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  1. NotABot

    [12/07/18] Update Discussion Thread

    the staff only intended to implement heavy trait revamp from KR 9/20 patch but it's a bit messy that some nerf and buff are included
  2. NotABot

    I feel bad for the scam victims..

    i hope they learn their lesson so in the future they won't be scammed again
  3. NotABot

    [10/18/18] Update Discussion Thread

    oh no the price of +9 amulet will drop again that mod skill exchange, hmmm very nice
  4. NotABot

    [10/12/18] Update Discussion Thread

    ah the .kom loading failed is back can someone send me the .kom file through discord?
  5. NotABot

    Revamped GoD ticket suggestion

    +1 but not sure about the miracle potions
  6. NotABot

    [9/21/18] Update Discussion Thread

    see treasure hunter exchange thread thinking i can get mithril piece for my coins see the exchange list need to exchange diamond for mithril piece and it's rng sad
  7. NotABot

    (PvE Salt Thread)What grinds your gears?

    did your fps drop at 2nd substage in stage 2?
  8. 1000 runs, yes i got the weapon from achievement the double drop event didn't help me to get the weapon
  9. NotABot

    [7/6/18] Update Discussion Thread

    too poor to buy IB set
  10. NotABot

    What IBs Do You Want In Rotation?

    HNOr and VAKb
  11. NotABot

    Are you a 1 main or multiple alts person?

    multiple mains and multiple alts for farming purpose
  12. NotABot

    [6/29/18] Update Discussion Thread

    >selling everything i have to gain ED >planning to buy mariposa combo after maintenance >see dusk/dawn and chess arena IB set added to MW >ran said no comment for next IB rota >not sure if i should buy mariposa combo or keep my ED
  13. NotABot

    (PvE Salt Thread)What grinds your gears?

    flying kite only hit once when Debrian Nasod Carrier in remote defense mode fix this shit KOG
  14. NotABot

    [5/4/18] v2.3 Discussion Thread

    >waiting more than 40 minutes after clicking play on the launcher >.kom loading failed
  15. NotABot

    [5/4/18] v2.3 Discussion Thread

    not sure with my connection, i can barely reach 0.19MB with the client