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  1. should of went ignia lol
  2. i cracked and got the pick ticket on granblue


    im just into buff guys in helmets and armor at this point


    1. BaraLover™


      Aren't we all into buff guys in armor and/or helmets? >w>

    2. Wolfgang


      only the cultured ones

    3. Magnowser


      Im into big guys with helmet & armor too fam c:

  3. people do realize u get them for completing listed dungeons right it isnt only pvp lmao
  4. oh right i never gave my input 4-5-6-7 and socket+beginner
  5. who the actual fuck would ever pick the consumables package
  6. all of the people that use the add emoji's are always assholes


    very common trend, just like foreigners using :v

  7. oh right i forgot to post it here


    my gacha hell experience is finally over after 200$+ of stones spent

    1. BaraLover™


      Daddy Surtr cookin' up Valentine's treats...I'm dying from adorableness halp

    2. GodMarron



  8. Flamelord players really be out here thinking what they're doing requires even the slightest bit of brainpower
  9. when will people realize spamming no ETA on literally any question isnt original or funny

    1. BaraLover™


      Was going to post a RanETA here as a joke but I dont want to die. I agree, it's a very annoying emote since it's constantly spammed. It's been depreciated.

  10. just wanna state that i have spent 300 stones to try to get valentine surtr and i got everything except him


    i want to die genuinely

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. GodMarron


      I was trying to get any limited but from that 5-character gacha, I only got Ziz 3* and Behemoth 3/4* (from 20 pulls)

    3. Wolfgang


      This game is pure suffering

    4. GodMarron
  11. I wish elsword did that closers did with bai and disabled laby for pvp
  12. only for ones that were recently rotated, since they wont be rotated for god knows how long (like RAF/BM/etc)
  13. did you really just use a fucking thread that YOU CREATED? holy shit you are genuinely autistic