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  1. Wolfgang

    [1/18/19] Update Discussion Thread

    1.) stop rotating normal costumes where luciel/ain/rose are excluded, they already suffer enough not getting the recolor IB sets that you guys rotate 2.) why is berthe not tradable lol 3.) amazed there is no structure recolor since something she makes always manages to make it somewhere
  2. laby is gonna be nerfed when she hits void, since im pretty sure they arent gonna release ONLY eternity winner path lol
  3. imagine playing rage hearts and thinking you have the right to PM somebody raging about their playstyle lol
  4. Wolfgang

    Make Void Weapon Tradeable

  5. 619cbb01de724fc4b44950e1bb2065e2.png

    i win

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    2. Wolfgang


      i cant play that character for the life of me sadly ;w;7

    3. laby


      omg i thought you got banned again since you posted another status update

    4. Wolfgang



  6. Wolfgang

    What do you think of Arena/PvP on Void?

    absolute garbage as a former pvp player, i only do my 3 wins for the flame quest since its nothing but Overgeared/Stupidly Laggy or both together players that do little to nothing and get everything back in return.
  7. too far out of their coding range im 99.99% sure
  8. wasnt nick the guy you people banned for giving steam codes away as prizes to the winners of his tourney or something why is he the streamer for an "official" thing now lol
  9. Wolfgang

    Petition to bring back Star rank

    All star rank would do is feed the ego's of gear/lag carried retards in arena even more.
  10. Wolfgang

    Because 400m in a +11 and 150m in a +10

    The tier of self entitlement here is so fucking high jesus christ
  11. Head Hunter. My gear is perfectly fine with just +9 armor and +10 wep.
  12. Wolfgang

    pd/pdr in im (maybe without the same stats)

    If its gonna happen, it should be in ED burners like Cold Spark and the others.
  13. Wolfgang

    [12/21/18] Update Discussion Thread

    they keepin real quiet about the add dungeon rate though...
  14. Wolfgang

    [12/21/18] Update Discussion Thread

    feels like the drop rates went down instead of up tbh
  15. Wolfgang

    [12/21/18] Update Discussion Thread

    oh thank god they reduced EVERYTHING massively so much less farming for me to need to do after i traded all of my frost shards by accidently pressing 1 an extra time on the mystic stone exchange....