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  1. FUCKING NET WENT OUT AT 2gs b4 i passed out and this is wat i wake up to
  2. i just woke up sitl lat less than 1gb and wel torrents are faster so if u can provice one mucho appreicated~ hmu n disc Kouska#8781
  3. *ater only a min o opening void i see this* bless.
  4. @LoathYa boi also helped ya out like he did his boi niel back when he could afford funding his friends flurs n combos n shit ;;;; back in the good ol days of havin $$$ ui miss dem jose ;;;
  5. @Raynodoubtful most likely in the IM for 599kc
  6. the ppl. withe these fake asf pics of servers being up. just stop its not even amusing nemore as if we aaren't all lurking the site to seee when it comes up- we'll know- smfh
  7. PVP should revive since 3rds are finally here. hoepully 2v2 was fixed.
  8. exactly my point. well said ! ouob
  9. The movie? @Diurne if so it was lit!
  10. sum1 said it could taake a few weeks in my disc guild serve i laughed my ass offf assss ifffff void would do that too us.... right? lol ?