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  1. Naïvety


    IGN: Naivety Language(s): English, Portuguese How active are you: prolly gonna be playing everyday until classes hit mid-February Why did you choose us: I wanted a PvP guild, also I know a lot of the members in here from Zenith anyway Previous Guild: Shatter Preferred Name: Nai? About me: eve rando
  2. Naïvety

    Make this free please.

    Yes to free shared bank, since it's a really convenient tool to have. I wouldn't give free personal bank slots outside of events, though, because it's pretty much just luxury, and it's good that luxury is paid imo. Encourages people to load up/buy codes and whatnot.
  3. Naïvety

    Suggesting a Forum Rules Revision.

    Oh, fair enough. And it's great that it's seen by all staff then, that did clarify things
  4. Naïvety

    Suggesting a Forum Rules Revision.

    Agreed on both points. I'd just add that I feel 15 days for a necro is a bit too short? Often a thread is still relevant 30 days after a post, with threads asking about gameplay aspects being the most obvious example. Also, imo it would be cool to: Extend the necro exception to guides, so long as the guide is updated; If a guide is outdated and gets locked, explicitly allow unlocking in the rules so long as an updated version is sent to a mod. Uhh, finally, do thread creators get automatically notified if their thread is locked? If not, that'd be cool too, just in case someone deactivated their notifications for new posts in their content. Oh, also, regarding the report button: it probably only goes towards whoever has admin rights in the forum (as in not mods). Would be cool to change that as well, if possible?
  5. Naïvety

    PvP Tier List

    I'll just bump this for now so that it doesn't get necro'd whenever people reply, I guess? Good to know that we need bumps once in a while. Sachiko asked in the other thread to wait for the finished version, so uh, guess I'll be looking forward to that. The work seems great so far though, and the transition to a grid format helps a lot imo (though LordEclipse has a point in that the old format was simpler to read).
  6. Naïvety

    Sachiko tier list VoidEls 2.4

    Got this from another thread, is this more updated than the OP's? If the list I quoted is more updated, it might be cool to just move the discussion from the thread I took it from to here, since this one has more info/actual discussion (all the other thread has is "oh no i cant believe X is so low lolololol"). Also, how come Oz shot up so much (in both OP's list and the one I quoted)? Did 2.4 buff her, or did people find new tech that makes her good?
  7. Any expected changes to the list with the 2.4 update? Also, That was back in May, and still no official reasoning orz... I understand you guys are busy (otherwise this would be updated), but there seems to be a lot of returning players lately, maybe due to 3rd jobs, who would be clueless with how both arena and spar work now. I've just recently come back myself and understand very little about the current meta, so the more information to be had, the better. (EDIT: from what I gather, there's been a new list in the works for a while, which is why this wasn't updated I guess.)
  8. IGN: Naivety (CN, wtf is CU) Main or Alt? Main?????? Why do you want to join? Uhh, I'm coming back after years and have no idea how shit works anymore, so it'd be cool to have a guild to join (and you guys looked cool) Best time to invite you: whenever I'm done redownloading idk it's 6:30am over here wtf is life
  9. how do i play this game send help I left back when the cap was... 80 or so, I think... do I have to grind too much to catch up? How do people make money nowadays? I feel like I know nothing about the game anymore lol
  10. did you leave? long time i dont see a post of yours q-q

  11. Naïvety

    Staff position on gPatcher problems?

    yay, actual staff replies! @Libra: take a chill pill also 90% of what you posted has been replied to or negated entirely either in page 1 or by CM's post "game 1 has taken out a feature you like, so stop being salty and go play game 2 if it's that important to you, doesn't matter if you like game 1 or have good friends in it or not!" ????????????????? "void already told you what's been going on, that they cannot fix it without downgrading back to 1.7" except nobody in the staff said that and that CM negated what you said literally two posts before yours welp Anyway, I'm kinda iffy on R> a lock since it'd make it seem like it was locked because of the no-reason salt from a limited number of people, and there probably won't be any more replies of the sort anyway at this point, so I'll just edit CM's reply into the OP. The staff can feel free to lock this if they feel it's needed though, since the discussion's over. (and I'm kinda glad Lusa resisted the temptation of an early lock despite the initial anger, so ty for that) Alright, tyvm for the reply. Of course we're aware that there are higher priority issues, but seeing as many do play Void solely because of the modding ability as opposed to officials (and that, even for those who see it as a secondary feature, it boosts game enjoyment by a lot), I hope you can get to the compatibility issue soon. Unfortunately all we can really do from this side is salt cheer you on, give ideas/feedback and gather donations for caffeine >:
  12. Naïvety

    Staff position on gPatcher problems?

    I'm not fully sure of the technical details so you should ask Radrael for that, all I know is that it's a compatibility problem generated by Void's side. We don't have GM feedback either on if they have contacted gintoki or are able to do it at all, though.
  13. Naïvety

    Staff position on gPatcher problems?

    Well, one of the points of this thread is to ask the GSs and mods for GM feedback, so we'd like you guys to get in contact with them. (Or, as a possible compromise, we can attempt to have both the old and new launcher work, or at least keep the Repair function of the new one working.) I'm aware it's been discussed over and over and you're tired of always answering the same question... it's just that it does need to be brought up again, and we're coming from a different perspective, we're aware you guys don't own gPatcher and such.