forget Rose; CR is KoG's way of saying "fk balance, fk pvp, and fk the playerbase."
  3. Last week Ran said that we can expect the crafts to be fixed (and possibly have SD/Henir material exchanges implemented) sometime next week (last week of March).
  4. So, can we expect the Naeun crafts to be updated next week (thursday/friday)? Or is there just going to be a stability maintenance next week, in which case the crafts would be updated the following week?
  5. IGN: MadZero Level: 26 Class: soon to be LP Why you want to join: All of my other guilds are pretty much dead. Also I like anime and stuff. Timezone: (GMT - 5:00) US - Eastern Favorite anime: Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu (AKA Parasyte)