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  1. Sniffles

    h-hewwo? mwister pwesident?

    Pleased to meet you too!
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    See ya around
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    Coming back

    Welcome back again
  4. Sniffles

    Suggesting a Forum Rules Revision. (hard wip)

    There’s an attitude that lingers from structures posts and that one stinked, I never said I supported Noaz. Structure wanted to let people know, sure, but she could’ve done it much more professionally. :3c
  5. Sniffles


    Welcome to the forums!
  6. Sniffles

    Suggesting a Forum Rules Revision. (hard wip)

    @Tillypuff Found a perfect example of a moderator being unprofessional and harassing someone This should've gotten her kicked off staff tbh. Completely uncalled for
  7. Sniffles

    Suggestion: Community Representatives

    we're not voting for someone like Ran, nor are we 9 year olds and i don't get why you think some random is literally going to pop out of nowhere and literally everyone is going to vote for them? someone had an idea that we vote in 3 then Ran chooses, that sounds fair doesnt it
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    Weekly Bonus Cycle

    -1 just to be the 1% jk
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    hello evac and welcome to the forums
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    Hi All

    welcome to the forums excel
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    Hi Everyone!

    yoo almond weba
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    Back again~

    welcome back to void! enjoy
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    Hello World

    Hello tears sorry for the late welcome rip