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  1. first of all with that pfp and location i can probably tell that you're jinx.(and correct me if a wrong) second of all why do u care about pvp with you dont even pvp yourself.... third of all just like everyone said it's pointless and dumb to ban a char just cuz they're broken... fourth of all LetS bAn oZ FroM toUrnEy CuZ shEs weAk anD nErfeD to tHe grOuND fifth of fucking all idk if anyone relates to this but i lowkey dont have issues while fighting laby's in 1v1 usually having small issues when its 2v2 and 3v3.
  2. I'm probably being kinda disrespectful by saying this but the themes lately are lowkey horrible tbh..
  3. probably because it's "Favorite map" and there's no specific maps in the rules though
  4. Road to Lord's Keep IGN:Wontokki "This place is pink just like Laby~" Laby's dungeons are something new after having the same dungeons around for years and running them got boring... I really love this map because of the way it looks and how lively it is compared to the other maps from the past.
  5. Wonho


    -1. basically what hated said tbh...plus that not a big reason to bring it back..
  6. welcome to void enjoy your stay~!
  7. as an oz sorcerer main i say hell no cuz those knockdown balls are useful even when they can knockdown..she's fine with her current stuff but having new combos and buffs would be nice.. also i assume they removed it cuz of how they seem to focus on the fire element on her more than the actual "elemental" shit..but yea they should bring it somehow at least something like SOME combos use ice balls.. mana shield is kinda a waste of space at this point...
  8. old poisonous cloud (noted version) cuz it had better effect tbh.. skill notes cuz they were fun to read (tbh the "force skll" system is similar in someway but still..) DW's blue magical makeup old loading screen wally's gateway skill slot ver.b option where u can press space to switch between skills while they were under your portrait perki eltrion and drabaki portal version it was fun searching for their places...
  9. maybe u should change it from art cover to that...
  10. ok but how does cover art work...?