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  1. Honestly at this point having full +10 gear is the BARE MINIMUM to not be considered this by other people Yet some react as if we were asking for +12 ammys
  2. Thats exactly why i asked if there was anyone who bothers doing those dungeons since unless you like the event dungeons there is no reason to do them even if you cant get banned for doing them anymore Anyways i would like if they increase the shells you get from doing them but i kinda feel bad asking them for more since this event is just too good already
  3. This is a glorious event but does anyone even bother with the event dungeons?
  4. +1 to make that title both tradeable and bankshareable since if you get the title but you already have it then it becomes useless junk Besides whats the point of a treasure if you cant sell it for money? At the very least lets us trade the title for something else like mithril pieces in case we dont need the title
  5. I want those fluttering heart skill cut in back
  6. Velder academy skill cut ins and selfie poses
  7. The problem is that normal is super easy and pretty much terminal cancer mode
  8. Dat forum name....
  9. I hope you can come back soon Take care ok?
  10. To be honest i would be satisfied if we changed Ara class names to their original korean names too bad that hinduist people bitched about it and they had to change it Apsara>Vishnu Devi>Brahmadeva Shakti>Shiva
  11. I hope they change the current crafting because right now its a scam
  12. I would be a happy man if they fix kite so it stops derping on pve
  13. Oh the nostalgia I hope you have a good time in here