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  1. pleasse unban my account plz


  2. Yatagarasu

    [2/15/18] v2.5 Discussion Thread

    aye noted down the mirrors heard from some players that their new post-update pepsis cannot be bankshared - lemme know if anyone has a screenshot of that
  3. Yatagarasu

    [2/15/18] v2.5 Discussion Thread

    we up let's see how this goes
  4. Yatagarasu

    [2/15/18] v2.5 Discussion Thread

    for people asking for nisha - it's the same as ain release with v2.0 and v2.1, she'll drop by a little later and bring some extra updates with her but so far there's two, same as ain
  5. Please keep all discussions, questions and comments regarding Void v2.5 update here. Update Details [Here] Currently Known Issues & Bugs- Certain skills and passives have been affected by the 1/31/2019 KR patch but contain incorrect tooltips - Laby is currently NOT available in the Ice Burner rotation, but she will be in the next rotation - Content Guide re-appears upon relogging your character(s) - Lu and Ain's enhancement visuals are static
  6. Your account has been banned ( Reason: MAC Block #2 ), the ban will expire on 2050-02-22 10:13:00
    why if i only play whit leader of guild and him helpme up lvl 

  7. Yatagarasu

    [2/1/19] Update Discussion Thread

    this thread is a good start as any generally i browse any suggestion thread out there/discussion about rotations, skip past the usual shitposting and look for something actually helpful, etc
  8. how do you people always manage to start fun shit every time i step away from void for a few days with a broken monitor i'll take a look at the situation myself in the upcoming day(s) to confirm everything is fine and called for since i missed it - may take a day or two, fair warning can't say i particularly enjoy seeing people banned for joke if this is indeed what took place here still going to lock the thread though since i exist to destroy fun in all it's shapes and forms
  9. Yatagarasu

    Old IBs you want to see the most in upcoming rotation?

    a pretty handy thread i'll check the results in a week or two usual notice that the winners of the poll don't guarantee an appearance of an IB but it's nice to know in general
  10. Yatagarasu

    [2/1/19] Update Discussion Thread

    bosses idea is pretty cool tbh really like some of the designs in other news
  11. Yatagarasu

    [2/1/19] Update Discussion Thread

    nbs would probably be my all-time favorite if it was less suit and more armor plates, yeah maybe one day
  12. Yatagarasu

    [2/1/19] Update Discussion Thread

    my personal wishlist is that kog will sometime make a new IB that looks like decent heavy armor or something else similar that looks suitable for combat tbh bonus points if it's hightech-looking with eltrion-like aesthetics almost all things currently present are "??? alright i guess" for me
  13. Yatagarasu

    [2/1/19] Update Discussion Thread

    maybe, maybe not but yeah, old and (largely) unwanted IBs should see the light of day again at some point, can't keep them hidden away forever letting us know what IBs do you want is actually pretty handy (besides the usual stat-loaded new garbage) - or at least it helps me think what to recommend for next month for those wishing for an event - understandable, but keep in mind that an event usually take over a month to make and you also need to worry about 2.5 and other assorted matters - there definitely wouldn't be one less than a month after the christmas one was over
  14. Patch Notes - Ice Burner Rotation - Magic Wardrobe's Max Storage Increased (3k to 10k) - Item Mall Sale Ice Burner Rotation This month's Ice Burner Rotation contains the following: #1: Thanatos (All Characters) #2: Millennium Fox Shrine Red (All Characters) Click [Here] for more information regarding Ice Burners! Love Love Academy Doki Doki Letter Pose (All Characters)