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  1. volta quando o jogo?

  2. i don't think we'd be allowed to publish internal update names varnymir putin being one of them
  3. v2.6 Content [NEW 3RD PATH] Nisha Labyrinth [New Force Mods] 15 Laby Specific Force Mods [New Force Skills] 3 Global Force Skills [Revamped] Henir's Time and Space [Revamped] Wedding System [Revamped] PvP [Revamped] Ereda Island [Revamped] Pet System [VOID CUSTOM] Naeun's Craft & Exchange Additions [VOID CUSTOM] All Hard-boiled Eggs are now banksharable PvP Balance Patch (5/22/2019 NA) Guild Mini Game: The Great Zombie Invasion! Twisted Time and Space - Fahrmann's Peak Revamp Hot Spring Phoru Revamp 1vs1 Random and Team Random Match Types 2vs2 PVP League Mode Spectator Mode Improvement Skill, El Resonance & Equipment Page increased from 3 to 4 pages Misc. You can now enable or disable your character's awakening appearance Henir Title changed to per class (job path) distribution Crimson Trace Reset Ticket usage increased to 2 Similar Item Auto Complete Registration El Tear's random effects are now searchable on the market board Quick Slot: Same type of consumables are now stackable Slow-motion clear effect has been removed from Add's Energy Fusion Theory Dungeon End result screen will now display class icons instead of base class for dungeons, PvP and Ereda Island Magic Stone enchanting will now have an "Apply" button Eclipse and Reaper titles are again obtainable Gate of Darkness improvement Board Sale improvement Several bug fixes Nisha Labyrinth's Arrival! Nisha Labyrinth has finally arrived and she can't wait to meet you! Her job change medals are available in the item mall for free (0 EC)! Character Reference: https://elwiki.net/w/Nisha_Labyrinth Official Character Reference: https://elsword.koggames.com/laby-3rd-path-release/index.php#menu New Force Skills Laby's Skill Mods Global Force Skills The new global force skills can be obtained by exchanging "Time and Space Fragments" with Glave! Mods Reference: https://elsword.koggames.com/laby-mod-skill-madness/ Global Skills Reference: https://elsword.koggames.com/2019/02/patch-notes-41/ Henir's Time and Space Revamp The new "Time & Space Fragments" materials will be sent to the mailbox each week based on the number of stages cleared. There will be no additional rewards within the week for already cleared stages. The outdated custom quest "Start of Time and Space" has been deleted from the quest list. Henir's Time and Space Dungeon Info - SOLO ONLY - Unlimited Entries - 150k+ Combat Power - Normal Mode: 20 Stages (Does not count for rankings) - Challenge Mode: 6 Stages (Can enter after clearing Normal Mode) Reference: https://elsword.koggames.com/henirs-time-and-space-revamp-2019/ Wedding System Revamp Are you tired of your current partner? Or were you in doubt whether you wanted to get married or not? Fear not, we've got you covered with these sweet new revamps! Wedding Changes - The "Wedding Packages (Ruben & Sander) will no longer be sold in the item mall - Brand new "Wedding Ring (Remind) " & "Wedding Ring (Propose)" are being sold in the item mall ** - New temporary wedding costumes - Permanent "Pink Dress" & "White Tuxedo" 1 piece costume - New wedding rewards - Divorce fees has been decreased - New officiants & wedding halls to choose from - Ability to attend a wedding without being invited - And many more! ** You must used the Wedding Ring (Propose) if you're not married yet. If you're already married, you can use either Wedding Ring (Remind) or Wedding Ring (Propose) for a remind wedding Wedding Rewards The newlyweds will receive 200 Wedding Cakes and their attending guests will receive 20 Wedding Cakes. (Everyone with a sweet tooth, rejoice!) Wedding Cake 100% HP Recovery 100% MP Recovery Cooldown Time: 10 Seconds Newlyweds' Happiness Title (30 Days) EXP +20% Drop Rate +10% Wedding Buff (30 Days) Receive a buff when you and your partner play together! Physical Attack Power +5% Magical Attack Power +5% Wedding Sitting Pose (2 Players, 30 Days) Reference: https://elsword.koggames.com/wedding-revamp/index.php PvP Revamps General - Attack Power difference by enhancement level decreased in PvP - Sparring equipment set effects removed, stats increased. Sparring stones needed decreased - 1vs1 Random and Team Random Match types have been to the Practice & Free Channels - 2vs2 PVP League Mode has been added - Sacrifice & Curse of Chaos titles nerfed Additional Damage Changes - Affected by Defense and Critical effects - No longer affected by attack damage changes. - Affect Skill Damage differently for Dungeons & PvP - Affects Combat Power more Ranking & Matchmaking - Improved matchmaking to be faster - Players can only play 1vs1 for preliminary matches. - Cannot play 3vs3 with a pre-made party. - The same characters will not be able to make a pre-made party to play on the Official 2v2 Arena. - Players no longer lose RP to NPCs - Players above certain RP no longer gain RP from NPCs - Players will be able to find their current RP on the official Arena Matching UI - Players with a RP difference of 450 or more can no longer form pre-made parties - If a player leaves in the middle of the match, the player won’t be able to queue again for 5 minutes Ref: https://elsword.koggames.com/pvp-revamp-balance-patch/index.php Ref: https://elsword.koggames.com/2019-pvp-league-1/whats-new.php#menu Ereda Island Revamp Game Rules & System Change - Ereda's Mana Source HP has slightly increased - Remaining time until the Mana Source appears can now be seen in the Ereda Island mini map Training Mode & Tutorial Added Use Training Mode and Tutorial to become more familiar with Ereda Island before you enter! Tutorial will teach you how Ereda Island works step-by-step! You can practice Ereda Island in Training Mode, which allows you to freely recover HP, MP and Special Gauge! While also allowing you to various other options score reset, and changing base. You can even Queue for Ereda Island while in training! Reward Improvements - Each accessory will have an added effect of Critical 1%, and Additional Damage 1% instead of having a set effect - Random effects stat will now be set to a certain stat instead of changing based on rank! - Receive more Warrior’s Victory Medal per match (Max 12) - You can now upgrade your Ring of Fury with Camilla for a Tenacious Warrior's Ring of Fury! Tenacious Warrior’s Ring of Fury Physical Attack Power 0.5% Magical Attack Power 0.5% Awakening Charge Speed 20% Critical 1% Additional Damage 1% Ranking & Matchmaking - 3 preliminary matches must be played for players to get a ranking - The amount of Rank points gained and lost per match increases for more frequent change in rank - Improved to match with other characters of similar rank - Random team match enhanced so there will be different team formations even when matched with same players Reference: https://elsword.koggames.com/ereda-island-revamp-2019/ Pet System Revamp Experience the All-New Pet Growth System! An all-new Growth tab takes over the Personality Tab! Feeding your pet increases Growth Points and these points can be invested into any of the four stats in the Personality tab. Reach a total of 3000 Invested Growth Points or higher, and a "Special Encouragement" Skill will be made available. You'll be able to improve your pet in four different personality areas called Cheer, Patience, Mastery, and Focus. - Cheer: "Encouragement Skill" cooldown decrease - Patience: "Encouragement Skill" duration increase - Mastery: Pet Skill Damage Increase - Focus: Pet Skill MP Cost Decrease Reference: https://elsword.koggames.com/pet-growth-revamp/ Naeun's Exchange & Craft Additions Expired Pet Foods & Drinks Exchanges With the new pet system in place, pets will refuse to eat the following expired pet foods & drinks: - Candy: Sensible, Impulsive, Sociable & Shy - Pet Personality Reset Food (Sensible & Impulsive) - Pet Personality Reset Food (Sociable & Shy) - Pet Revitalizing Potion (Vitality) - Pet Revitalizing Potion (Concentration) But don't worry, you can exchange your expired pet foods & drinks with Naeun for 15 El Tree Fruits (tradable)! The expired pet foods & drinks will no longer be available in the Ice Burners and Item Mall. Laby's Rusty Child Promo Cube Craft Don't forget to check out this sweet Rusty Child Promo Cube (for 30 Apink Cards and 1 ED) at Naeun's crafting section! (Isn't she precious?!) Magic Wardrobe Update • Accessories Laby's Promo Accessory (Nisha Labyrinth) Nisha Labyrinth's Promo Top Accessory (Awakened) Nisha Labyrinth's Promo Bottom Accessory (Awakened) • Costumes Laby's Promo Set (Rusty Child) Laby's Promo Set (Daydreamer) Laby's Promo Set (Nisha Labyrinth) Nisha Labyrinth's Promo Costume (Awakened) Nisha Labyrinth's Promo Weapon (Awakened) Eternity Winner's Promo Hair (Awakened) Nisha's Job Change Items Wedding Ring (Remind) Content • Wedding Dress/Tuxedo Cube (30 Days) • Celebrity Style Wedding Outfit (1 Day) • Wedding Reservation Ticket • 30x Wedding Invitations Wedding Ring (Propose) Content • Wedding Dress/Tuxedo Cube (Permanent) • Celebrity Style Wedding Outfit (1 Day) • Wedding Reservation Ticket • 30x Wedding Invitations Laby's Custom Promo Costumes & Accessories (Daydreamer & Nisha Labyrinth) Laby's Custom Awakening Promo Pieces (Eternity Winner's Hair & Nisha Labyrinth's Weapon, 1 Piece Costume and 2 Accessories) Sitting Pose: Laby's Animal Friend Note: This sitting pose is Laby exclusive! Guild Contract: Kitty Land -- Limited Edition Item Mall Sale -- Sale Duration: 5/31/19 up to 6/21/19! Sitting Pose: Comfortable Box (Original & Reverse) Note: Does not include Laby! Moli Pet Package • Moli (Adult) ** • Fruit from El's Tree (30 pieces) • Pet Pickup Aura ** Moli comes with a build-in 15 days Pet Pickup Aura! V2.6's Official Threads Don't forget to join our official v2.6 [Discussion thread] All known issues & fixed bugs go in our official v2.6 [Bug Report thread] Currently Known Issues & Bugs - Same-sex marriage does not show the animations and positioning correctly and it can't be fixed - The quest " [Henir's Time and Space] Twisted Time and Space" can't be completed - v2.4 Bug: Content Guide keeps on re-appearing at the skill tree - v2.4 Bug: Enhancement visuals are static for Ain Resolved Issues & Bugs - Nova Imperator's "Veteran" Passive fixed & updated - Bloody Queen's "Blood Mastery" Passive fixed & updated - Lu's enhancement visuals now display correctly List of content for reference purposes: You will find detailed information on all new content in the reference links below! [New Features] - Laby 3rd Path - https://elsword.koggames.com/laby-3rd-path-release/index.php#menu - Great Zombie Invasion - https://elsword.koggames.com/the-great-zombie-invasion/ - Laby's Force Mods - https://elsword.koggames.com/laby-mod-skill-madness/ - New Global Force Skills - https://elsword.koggames.com/2019/02/patch-notes-41/ [Revamps/Balances] - Balance Patch - https://elsword.koggames.com/balance-patch-update-february-2019/ - Balance Patch #2 - https://elsword.koggames.com/pvp-revamp-balance-patch/balance-patch.php - Balance Patch #3 - https://elsword.koggames.com/2019-pvp-league-1/balance-patch.php#menu - Balance Patch #4 - https://elsword.koggames.com/2019-pvp-league-2/balance-patch.php#menu - Wedding System Revamp - https://elsword.koggames.com/wedding-revamp/index.php - Henir's Time and Space Revamp - https://elsword.koggames.com/henirs-time-and-space-revamp-2019/ - PvP Revamp - https://elsword.koggames.com/pvp-revamp-balance-patch/index.php - Ereda Island revamp - https://elsword.koggames.com/ereda-island-revamp-2019/ - Quality of Life - https://elsword.koggames.com/2019/05/here-comes-the-improvements/ - Pet System Revamp - https://elsword.koggames.com/pet-growth-revamp/ - Pet System Updates - https://elsword.koggames.com/2019/05/heres-a-few-updates-on-the-pet-system/ [Additional Patch Notes] - https://elsword.koggames.com/2019/02/patch-notes-41/ - https://elsword.koggames.com/2019/03/patch-notes-42/ - https://elsword.koggames.com/2019/03/patch-notes-43/ - https://elsword.koggames.com/2019/04/patch-notes-44/ - https://elsword.koggames.com/2019/04/patch-notes-45/ - https://elsword.koggames.com/2019/05/patch-notes-46/ - https://elsword.koggames.com/2019/05/patch-notes-47/
  4. I'm trying to download the game but I keep getting something like this. can you help?


  5. I purchased K-Ching more than 2 hours ago and I did not receive it even though I did pay!

    Can you tell me what to do? it isn't even on my purchases history.


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      Okay thanks

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      I got the code but when I tried using it wrote the code is invalid 

      I can't ask for help in "account support" since nobody answers

      Can you help me?

  6. wel i'd like to clarify it's not an outright decline - since the thread's still kept open - but all this stuff is definitely an issue to consider with the implementation (if it does get picked for implementation at some point) but yeah, it's def has been read/noticed/what have you
  7. new characters not being able to get it is a pretty noticeable issue, yeh sadly, there's no way to make custom pendulums/mirrors that'd accomodate all the new guys as well as i believe there might be an issue with eltrion weapons in general due to the raid being skipped years ago, would have to ask/check
  8. it's indeed mostly leveling dungeons - can't really pull out a list for that, to be honest i don't think many people use the thing during leveling either - at least i don't, personally - but just in case if others do also standard disclaimer that i've no idea if this'll be implemented, etc
  9. sup the issue with the dungeon reward system currently is that it's generally limited to dungeons that were used in the idols event - elria, heroics, SDs, varnymir/rosso, pepsi, as well as the quest would have to go away, most likely current apink covers a little bit more dungeons than that, would a switch like that be fine for you?
  10. done with aggressively babysitting the server through reinitialization up it goes
  11. i'd be interested in one personally or a "spring cleaning" update in general, a lot of crafts/exchanges are very outdated though there is the default issue of not enough available dev time since you gotta speedrun making new large updates on a reasonable pace, do something about events in between, experiment with new tech, etc so in the end it's the good ol' vague "maybe one day/no ETA" for the time being
  12. if it was possible to fix early on, it would've been - if there's no fix this long into the update, then this means you gotta wait until 2.6 no matter what this most definitely sucks for these classes, but there's nothing we can do about it until then
  13. there's still the trade option that gives rank 25-29 stuff, but it's about x2-x3 in price compared to the craft so it's an option if you want to toy around with it the old custom crafts gave you anything between rank 1-29 and getting 1-10 with more than a 1m ED isn't really any fun at all for a beginner my bad, local man has crappy memory for dates good thing i'm not the one in charge of updates, there'd be a considerable increase in no ETA mems not sure on accs tbh, but i'll note it down and bring it up for the devs later
  14. should be sometime next month, 3-month-ish cycle and the last one was feb 1 soon tm
  15. perki/eltrion weps aren't compatible with new characters, nor can they really be custom-made for these characters so rose/ain/laby will miss out on perki, ain/laby will miss out on eltrion