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  1. IGN: Jundesu Main or Alt: Main Previous Guild: Fighters Reason for Joining Us: to find people to farm with Preferred Time for Recruitment (Include Timezone): evening-night of EU timezone
  2. Accepted i can invite you if you're online, otherwise just apply on guild ad~
  3. Accepted I can invite you right now if you're online, otherwise just apply on guild ad
  4. check this guide out, it will answer all your gear-related questions in detail
  5. I really hope this is a prank because otherwise it's just lame are we banning people for jokes now
  6. raw stat scaling is indeed pretty much identical (with exceptions, scaling still works differently in some cases), but as i already explained before arena mode opens more possibilities for low tier chars raw offense/defense stats don't define pvp entirely, it has neutral game as well, as in catch-confirm where hitboxes of your commands and skills matter more some classes have a way easier and better neutral game due to the nature of their character, for example ara will have a long spear no matter how much mana she has and how high her attack stat is if you're playing a skill damage class with weak neutral game you will most likely lose neutral and get caught first, then get snowballed with okis if you add arena accessories/sacrifice title/40% dmg reduction, dodge an oki with obtenebration - you name it - you'll have a chance to survive the snowball and actually fight back but with mana this time you put gear on - both your def and atk increase if you get snowballed on by a godtier in vanilla - you lose before you can do anything if you manage to survive it cuz of your high defense and mp gain - you can actually start fighting back to sum up, having more socketing options lets you bypass neutral and enter your comfort zone with chars that rely on resources more than others, meanwhile pulling same thing off in vanilla is way harder what percentage of people who just started playing void "from scratch" would join a tourney immediately? wouldn't be a very smart decision on their part, we don't have to set tourney rules just to appeal to them there's always next time, buddy, tourneys are regular, gear up and join next time if you truly want it has anyone ever been drawn back to playing void just cuz they saw a tourney happening? idkkk you already have a headstart if you're playing a stronger char, even if gear is same, it will never be completely fair, so maybe its better to stop pursuing fairness and let people murder each other with every means they have in their wallets and inventories in your opinion, "official event" and "fun" can never go together? :( competition can be fun i don't think changing settings to arena will kill pvp entirely, no matter what setting we choose it will stay dead as it is highly doubt that watching vanilla tourney will inspire anyone to start pvping lol, even if it happens and they'll enter arena with vanilla mindset and get stomped there because life is cruel so why not just have fun in a pvp event for once, its unfair by default and uh, maybe you're basing your opinion on old void days, when pvp was active and many people played it sure, then spar gear hands down, no objections but as of now, the pvp community is like ~100 people in arena discord, spar rooms are dead, arena queue takes ages to give you a match which is in most cases an npc match cuz noone plays arena soo pretty much anyone who does pvp already has pvp gears, and anyone who doesn't do it won't consider joining that "very small minority" will be 90% of the tourney players, no matter what gear setting will be chosen, and at the same time that minority prefers arena setting since they're more used to it and they know how lame it feels to play vanilla
  7. okay let's see if you go 1v1 low tier vs god tier you're at major disadvantage because of your class, even if you have same stats and gear title erp whatever in 2v2 you also have your partner with you, and you're fighting 2 people instead of one, which changes several things two key factors would be increased tankiness and more ways to gain a lot of mana its not really about defense scaling, its more about being able to socket more dmg reduction, which scales reeeally well you won't have an option of socketing dmg reduction without sacrificing other crucial stats in vanilla how do you get mana? you hit/get hit/clock for it if your class allows it hit/get hit part gets changed with red dmg sockets since its 2v2 - you gain more mana by hitting two people, you gain more mana while being hit by two people, you also fall faster since mana breaking isnt as crucial as in 1v1 (you can get infinite combod to death there, while in 2v2 your partner can always try saving you by interrupting opponent's combo, so tldr you can tank for mana and you're less likely to be punished for it) and you can use 3/3 camilla accs to fall faster as well, saving mana you would use to manabreak otherwise your attack speed is way higher in arena setting - you hit faster, get mana faster as result if you're a clocking char like eve or aisha - you can charge mana while your partner covers you, which wouldn't normally be allowed in 1v1 since your opponent will chase you to death two low tiers have more ways to win in arena setting because of increased socket options, which let you balance out your character's weak sides some low tiers rely on mana heavily, but can't get it because you need to catch for it - but your neutral game is much worse than that of a god tier, so you get caught repeatedly and lose with more socket options you get more ways to get mana - more ways to win, more ways to catch outside of neutral using your mana/special character system if your neutral is bad other low tiers rely heavily on first catch to start snowballing, and get stomped if they are caught first - using force haunting spirit can give you a free catch at the start, using obtenebration lets you dodge a catch etc yes, god tier can utilize all that as well, but low tiers benefit more from it because of reasons i stated above, thus making it more fair imo you don't need a +11 to beat a +11 person +10 is enough, which isn't hard to get on void at all due to fast blacksmith leveling its common in arena when two +10 CoC users beat 2 +11 sacrifice users just because their teamplay is better everything besides +11 is indeed easy to get, i'd even say its possible to pvp normally against any gear with just +9 purple set +10 apo weapon and come on, if you don't have a +10 weapon at this point you're probably either inactive or reeeeally lazy man, its void elsword we're talking about in this case people who want to participate and people who can participate in arena setting are 90% same people you can also think about it this way for some lols "im noob at pvp but im geared and rich cuz im a pve main tourney is vanilla - bleh, i won't join, those pros will smack me tourney is arena - ooo, i might have a chance with my gear, ill give it a try" xd sorry if i sounded mean tbh, my whole point is that it's not always the right choice to make something that everyone will like if you're making a pvp event then its perfectly fine to make it appeal to people who actually play pvp - arena players, without caring about opinion of others why bother if they won't join it anyway? but some people just start crying that its "unfair pay to win staff bad" without actually knowing a thing about pvp and current arena state just for the sake of it
  8. i literally wrote a textwall explaining that in my prev post they happen once in a blue moon with classic tourney rules because of how hard they are to pull off i played zenith vanilla 2v2 tourney void had before it was slow, boring and hard to get used to playing with such shit stats for everyone involved, and the actual "skill" you're looking for was harder to show because you normally dont play arena or even spar with vanilla stats - thus you are less self-confident and play worse ask people in arena discord (the only people in void who care for arena/spar) how they feel about vanilla and you will see what i mean any pvp match is a competition of player skill, having gear doesnt mean you can autowin by doing nothing, it just changes the gameplay in some ways just use youtube?... we're talking about 2v2 btw, big difference months of pve on void? with void's generous events and some actual interest in the game itself getting decent purple gear (and purple is dirt cheap, perfect stats for pvp) is a matter of a week or two it is acceptable as a ruleset for the main tourney because its specifically designed for the handful of arena mains who will be the only people to actually participate in it and display some actual skill that you're looking forward to seeing tl dr what sachiko said, arguing won't change anyone's point of view so whatever, enjoy your vanilla tourney
  9. a very interesting and well-thought comparison pretty sure hacks are not allowed by general void rules? you know how in pve threads they often talk about "class X doesnt rly need gear to do well in pve, but class Y needs perfect stats to keep up with class X?" it works the same in pvp try playing vanilla set up Tempest Burster + Anemos against vanilla Flame Lord + Minerva, you have literally no chance of winning without arena accessories or enough defense/mp gain to do anything to them but slap gear on TB anemos and they can do wonderful things in 2v2 since they get more mp gaining options, more defence, more speeds to play with since their hitboxes in neutral are total garbage and so on not like they still have a HIGH chance of winning but hey, at least they have one right and then boom, extruder+pampero into violent attack mod sharp fall watch out watch out watch out oww thats a lotta damage - trash tiers actually beating high tiers woo wouldn't that be fun to watch? or satisfying to do that yourself? isn't that the whole point of the tourney, the reason why its being streamed - fun, fast paced gameplay, actual PLAYS from good players on unpopular pvp chars which became available just because the tourney is ARENA SETTING? naaaaah lets go vanilla slow paced stomping games with same top tier chars doing same boring stuff mmmmmm so fun so competitive actual skill display that's just an example but i hope you get my point, adding gear allows some classes to be actually playable instead of staying in the trashcan i do understand that most people want to be goodbois and stuff "lets make the tourney accessible for anyone yaay, so nice so thoughtful" people who actually bothered to dive into the pvp shithole of this game already have everything necessary for pvp, we're talking about VOID which doesnt have that many players its simple - you either adapt to the cruel gearlord 2v2 meta or you don't play arena nowadays if they don't have a full perfect +11 FoJ or whatever its fine - they play arena, which means they know how to play against people with heavy gear advantage, and their gear can keep them alive and do enough damage to those OVERGEARED PEOPLE to keep playing arena and not quitting it that "gearwall" you're talking about simply doesn't exist lets say you allow people who don't have gear (which means they probably don't play pvp on void a lot and aren't rly good at it) join the tourney by making it accessible with vanilla/spar setting those people will form random teams with equally bad people, spend money on socketing their vanilla setup or whatever, enter the tourney, wait forever until their name gets called while sweating nervously, and then get stomped by some bully like sachiko cuz that's what you get for joining a tourney "just for fun haha" well, was if FUN for you? doubt it lol but hey, the equality was saved! yay so happy a new tourney format for once - everyone cries that its unfair Lilu listens to them makes it vanilla people are happy, justice is served, equality is saved do they join the tourney after? NO LMAO people who joined - actual arena players - are now stuck with vanilla cuz ppl who have no idea how to pvp and ppl who never played tourneys voted for it
  10. people crying about "gear is unfair uweeee" even though pvp was never fair to begin with, since some classes are simply stronger than others adding gear, titles and force skills will make it more fun for people who actually play pvp on void, since all of them pretty much spam 2v2 arena and feel comfortable with that vanilla will make it more "fair" on paper.. but in reality, it will just make the tourney boring try making a vanilla set up for your character and sparring with it before you vote for it lmao, I'm pretty sure that looking at your limited socket options and slow ass speed will give you depression people who don't play pvp at all (and probably won't be joining the tourney) voting vanilla just because jUstiCe has to be served, eQuAliTy is necessary and just to ride the hype train of "staff bad, game pay to win, riot riot" play arena mode, try something new at last void's pvp community is so small that all relevant players who have chances of winning and are fun to watch already have necessary gear lol
  11. pvp on void is a joke, i suggest you give up i used to spam it every day until it turned into an endless npc farm or facing same people over and over every day there are better games for pvp
  12. Buff all renas, that char is dead at this point due to the irrelevant nature system Buff Anemos hitboxes Buff doom bringer, his pvp is a joke Nerf dominator, or more like nerf starfall in arena Remove mod mind break lol Buff catastrophe, dmg nerf hit her too hard Nerf innocent mp gains in pvp