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  1. i was too late for the maint so i'm going to drop by this place instead to my knowledge no, you're stuck with them forever EOvD is functional and goes up to laby, pretty much most other functional recolors were also either already rotated or currently aren't functional due to how ancient they are, and stuff like character models updates (if anyone remembers a revamp of that a few years ago) has broken the poor things into thin paste some of them can potentially be updated for new characters, but that depends on a number of factors outside of my control or knowledge, as well it's not necessarily an option for every burner rotation one other thing i've seen asked semi-often is RFb (i recall seeing a suggestion for it recently, but i wasn't 100% sure at the time, which is why i didn't drop a reply there) - it's not going to be appearing in ED burners, same as RM/RMr, Dusk/Dawn, DY/HDY, etc. EOvD is an exception, not the rule; my apologies if you wanted to see it there another question which isn't pinned in the first post but i've seen it mentioned on the last page IB cubes: the suggestions for these were declined a few times earlier, but i don't think there was ever a proper explanation to it, so here goes as much as i can share on the matter these days as far as i know, all kinds of cubes take quite a lot of time to create - moreso if it has per-character rewards and even worse if you need to have a few for each IB set you have in rotation, which takes place every single month long story short, it's near impossible to keep up with without significantly impacting the time that could be used to work on the new large content updates, or, well, literally anything else, including events, QoL changes, whatever some people may point out the existing cubes from officials, but sadly that's not an option either, because they have to be remade from scratch every month, and they naturally do not cover the older IBs, which we rotate pretty often things could've been different if the rotations weren't monthly (like it's possible to keep up with per char cubes in ED burners, that only drops by once every 3 months or so, as well as it normally has less cubes compared to an average 2 IB rotation), but there are no plans to change the IB rotation durations at any point you can actually see a similar thing on officials if you check the wiki - https://elwiki.net/w/Ice_Burners you'll notice that the rotations used to be monthly, but after SR they turned into 3-month long ones - which, to my knowledge, is when the IB cubes were introduced the current IB system has it's own imperfections, but it's sustainable long-term as far as dev time goes; the same can't be said for cubes, which is why they sadly won't see the light of day.
  2. yeh i understand your frustration certain suggestions i can reply to almost immediately because i know for sure that "this is broken/that can't happen for X reasons/not doing that in general", can't reply to others because i'm not sure and i'd like to minimize the amount of disinformation, since i can also be wrong if that helps any, i greatly appreciate that you took the time to make a big suggestion in order to contribute to the server, but bigger suggestions also take much more time to implement/try out/flesh out so it'll take slightly longer than the other smaller suggestions
  3. one day tm all IBs will get their time of the day eventually as rotations go even the memed VAKb (i hope) just takes time and stuff like "does laby have it" not sure to be honest haven't planned to do anything with them myself (standard note: this does not necessarily reflect the stance of the entire staff, etc) - for the time being, at least, since there are more pressing issues so no promises
  4. same as old cubes everything is unbankshareable EXCEPT the eggs, apink cards and the special crit/maxi stones, they're only a 6% max (on wep) ...and the el essence i guess, but that's already 1k ED at naeun as-is
  5. eggs aren't too big of a deal it's a cheap pot that's accessible to anyone, the phoru doesn't run away if you're not looking at him anymore either if you're willing to level a character to 99 in order to get a bit over 100 eggs in total then sure, why not and after all, old cubes had straight-up tradeable apples of all kinds in droves so it's fine
  6. quik notes, quoting individual people is truly an insurmountable lot of effort this early in the morning - ed burner update is next update on the list if nothing breaks, should be somewhere mid this month - apink cards are bankshareable yeh, same for eggs that are included in the cube
  7. Yatagarasu


    sadly, that's not something that can be done, even if it'd be handy
  8. mentioned this elsewhere, but still if those cubes will be rotated again as an event reward elsewhere, they'll most likely be updated for new characters/jobs but until then they'll remain as-is
  9. note for custom achievements - to my knowledge these are currently broken and can't be done anymore so the first part of the suggestion can't really happen in that way
  10. sadly, that's not something we can physically change/influence
  11. wel, long story short (credits to Ran and her spam thread post) the mentioned outfit's similarly definitely seen better days and is currently non-functional but it's something to consider if it ever will be
  12. i'm not omnipresent, which is a mild annoyance for the suggestion section trying to visit everything that i find worthwhile/possible or at least comment on why can't it happen for certain other suggestions yeah no heroics don't think there was much in the way of non-bankshareable heroics with decent rank and you can't really adapt the glave crafting cubes easily (as far as i know, i might be entirely wrong) as mentioned, i can't really influence this to my knowledge you'll have to suffer the discard window horrors for the time being, but i'll bring it up as something to consider for subsequent updates if that's a thing that can be done for most of the items not sure if doable/functional might be something to ask about for later, but for the time being it'll remain tied to a mana pot i'll try to comment on most of the cubes, but that'll probably take up some screen space lv1 - will contain a small handful of the new HP/MP pots and a few eggs, pretty low amount other things listed in red for this one are all removed, but the ring of skills is a 30 day version, there isn't a 15 day one around the place lv35 - another handful of the three aforementioned potion types custom awakening also has only a 30-day version instead of the one listed, so it's stuck like that i don't think there are 15 day versions of the mana neck and the bubble gum, so they'll remain as a 7 day ver for the time being commented on VVIP in the previous reply - will remain as VIP lv55 - has a few special critical/maxi stones (6% max on wep), those remained tradeable/bankshareable since they're worth less than peanuts regardless el essence - think that's still at 20 actually, i'll ask about it this is the last cube to contain apink cards, you'll be automatically getting within the SD level range soon enough and they drop as usual there lv70/90 cubes don't exist because of the lv85 armor being extra turbo stubborn some of the stuff that's worth mentioning - there are no non-bankshareable battle elixirs, so there's none of those apples are also ded stuff like miho, lord inferno and the temp titles are also removed as requested lv99 - there isn't an overpowered title cube to loot anywhere, so nothing in that department, as well as i don't think there are functional non-bankshareable fetch auras, ereda hero necklaces (might be wrong, though) or refined magic stones (pretty certain that those don't exist in non-bankshareable form); however, as a smol replacement to the refined stones there's a small handful of bound sages - they're really cheap anyway the last couple of cubes differ from the thread quite noticeably (for lv85 reasons), but that's for the most part just making do with what's available i can't say for sure how many potions are included total, but i believe there's over 200 each for the custom pots and something like 150-ish as far as eggs go? (they're bankshareable, though) pvp essentials - as mentioned earlier, can just leave the thread open and insert it as a camilla quest reward somewhere later that's about as much as i can possibly humanly share
  13. it's currently not functional, and it's not expected to be functional at any point (including future content updates), sadly
  14. as ran's mentioned, potential database issues aren't worth it so this won't happen
  15. got a spare minute, dropping by with some minor insights on what might be taking place generally all consumables will be thrown out and replaced with hard-boiled eggs and two new potions - a simple HP-focused pot and a MP-focused pot living on the HP pot/MP pot item groups (you can use all 3 side by side without them overlapping) nothing particularly groundbreaking, HP pot is something along the lines of 200k HP flat (effectively 100% HP for small beginner HP pools, falls off later) + 25% MP, the MP pot is a no-questions-asked 100% MP on a 30s CD (i think) so instead of 10+ different pot types making an aggravated assault against your inventory space it's streamlined into just 3 pots old random skill rings are to be thrown out in favor of a temporary ring of skills in a cube (same as the event ver, 20% ASD, just unbankshareable + timed, this will not affect the event rings in any way), works fine sales agent - will remain as VIP for the foreseeable future apink cards and special crit/maxi stones - that should be in yeh, though in lower amounts for apink cards symbol of transcendence - it doesn't get along well with laby, so sadly not an option creator of secrets title - sadly unusable either lv85 gear can't be changed at all, and there's no real point in doing something like making a lv70 cube and putting a lv85 gear cube there; afaik the planned levels are 1-35-55-85-99 (the total amount of cubes is the same as earlier, just different level thresholds for the last two) some unbankshareable cobo wedges were found around the place, those should be in, i think pvp essentials - quite a lot of players actually never even pick up PvP in any capacity, so doesn't feel like there's a point in putting a cube with that in the leveling batch, since for many it'd be an automatic discard kinda thing - though to offer an alternative i can suggest putting something similar as an additional reward to any of camilla's arena-related quests so it's an opt-in thing that doesn't bother anyone; it'd also have to wait until later, so mostly leaving that as an option if you're fine with that as annoying as it is, can't really get around the discard button as far as i know; not knowledgeable enough about the 0 ED reselling laby doesn't follow the same dungeon path; it's also not future-proof in case if there'll be new snowflake characters with their own paths as well, but pretty much everyone gets a MP pot on creation and that's not really likely to change at any point - much easier to have a unified quest anyone can activate easily, as opposed to multiple quests across multiple characters to throw the cube in one by one so that's why it's stuck that way hopefully that covers at least something, will drop by again later