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  1. so yeah... i haven't really had the time to play lately, and probably won't for a long time. piled up hw atm, and then i have personal projects to do on both this break and the following (online courses that i got for free for next break, then trying my hand at writing maths reference material the break after that). i'm not even tired of the game, i want to play, but i'm at a position where i don't easily have the time to this has been affecting my staff work as well, as you would imagine. if i come back home from uni, i'm generally gonna be exhausted and not motivated to check forums, respond to notifications, PMs etc. i've been somewhat keeping up with the discord (since i gravitate towards there quite often when procrastinating), but that's about it with that said, i'd like to thank the staff for this experience. i can legitimately say i've learned a lot from working with you guys, and it's knowledge that's easy to use anywhere, so i think i've accomplished my main objective in working in the staff other than that everyone else is cool idk, i dont wanna make too big a wall of text and end up making this emotional i'll still be around the discord as a Discord Moderator for a while, that way i can help mari out with the timezones until we find new DMs
  2. i'll be a party pooper and ask you not to double post, even if it's your goodbye thread that said, i didn't know you, but Milesfuzz has a point in that it seems you have your share of friends here. be sure to try and stay in contact with them i wish you luck
  3. Please do not discuss bans outside of the Ban Appeals section. If your ban appeal is denied, it means we have definitive evidence of rulebreaking. If you want to make a legitimate goodbye post, you're free to do one, so long as it is in the right section + with no ban discussion. I'll be locking this up.
  4. @Zarbeon no, the rule was changed to allow you to put it in your signature as well. either title or sig is fine. for editing your sig, you only need 200 posts @LeiShi yes, like that @MikiOwO @Shelb @Biscu to be qualified for the raffle, please change either your title or your signature to include your team of choice @VotW @Salvio @PlayingWithFire @Shun @Dynamo. to be qualified for the raffle, you need at least 200 posts, as stated in the event rules. (you can farm for them in the spam thread if you want.) as such, your posts in the thread were deleted for now if you reach the 200 posts requirement, then add your team of choice to either your title or your signature, then you can post again and participate
  5. Despite the error mentioning a firewall, it actually isn't a firewall-related issue at all. Try the following, see if it helps: (i'm quoting myself from a thread regarding a different error, but the same measures should help with this one)
  6. Naivety


    Locked as per author request.
  7. Error netframework is a hack or cheat? :gc_Frantic:

  8. Draco has your answer. You can buy the basic three mod books for 5m each at Camilla.
  9. It means the maximum can be expanded to 42 using the IM item, not that everyone has 42 by default. @ free laby slot(s) : unsure. Will have to wait and see.
  10. It's safe, check VoidCM's post a few posts above yours.
  11. @VoidEls ran you havent slept in like years, go sleep pls
  12. We have all of the patches prior to 1/31 KR, as well as most of the balance patches from 1/31 KR itself (minus tooltips, which are bugged). So yes, we should have the nerfed version of Laby Bomb. Note that this is in reference to the KR patches, not NA. That means we'll actually be a fair bit ahead of NA balance-wise after the update.
  13. idk whether to be happy about the ERP revamp or sad about the fact that im still only 130-ish
  14. There's never an ETA for maintenance times. Bugs can always appear when you think everything is right. I know you said it in the other thread, but I hope this context is enough of an answer of why we didn't lock
  15. +1, would be really nice to have this implemented. Don't see any reason why they'd say "we'll restrict that to events" either.