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  1. elboy is my first character. i choose elboy because "oh it's the generic warrior type mmoprg character good for newbie". then when kog released asura i choose to play her. after luciel come and i create noblesse.
  2. now, what should i do? farming for title or farming seashell in add dungeon?
  3. now this post make me sad because how much ED i can get from selling those barriers fragment because i hoard the old materials since elrianode become meta and farming +9 ammy for my elria set.
  4. noooooo, my henir coins in several chars and tons of henir old materials that i hoard (because no one use henir gear anymore after elrianode gear become the meta) are gone.
  5. did the staff delete the old henir materials or the player? i don't have time to play since 2.6 update and i have tons of old henir materials
  6. no, only stability i believe *insertnoETAmeme*
  7. remember when RS is the most played class of elboy because how OP he is? yes windmill is LK best skill, but the other skills aren't that bad like grand cross. good damage and long i-frame. perfect for dodging boss attack.
  8. i think it's not possible for the staff to do that unless the official do it first
  9. i think unless the official do that, void won't be able to do it because some technical difficulties
  10. yes pls, make it until the next IB rotation
  11. this remind me when void have 2x add drop buff for event in ver. 2.4. i do around 700 runs and no weapon. but i got the weapon because i completed the achievement.
  12. well the price will drop because the increase in supply and they won't make the same profit before server buff
  13. it's too good to be permanent buff