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  1. I planned on sticking around forums still, but i can't do that without getting mental issues because of Inaste being allowed to stay here. Prob gonna deactivate soon LOL

    1. BaraLover™


      Oof, goodbye Wolf! Sad to see you go, even though I'm not as active anymore too. Good luck with future events! BaraTitties4life

  2. Yata has been doing a great job at being a GM. It's the *other one* that people are complaining about more.
  3. amazing how this turned into something that it wasn't even meant to be about in the first place because someone looked to be offended lol
  4. Ok, yeah im sorry. But i gotta say something here. I have gotten banned THREE times for doing too much damage/clearing too fast in add dungeon/elrianode on different characters. Twice in one week actually! I dont get how you apparently know "exactly" what is happening, yet falsely ban people for this shit constantly.
  5. dont be lazy -1
  6. solace is a twink ty for the +10's and double title count tho
  7. summer event comes tomorrow apparently, so i'd say its a worthy trade
  8. Screenshot_20190703-121502.png?width=1202&height=677got the big tittie nullghost werewolf in sdorica


    games done its over bye

  9. i got banned 4 times wrongfully for clearing dungeons too fast. i literally got banned 4 times for playing the game too well in PvE. Unbanned all times, but they dont give compensation. "The compensation is being able to play the game again".
  10. I think they just want all the money only going to their server. Hence why only PGC is allowed.
  11. That's what everyone said about you when they for some outworldly reason allowed you to play after you hacked in PvP. Yet here we fuckin are. OT: I agree with above post, don't make the buffs random and this is a good suggestion.