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  1. Eternity Winner, pink fighter is adorable. Then Nisha and the other path for last as it's the least interesting for me.

  3. Ying

    Friend !!

    1. Ying


      Your aesthetics is just !!!!!!! I LOVE !!!!

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      your approval means im on the right path........

  4. Marts

    [10/18/18] Update Discussion Thread

    First event with no Type void drop, huh. I still heavily dislike having a fee AND materials recquired for things like custom eye, but at least the prices seem reasonable this time (except for the eyes. Considering we had events with free exchange eyes before, having a fee is still annoying). It will all come down to the actual drop rate of the chocolate bars, though.
  5. Marts


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  6. the one thing that always brings a smile to my face whenever i get off gbf to open void forums is that theres always going to be someone roasting jinx 

  7. i wish i had a better pc to actually enjoy every game i play as much as i'm enjoying gbf rn

  8. Marts

    Maid & Butler System

    There's already free permanent sets that aren't in a rotation; more than one, actually: the GoD set, the Kindergarten and the Cobo set. You just want a cheap way to get the buttler sets lol but on another note, i think it's due time to change the sets avaiable on those systems for something that is avaiable up to ain, since all of those mentioned only go up to Add, I think. I think the maid/buttler and the genderbent sets are a bit too much, but we'll see.
  9. Marts

    [7/27/2018] Update Discussion Thread

    my dude we are getting a new ed burner rotation next month (probably next week to be fair) can u chill Geralmente elas acabam entre as 4 e 6 horas da manhã, mas não tem um prazo definido.
  10. Marts

    [7/27/2018] Update Discussion Thread

    adding a limited motion & set after two 2 new ib rotations one after another and one week before new rotation is such a dick move lol
  11. hhhhhmhmhhh granblue. .. hnhn

  12. an update i don't care for at all, but i'm satisfied since pvpers have been eating dirt for a long time. i dont know why the fox sisters are still there and for such a big amount of salt as well, though. they aren't really good nowadays and ed burner offers better pets for pve for like 6m lol
  13. Marts

    Old Recolors

    i wouldnt mind illusionary wyvern showing up again but i'd rather die than see misael's over saturated mess that clashes a fuckton with the rest of the game's artstyle being in rotation again personally i'm hoping we get new recolors from stuff like LoW, PK or ArP, but considering how hard it seemed to be for structure to make them in such a short time who knows when we are getting new recolors. but since we had two old ones in rotation in a row maybe shes been working on them for quite some time rotating the other winners from the contest who neved showed up would be pretty cool too tbh i'm more excited to find out the next ed rotation than the ib one lol
  14. grand chase kakao is fun as fuck and if you play on global you should probably add me; ign is Noivern

    1. RantaroAmami


      Jacks ur post. hewwo, add me too ign:Windria , thanks ur boy needs keys

  15. Marts

    Diseased D's Catchin' Feens!

    Hero buff is there to make up for the lack of party members, not to give you a cheap boost Not to mention how this would wreck type void and sinister intent farm lol