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  1. To be honest i would be satisfied if we changed Ara class names to their original korean names too bad that hinduist people bitched about it and they had to change it Apsara>Vishnu Devi>Brahmadeva Shakti>Shiva
  2. I hope they change the current crafting because right now its a scam
  3. I would be a happy man if they fix kite so it stops derping on pve
  4. Oh the nostalgia I hope you have a good time in here
  5. Henry Mancini.....just like the one who composed the pink panther theme? (god i feel so old)
  6. Some people already mentioned a few of the things i want back but no one mentioned the stacking tears even though its not so old
  7. Honestly i can understand when people complain about this game rng but complaining about this server being P2W is absurd especially when you compare Void with NA or EU servers Sure getting everything you need with ed will be harder and will take more time but aside from the rng the amount of work you have to do to get what you need is not unreasonable
  8. My friend i am afraid that you are lost VERY VERY lost You see this is Void Elsword forums not the Elsword NA forums
  9. Even though i voted for making the cubes tradeable i think it would be good enough if the things could be shared in the bank
  10. i used to say gg when i was in parties (unless the other guys really suck) now i tend to go everywhere solo or with an old friend
  11. I also went to spam that thing and no force skills so far Assuming we even get Drabaki
  12. Jokes aside good luck with that xD
  13. I only dropped one rare head hunter once on dragon sanctum and after that i never got any other force skill so yeah the drop rate is reaaaaally bad If only i knew that those were so hard to get i would have keeped that head hunter for myself instead of selling it sigh.....