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  1. when I was about to stop playing for a while due to event fatigue and this update came out .... guess I'll play a little a bit more
  2. is Storm Apple effect and Andromeda Storm Apple effect stack? just wondering
  3. just enhance at any NPC blacksmith , it's a lot cheaper
  4. Make Arctic Fox ver 2 cube available for Laby , please I want to open the cube for my other Laby character
  5. I thought ED burner already have +10 amulet , even +11 is in there...... the only problem is the blessing of RNGesus on you tbh I never get any +11 fml
  6. 2 weeks after the release of RaS in official , void released v2.5 with laby (EtW and RaS) too close too CLOSE I might overreacting tho I wait for NL to release in void
  7. imo, FR most likely 50/50 a class-specific problem since i got both fail and win
  8. so... I guess roughly around September and October to get V1.8
  9. I added a poll I think 1.5m ed is good enough for both side (poor and rich)
  10. This is a suggestion only when I reached max level(80) , I found myself hard to farming ED because I completed the story The Hollow and SD dungeon ED reward only around 300k-400k and 250k-300k respectively. The reason i'm doing this because I want to help level-capped players that low on ED and had hard time farming ED (including myself) If i'm wrong please correct me. You are free to suggest any thing that related to this thread I want to suggest two DAILY quest that involve these dungeons. 1. Lanox Dungeon : Slay Iplitan 5 times Slay Scar 3 times Reward : 1.5m ED 2. Secret Dungeon : Complete 3 different secret dungeons ( random each day) Reward : 500k ED and choose 1 from 7 SD coins Sorry my English is bad
  11. after renewal --> DL get nerfed *sad* after rebalance --> DL get nerfed a lot *cry* sry for bad engish