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  1. Well, i fully understand your reasons and one season i went through the same i eventually came back thanks to my friends but i really don't enjoy the game as before I hope you feel better after everything you've been through! You really didn't need to fill anyone's expectations just be yourself, anyway good luck in your future plans!
  2. Welcome to the forums! I hope you have a great time here
  3. Nah, it was only one day where the server was in bad condition with the extension of the event is enough
  4. Joto

    1. Valtier


      no u :majiik

    2. Merry


      no u :majiik:


  5. Hello! If you have any problems, talk to the GM/Adm instead of saying this kind of things here since this is just a recruitment post. :)
  6. Merry


    They will add it later ... wait for whatever is necessary
  7. Welcome to Voidels i hope you have a nice stay~
  8. Ohno I'll miss you in the fan art area Good luck! and happy new year for you ~