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  1. totally not like you have my discord to talk to me daily or something *COUGH* i wish the best 4 u bih
  2. just saying most of newbies come from NA so possibility of them being "skilled" exists.. other than that most newbies don't really use forum though..
  3. IGN:ThotfuI (cap i) W.I.P here's one skit from the up coming ones! Special thanks to Miie for helping me Audio Credit: TwoMad
  4. oops it's been a while and i didnt bump... i hope this isnt a necro ;;
  5. Like I said, "neutral" with the idea and true I may be a +11 myself but I'm talking about the majority that I've seen not myself.
  6. It's supposed to be low for an obvious reason and let it be... we don't want to see everyone with it it'll make things less fun in-game wise. I'm not with this idea nor against it so ill be neutral about it.
  7. rip "blessy" hope u enjoy ur time out of elsword
  8. hello hello~ welcome to forums we're very chill here so dont panic!
  9. bump! i have a lot of guild memories to throw in this bump so please dont mind that! can i sell u...? ----x----
  10. Contest: Void designer Theme: Neru/Oshiire-P appreciation (?) description: neru got a lot of characters that got PVs and all so why not try cosplaying as them? additional note: for reference
  11. IGN:ThotfuI (cap i) Signature: Purple and Yellow Art