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  1. done with aggressively babysitting the server through reinitialization up it goes
  2. i'd be interested in one personally or a "spring cleaning" update in general, a lot of crafts/exchanges are very outdated though there is the default issue of not enough available dev time since you gotta speedrun making new large updates on a reasonable pace, do something about events in between, experiment with new tech, etc so in the end it's the good ol' vague "maybe one day/no ETA" for the time being
  3. if it was possible to fix early on, it would've been - if there's no fix this long into the update, then this means you gotta wait until 2.6 no matter what this most definitely sucks for these classes, but there's nothing we can do about it until then
  4. there's still the trade option that gives rank 25-29 stuff, but it's about x2-x3 in price compared to the craft so it's an option if you want to toy around with it the old custom crafts gave you anything between rank 1-29 and getting 1-10 with more than a 1m ED isn't really any fun at all for a beginner my bad, local man has crappy memory for dates good thing i'm not the one in charge of updates, there'd be a considerable increase in no ETA mems not sure on accs tbh, but i'll note it down and bring it up for the devs later
  5. should be sometime next month, 3-month-ish cycle and the last one was feb 1 soon tm
  6. perki/eltrion weps aren't compatible with new characters, nor can they really be custom-made for these characters so rose/ain/laby will miss out on perki, ain/laby will miss out on eltrion
  7. nah it's just that you can use it as a MW skin, continuing experiments with dungeon gear MW
  8. Please keep all discussions, questions, and comments regarding the 4/19/19 update here. Update Details [Here]
  9. Patch Notes - Glave's Craft Additions - Magic Wardrobe Update - Item Mall Sale Glave's Craft Additions Heroic: Vision, Wisdom & Wrath Cubes The old custom Heroic Gear crafts have been deprecated and replaced with brand new custom Heroic Cube crafts. These brand new cubes will always drop a Rank 25 gear piece of choice and the crafting cost has been greatly reduced! Magic Wardrobe Update * All the equipment sets (excluding Void weapon) can be crafted at Naeun! • Costumes Laby's Street Star Set (Ver.1) • Equipment Apocalypse Type - Void Weapon (All Characters) Ample Bravery Set (Elsword to Ain) Sudden Attack Set (Elsword to Ain) Wild Tracker Set (Elsword to Ain) Mystic Soul Set (Elsword to Ain) Exploding Distorted Element Set (Elsword to Ain) Mysterious Aspirations Set (Elsword to Ain) Transcendent Key Code Set (Elsword to Ain) Street Star & Heart Tinted Sunglasses (Ver.1) (All Characters)
  10. that was actually me the whole weekend i'm guessing everyone thought it'd be up anyway so they might as well vote for something else this is easily the most amusing event to watch server-side so far tbh
  11. Please keep all discussions, questions, and comments regarding the 4/8/19 update here. Update Details [Here]
  12. rip though the only thing you lose is a chance to vote, you'll get rewards in full just like everyone else, don't worry about that part as one person noted up there, we did have a translation issue which broke the service buff description (not functionality - it still works perfectly fine), there was a quick file swap which didn't end up needing a server reboot, instead it'll just download an extra update file next time you restart the game, which is what you've experienced
  13. you've got "Winner's Cube" from the timer at the start of the event during this maintenance these are updated so you can open them with a Team Ignia badge as the key inside there are two cubes, one to vote on server buffs, one to vote on reward packs they're "select X items" cubes, like select 4 for server buffs and select 2 for packs - they'll provide dummy items that go into your quest tab then when we'll be tallying the votes we'll just count the amount of each item type on the server to determine the winners, same as the team tokens during the event hope that's understandable
  14. P.S. while i'm half-asleep limited sale eventually tm also forgot to mention, all SD/100% random mission serv buffs will be kept active during the voting weekend, though the quests and the dungeon drops will be gone, so you can tinker around with extra EXP a little longer