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  1. Using 'Revamp' was absolutely the wrong word here. Should of said Apink **QUEST** Rework. Insanely misleading patch note name, since it implied something was done about the crafts as well.
  2. At least you listened. Thank's for that.
  3. Y'all really closed my thread so all of the criticism would disappear huh
  4. Honestly it's not even derailing. He's 100% right, Competitive PvP is fucking dead if this is the direction it's going in.
  5. it literally wont because its a p2w format. It wont be fun to watch, it wont be fun to play, and it isn't healthy at all for a competitive format.
  6. Since Lilu removed my comment calling out this new tourney on the tourney thread, i'll just make my own discussion thread since it isn't made by him. They removed Zenith, a fair 1v1 tourney, with a new tourney that is 2v2 and allows any gear/titles/etc. Feel free to discuss this here. My thoughts are: Getting rid of Zenith, a fair 1v1 tourney that was spar gear and skill based, for a 2v2 P2W Fest, was an atrocious idea. Just get rid of this entire tourney and make it Zenith ruleset at least.
  7. i find it hilarious that inaste can just come back to void whenever they want after everything they did


    and EVEN MORE they get invited to mythos, lilu's guild?????????


    i dont get this server

    1. GodMarron


      "keep your friends close and your enemies even closer"

    2. BaraLover™


      Or you know ban them from playing the game forever :^( but tomato tomato

    3. Scarose


      what happened?? what

  8. 4 months yet you know who yamazuki is poggers everyone knows you're inaste by now, there's no point hiding it LOL gonna stop now before i get a warning or some stupid shit
  9. i love how inaste edited their post to crop out mythos why is lilu knowingly housing inaste in his guild LMFAO
  10. yeah, this is a rare bug that happens sometimes, i think it still happens on KR even lol
  11. This game is p2w, since its just entirely based around $ related enhancements to begin with. Only difference is void is less p2w then officials.
  12. The idol events pouches were great. It was like opening a non-costume centered ice burner after every run +1
  13. They said no for balance reasons or some stupid shit idk wont happen sadly
  14. -1, fashion is extra and not needed.