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  1. Patch Notes - The missing Frappuccino potion can now be obtained from the Idol Supply Pouch - The Idol Supply Pouch will now provide the correct Hard-Boiled Eggs - Regional Event Reward Increase - Elrios Idols Reinforcements Regional Event Reward Increase Varnimyr Team Tokens and Idol Supply Pouch have been increased to x2 per dungeon! Elrios Idols Reinforcements Due to Ignia's extreme popularity, the losing team Apple and team Karis will temporarily receive bonus points per token to even the score!
  2. mentioned above - extremely low amount of working costumes to spare for laby and she shouldn't be excluded hopefully we'll be getting more IB/costumes/stuff for her in the next content update, but as-is it's not a particularly big selection of stuff tbh
  3. p much for banksharing reasons if you're grinding on multiple characters but don't want to bother banksharing token cubes to just one character so you can spread them around the account the way you see fit + backups if they bug out somehow (they didn't during testing but you can never be too sure with els)
  4. it's tied to the dungeon reward clear screen - think of it working similarly to the Sinister Intent dungeons, you just get one drop appear out of nowhere on the ending screen so when clearing event-affected dungeons you'll be seeing the new items on the clear screen despite never picking them up this way you can constantly get items without having to leave the dungeon to reaccept the quest, etc, your flow doesn't get interrupted
  5. there's second job promos which are normally available in the IM - the issue is that laby has dangerously few working costumes to use, and excluding laby this soon after her release isn't fun limited sales soon™
  6. while i'm half-ded there's a lot of experimental tech in this event that was made possible in 2.5 i'm very looking forward to the dungeon reward system with the guaranteed drops on dungeon clear instead of the RNG rollercoaster for example, imagine if drop events from earlier had that you could just have 1 item always drop via dungeon rewards and have the rest as RNG real excited for technical stuff like this tbh let's see if we can reuse more of this later
  7. Last updated: 3/23/19 - 05:30 CET
  8. Stability Maintenance The server is currently going down for a stability maintenance. We have decided to do these sort of maintenances every other week in order to resolve lags and other issues that might occur. There is no ETA, so please be patient. These maintenances are necessary to keep the server stable.
  9. no one gets banned for merely ending up in one run with a hacker lel accepting items/ED from them is a different story i've looked you up out of interest and yeah, the ban is justified this aside, what Bloody Queen's said, pretty much just drop a report if you're concerned someone might be hacking
  10. Hello, could you perhaps help on unbanning me? There's no response I just posted a gag sreenshot on my own thread...its been days pls ty

  11. Sir,

    How do you commit the die against big boss with your supernatural capabilities?

  12. aite, done poking the server with a stick up it goes
  13. according to what i know Ran basically jammed the entire item mall into MW or at least the costumes so most likely if you see a costume in IM now then it's MWable it's essentially just faceoff's, except it doesn't glitch out with raven arms just an option for raven players pretty much
  14. Patch Notes - Ice Burner Rotation - Minor Changes & Updates - Magic Wardrobe Update - Item Mall Sale Ice Burner Rotation This month's Ice Burner Rotation contains the following: #1: Celestial Master (All Characters) #2: Arch Devil (All Characters) Click [Here] for more information regarding Ice Burners! Minor Changes & Updates - El Tree Seed is no longer bound and can be traded freely - Sage's Magic Stone is no longer bound and can be traded freely - Twisted Sage's Magic Stone is no longer bound and can be traded freely - Laby can now open the Void Light EXP Cubes (1 Day & 30 Days) - Hanger Removal Contracts increased in purchase quantity (x3, x5, x10) - Ariel's Adventurer Phoru Foot Stamp exchange updated (15 days -> permanent Phoru Foot Stamps) - Alchemist Profession's Advanced Vitality Potion & Superhuman Organic Apple craft updated with the new materials Magic Wardrobe Update (Special thanks to Dominator and everyone who contributed to this Magic Wardrobe Masterpost!) Ice Burner Sets - Laby's Arch Angel - Laby's Arch Devil - Laby's El Officer - Laby's El Officer (Ver.Dark) - Laby's Nasod Battle Suit - Laby's Velder Imperial Guard - Laby's Celestial Master - Laby's Radiant Flower - Laby's Black Mesa Dimension of Sinister Intent Accessories - Laby's Dimension Master's Hair Pin - Laby's Dimension Master's Mask - Laby's Dimension Master's Symbol - Laby's Dimension Master's Earrings - Laby's Dimension Master's Eye - Laby's Dimension Master's Wings - Laby's Dimension Master's Bracelet - Laby's Dimension Master's Leg Wings Cosmetic Sets - Pumpkin Weapon (Elsword to Add) - Laby's Summer Casual (2 Colors) - Laby's Rara Raccoon (2 Colors) - Laby's Fantasy Illusionist (2 Colors) - Laby's ELS Casual (2 Colors) - Laby's Arctic Fox (2 Colors) - Laby's Invisible Costume (Suit) * Additionally, 2647 item mall costume pieces that were previously not present in the Magic Wardrobe are now available! Cosmetic, Weapon & Dungeon Accessories - Laby's Rara Raccoon Tail (2 Colors, can be worn by all characters) - Nasod Grip Protector Ver.K2 (Elsword to Elesis) - Orichalcum Weapon Accessory (All Characters) - Surveillan Dicetium Pendant - Theodore's Cute Bird - Green Butterfly Wings - Shooting Star Accessory - Dream Step: Cherry Blossom - Dreamwind - Air Pocket - Dream Fountain - Melody - Xmas Ribbon - Ripe Holly Berries - Candy Cane Accessory - Glamorous Rudolf Nose - Cursor - Bizarre Conrad's UFO - Laguz - Pink Laguz - Black Bird - Blue Bird - Symbol of Peace - Rune of Destruction - Black Teddy Bear - Gentle Teddy Bear - Charming Teddy Bear - Valentine's Day Teddy Bear - Sweet Valentine's Day Teddy Bear - Headband of Love - Headband of Love (A) - Valentine Couple Bracelet - Valentine Wedding Bracelet - Headband with Heart Chocolate - Chocolate with Love and Hate - Bittersweet Poru Cupid Twin - Pink Anniversary Hat - Blue Anniversary Hat - Cake Anniversary Hat - Elsword's Anniversary Party Wings - Elsword's Anniversary Party Crown - Elsword's Anniversary Party Mask - Jack O'Lantern - Dancing Halloween Spirit - Halloween Party Monster Screws - Halloween Party Monster Screws (Ver. B) - Blessed Sandstorm Wingz - Blessed Sandstorm Wingz (Caluso Edition) - Blessed Sandstorm Wingz (Harpy Edition) - Red Lotus Seed - Mature Red Lotus Seed - Hatched Red Lotus Seed - Adult Red Lotus - Flügelrune des Eldrit-Meisters (blau) Invisible Costume Suit (All Characters) Laby's Arctic Fox Set Laby's ELS Casual Set (2 Colors) Laby's Summer Casual Set (2 Colors) Laby's Fantasy Illusionist Set (2 Colors) Laby's Rara Raccoon Set & Accessories (2 Colors)