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  1. pvp on void is a joke, i suggest you give up i used to spam it every day until it turned into an endless npc farm or facing same people over and over every day there are better games for pvp
  2. Ign: AkeHomu Class: black massacre Guild: Mythos
  3. Buff all renas, that char is dead at this point due to the irrelevant nature system Buff Anemos hitboxes Buff doom bringer, his pvp is a joke Nerf dominator, or more like nerf starfall in arena Remove mod mind break lol Buff catastrophe, dmg nerf hit her too hard Nerf innocent mp gains in pvp
  4. guys did you know that once you join - - personally comes to your house and gives you a shitty old router so we basically have no choice because otherwise he will hurt us please help
  5. so an ideal arena player nowadays is undergeared, using a weak char and weak gear, playing 1v1 only because 2v2 means you're being carried only these players deserve respect from all-knowing pvp legends who used to play arena years ago and whose opinion is really important also joining - automatically means you're an overgeared lagger and you deserve all the trashtalk although it could be some kids are just mad salty but who knows right? :D
  6. arena when

    1. Lilu


      Probably tomorrow or so c:

  7. black massacre to farm players and purple chat walls on arena X button is sexy
  8. YESYESYESYESYES FINALLY SOME PVP CONTENT IM NEVER ENTERING A DUNGEON AGAIN sayooooonaraaaaaaa y'all should go and pvp now instead of doing same dungeons over and over and pretending you're having fun, lol
  9. gei

    1. Nansy


      No stop it u gei

      Nansy > Jundesu

  10. dead pvp can't find matches sometimes for hours no matter if you derank or not its all npcs come on people dungeons are boring
  11. It's a trap This game is highly addictive Run before you get consumed by the Void Seriously though, it was a fun and lively stream, looking forward to seeing more of you guys (:
  12. Rena dead since renewal Grand Archer/Daybreaker was never fun and was gradually made more and more dull and boring with all the patches, her whole pve is brainlessly drinking mp pots and using clearing skills/siege X, without any special system that you have to maintain (like auras on elboy/elesis, overstrike on rose and so on) and her pvp is just XXXX homing skill repeat/ camping platforms and ^^xx she has NATURE ORBS which are mostly always full and dont seem to do any difference at all, you dont have to setplay around it or maintain it in any way because its just irrelevant at lvl 70 cap they were useful because they gave you hitstun on actives, and a pretty decent one, but now its gone... combine it with WS/Anemos handicapped hitboxes (rena has no legs) and you get the extra fun to play "tank for Violent attack" class, or comboing with ARROWS on a KICKING class so that people won't actually lag out of your combos Anemos is pretty dull in PvE as well, while Daybreaker is dull BUT clears really fast Anemos is simply boring and nothing else, i really see no reason maining such a weak and boring char that speed boost WS got makes her hard to control, so you're using a really fast but handicapped char in pvp, total disappointment tbh Twilight is the only decent one, i love her 3rd job design and concept overall but then again, shes worse in PvE than DB and kinda boring as well + her skills aren't that strong or useful and shes mana hungry so you'd prefer using DB for pve if ur a rena main TLDR Quit Rena for Rose, no regrets BkM is bae *dabs on y'all Rose haters* :^)