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  1. if you cant afford job change ticket, just create a new character
  2. 1. Everyone is actually cheap except for Eve and Laby, most full IBs are just 1.4 to 1.8b 2. They are all still good 3. Henir is pretty outdated, gear progression goes like this now Tremendous(free gear) -> Heroic -> Void Weapon -> Elrianode gear -> FoJ
  3. Was expecting for ED burner rotation, oh well the server gets refreshed again so it's ok
  4. -1, just fluorite your way without the hammer
  5. That guy who keeps leaving the party to queue again even though the current party can do near-sub 1 minute on 11-5
  6. -1 haven't seen the server going full 24/7 aside from busy on all channels
  7. The second patch is most likely for replacing the korean buff we had earlier
  8. Got a void wep on the very first run of my ES with 0% drop boost bar
  9. Welcome back to Elsword, also join Team Ignia
  10. The thing with 2.5k guild coin pack is that not everyone benefits on it especially when it's a once per guild only pack