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  1. Naivety

    [2/15/18] v2.5 Discussion Thread

    It means the maximum can be expanded to 42 using the IM item, not that everyone has 42 by default. @ free laby slot(s) : unsure. Will have to wait and see.
  2. Naivety

    [2/15/18] v2.5 Discussion Thread

    It's safe, check VoidCM's post a few posts above yours.
  3. Naivety

    [2/15/18] v2.5 Discussion Thread

    @VoidEls ran you havent slept in like years, go sleep pls
  4. Naivety

    [2/15/18] v2.5 Discussion Thread

    We have all of the patches prior to 1/31 KR, as well as most of the balance patches from 1/31 KR itself (minus tooltips, which are bugged). So yes, we should have the nerfed version of Laby Bomb. Note that this is in reference to the KR patches, not NA. That means we'll actually be a fair bit ahead of NA balance-wise after the update.
  5. Naivety

    [2/15/18] v2.5 Discussion Thread

    idk whether to be happy about the ERP revamp or sad about the fact that im still only 130-ish
  6. Naivety

    [2/15/18] v2.5 Discussion Thread

    There's never an ETA for maintenance times. Bugs can always appear when you think everything is right. I know you said it in the other thread, but I hope this context is enough of an answer of why we didn't lock
  7. Naivety

    Weekly Bonus Cycle

    +1, would be really nice to have this implemented. Don't see any reason why they'd say "we'll restrict that to events" either.
  8. Naivety

    Raid accessories

    This is a no for me imo. They're a bit too powerful for that. (Also, if they were bankshareable, wouldn't that mean 1 drop = acc for all characters in your account?)
  9. Quote
    I did not know anything about this rule I beg your pardon



  10. Naivety

    Naivety's mod intro

    fuck its vil wtf abort operation (ty you big gay)
  11. I'm the 69th follower this is fate

  12. Naivety

    Naivety's mod intro

    im so fucking tired @ben @Sera :sera: ty @Marisia ty you sweet hopping bundle of positivity @Celery ty, and we did, i remember you being cool @Jennasaur ty jenna. good to see you around @Dream fair enough. though i'm in this weird position where me thinking people are assholes doesn't mean i dislike them i'll try to do a good job anyway, should be fine @mmiri ty, i'll try to do a good job and stay fair @Altographic ty mr./ms. mindless potato @Lucaaz 100% gesuiz @Izuwu obg, espero fazer um bom trabalho o/ @IIIya grax, aunque se me llevó 2h para entender como se escribe tu nombre :dead:
  13. Naivety

    Most fun dungeon?

    Besma SD whenever Luto comes up. I used to have a BGM mod that had SUCH A GOOD FUCKING SONG for it, and it'd only play on Luto, so that would always make me hyped. Altera Core, most of the Peita dungeons and 11-3 are cool too.
  14. Naivety

    Naivety's mod intro

    @Dream I dunno, does that kind of thinking seem wrong to you? (honest question) I know it sounds pessimistic, but I'm at a point in life where I'd rather expect people to be shitty and be positively surprised if they aren't than the opposite, you know? Given that, it's just fair that people would think of me in the same way, so I can't blame you for your comment. @Lalatte LMAO, ez 4th best mod out of 3 new ones (that's a good illustration of why I'm not a fan of that kind of ranking though, too easy to bring drama out of it) @Confident vlw, qualquer coisa tamo aí tbm o/ @God parabáinshh @ltrbnc ty for the welcome!
  15. Naivety

    Naivety's mod intro

    @LordPsy ty boi :pray: @TiredKnight ty!! always nice to see an old known face around @Ramen ty, i'll be sure to pass that knowledge on to my children and grandchildren though if you go by what mewy says, the moment you become a mod, you've already made a terrible choice @MitchHub ty, and i will if you sell me enough energy shards for stage 5 yellow :eyes: @Sky Blue hola k tal @Ykhar ty, and ofc u speak professional taco wdym, i'll remember your sombra memes even if u forget them @BlackHand ty boi *throws confetti* @Gay the idea was never to do the intros super early though, we had to be shown the ropes before that @Hungry ty twice (?) @Brek ty, hope i can do a good job! @Lalatte i'm not very sure i like the whole ranking mods idea, ty though (?) @fag mewy i hOPE U KNOW UR A FUCKING MEMELORD, ty tho fellow gey @Purrs ty fud! o// @Cultivate ty boi yes, lots of eves, but can the other eves hinpoppo step irl while platform sweeping to the left using the right little finger? find out in the next episode of dragonball z @God ty, have this beautiful video as thanks for the congrats @Acchan grazie mille, spero fare un buon lavoro come staff! @Luci ty, wish you the same @Alyss ty!! @Grima ty, good luck to u in your endeavors too! this reply will probably be annoying to read, but i wanted to ping everyone. im running out of exclamation marks rip not gonna ping the staff members bc ive already thanked them a thousand times each