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  1. it's 2 weeks, not one this aside, it is intended to be a very small event halloween will be the longer one if you really need a long event in your life P.S. would only really consider compensation/extension if the server'd be down the whole weekend, so eh
  2. would indeed recommend to not try to claim mail/achievement/IM items while the server's having a sneeze wait a little until it's more stable
  3. regarding some of the previous questions - scrolls - all levels are tradeable - droprate's quite low as usual, it's not a common drop by any metric - hat/ribbon not in MW - yep, we're aware, it'll be fixed next week
  4. up it goes important note: seems like charming maid/servant accessories (the hat/ribbon) aren't in MW currently - that's an error and it'll be fixed next week, apologies for the inconvenience
  5. i mean there's definitely going to be one - although you're going to get a break between the two this one is smol/10 on purpose i'll be honest, i'm bad at fashion-related stuff do you have the names for the costumes so i can check in with devs about these?
  6. hammers are cubed, yeah - the usual one you see in PIN rewards or in previous events the only time-sensitive item in the cubes is the guild honor point medal - they aren't cubed, as well as they're not bankshareable - these are too highly experimental and are very prone to breaking, so the timer on these will be popping off immediately as soon as you get them no guarantees they'll work a month later, so to say
  7. laby doesn't have all that many working IMs available at the moment, sadly otherwise she'd be a more common sight around the place rerotations of limited sales are eventuallyâ„¢ mini-event note - just testing extra server buffs we found for the most part - perhaps these will be a part of the weekly server buff system at some point, who knows the thread also doesn't list the stats on the guild elixir - 20% EXP/droprate/item restoration effectiveness i can probably get a screenshot for you if you can wait like half an hour (might be longer kek) unless someone else finds it somewhere
  8. Please keep all the comments and questions regarding today's update in this thread. Click [Here] for the full details regarding the update!
  9. Charming Servant (2 Colors) (Laby not included!)
  10. last dungeon of rigomor's less than 2 weeks old outside of KR, chill it'll get here eventually, but nowhere near this fast
  11. yeh a grace period should be a given, imo don't think there'd be a scenario of people giggling maniacally above a guide thread 3 hours after a large version update announcement thread goes up (...well, hopefully) i'll throw it over to mods/other admins then so they can figure out a proper wording for this stuff, my english isn't the best by any metric
  12. sup do you think you can update the first post in spare time to be a bit more accurate after some of the previous naeun changes? e.g. elemental chaos series armor cubes already getting a price reduction from elsewhere, etc? some IM stuff like the ring of fury/magic necklace/seals (beyond the existing options) are a guaranteed no, unless you mean temp versions another thing is that any pots with non-standard functionality (e.g. espresso/frappucino/etc) is something that's preferrably kept for events and the like
  13. i actually don't think font is something you can change at the moment i'll ask, but it's quite unlikely going to leave it open for now
  14. sup i don't really deal in forum stuff normally, but this seems quite sensible to me even better that it doesn't involve ingame edits current rules say this on the necro matter The necro-posting rule does not apply to Pinned, Suggestion, Guild, and General Support/Report a Bug threads. i was thinking of adding something like "does not apply [...] to up to date threads in General/Class guides section" or something along these lines, actual wording pending, think that should largely cover what you're asking for would this or something similar be fine? feel free to pitch your own variation, i'll check it out in spare time
  15. there are two types of these symbols there's a large symbol that had a +10% phys/mag atk effect which had a unified golden color (i believe this was the one in leveling cubes), it's full-on incompatible with laby; giving a free +10% atk to everyone except certain characters is relatively more unfair than not having a costume and then there are statless versions with colors based on characters - not sure about these, to be honest; suppose i can ask the devs about these, but no promises if you remember these being on void at some point, throw me a link to the update thread with these, i'll check it out
  16. sup, you mentioned your suggestion in the community questions thread as you've already guessed from that thread, ideas #1/2 are a no-go sadly, same for the third one, that's near-impossible to maintain - consider over 100 IB pieces per set (dragon knight is 150+, for example), and you'd end up with an incredibly heavily diluted cube with literal multiple thousands of pieces given that cubes in general also can't happen for reasons mentioned in the questions thread, that'd mean pulling a single piece of anything potentially worthwhile is quite depressing by default - the cube wouldn't be a 100% chance IB piece drop for obvious reasons, then the actual IB rate would be effectively divided by over 3000 (going by the amount of IB pieces across all sets and characters) and yeah, it's not particularly fun or appealing for most at that point so generally i don't think it'd be worth the effort thank you for making the suggestion, however
  17. we did try it recently-ish, but sadly it doesn't work - both effect merging and enh level lowering it's fairly annoying to have them being an eternal tease, but there's not much else that can be done at the moment
  18. i'm back from my a few weeks long break, let's get back into this - at least with what i can provide some replies/insights to sadly, can't really comment on the recolors question or the time mismatch april fools events - generally we simply don't have the time/manpower to spare, so it just gets skipped over - instead there's a non-descript "spring" event most of the time - we might have an april fools-specific event at some point, but naturally no promises heroic tickets thing - that's actually quite ancient way back dedicated CMs didn't exist and removal of tickets was an anti-hacker measure, since the very first generation of heroics dropped pretty solid ED in stuff like HoB, etc haven't planned on putting them back since they seem relatively plentiful enough as-is, plus there's this new weekly buff system that makes life a little easier for those who were struggling with heroics
  19. regarding locating really old items that may've existed at one point but they don't anymore: if they were already released on Void at some point, then it makes life easier - especially if you remember the exact change/craft it was tied to, or (even better) have a good easy-to-read screenshot of what the item looks like, what's the name/description, etc - just in case if someone's hoarding antiques around the places might as well use Pane for archeology memes but other than that yeah it'd be quite tough to locate the exact items if there's not all that much to go by anyway, thinking to pitch the previously suggested 6 weeks to the devs, but keep it locked to one 6-week loop only (for now) - see if it works fine with the main server, etc, generally get some data going; if it's fine, we'll just continue going with no interruptions also i suppose we can either alter the order of buffs, possibly find some new ones (or lose old ones, life is unpredictable) and use that for the next cycle if no changes will be required i suppose we can just continue looping the existing order or just randomly move them around a little every cycle and see what happens
  20. regarding the pepsi/AP week - moving double AP to the heroic week as mentioned up there should be fine-ish if you really want - though three buffs in a week is kind of odd-looking; not sure if that's going to cause any issues, don't think it will but the currently existing ver works for me too there is an intention of having "break" weeks, yeah, or at least there is for me - feeling forced at gunpoint to log in every week is quite hellish, most endgame players would just chill out during the heroic one, etc as mentioned, it's annoying because it's not a server buff per se, so it can't be implemented the same way as previously mentioned stuff, so it has to be something manual/handmade from scratch every time i'm not well-versed in NPCs by any metric, but i'm guessing that generally having an event NPC appear should be realistic - e.g. last event's Solace was all over the place so if you're suggesting something like a dedicated "generic event" NPC for small occasions that's probably fine(ish) IM rewards are an issue though, you can't really just sort of throw out there most of them, but possibly something along these lines could be done - bring along some smol limited exchanges, same kind as last event's +10 in functionality and put something to grind there, like 2-3 exchanges at most with some themed items, have it gone the next week, just a brief "appearance" of something fresh all the really fat/high demand items would still likely remain as a part of large events that happen a few times a year as-is lemme know if this works out for you
  21. there was a buff with the star icon used during christmas 2016's event - but it's ancient and most likely no longer operational/stable enough to include as annoying as it is, you can generally assume it won't happen for the time being - over 3 years is a very, very long time for this kind of stuff it was pointed out earlier, but still custom stat server buffs that would be compatible with that sadly straight-up don't exist and it doesn't look like any can be custom-made, so you really have to work with what you're given ereda is a toss-up - it may exist but also may most likely not work, since the buff itself is very ancient and is almost guaranteed to not function, much in the same way as double henir rewards don't work the list provided up there is pretty much all you can work with reliably for the time being - and even then there are no guarantees some buffs won't just stop working one day however, not to shoot down the entire thing, it may be possible to do something similar for mini-events - but the thing with these is that these kinda buffs have to be handmade every time
  22. i was too late for the maint so i'm going to drop by this place instead to my knowledge no, you're stuck with them forever EOvD is functional and goes up to laby, pretty much most other functional recolors were also either already rotated or currently aren't functional due to how ancient they are, and stuff like character models updates (if anyone remembers a revamp of that a few years ago) has broken the poor things into thin paste some of them can potentially be updated for new characters, but that depends on a number of factors outside of my control or knowledge, as well it's not necessarily an option for every burner rotation one other thing i've seen asked semi-often is RFb (i recall seeing a suggestion for it recently, but i wasn't 100% sure at the time, which is why i didn't drop a reply there) - it's not going to be appearing in ED burners, same as RM/RMr, Dusk/Dawn, DY/HDY, etc. EOvD is an exception, not the rule; my apologies if you wanted to see it there another question which isn't pinned in the first post but i've seen it mentioned on the last page IB cubes: the suggestions for these were declined a few times earlier, but i don't think there was ever a proper explanation to it, so here goes as much as i can share on the matter these days as far as i know, all kinds of cubes take quite a lot of time to create - moreso if it has per-character rewards and even worse if you need to have a few for each IB set you have in rotation, which takes place every single month long story short, it's near impossible to keep up with without significantly impacting the time that could be used to work on the new large content updates, or, well, literally anything else, including events, QoL changes, whatever some people may point out the existing cubes from officials, but sadly that's not an option either, because they have to be remade from scratch every month, and they naturally do not cover the older IBs, which we rotate pretty often things could've been different if the rotations weren't monthly (like it's possible to keep up with per char cubes in ED burners, that only drops by once every 3 months or so, as well as it normally has less cubes compared to an average 2 IB rotation), but there are no plans to change the IB rotation durations at any point you can actually see a similar thing on officials if you check the wiki - https://elwiki.net/w/Ice_Burners you'll notice that the rotations used to be monthly, but after SR they turned into 3-month long ones - which, to my knowledge, is when the IB cubes were introduced the current IB system has it's own imperfections, but it's sustainable long-term as far as dev time goes; the same can't be said for cubes, which is why they sadly won't see the light of day.
  23. yeh i understand your frustration certain suggestions i can reply to almost immediately because i know for sure that "this is broken/that can't happen for X reasons/not doing that in general", can't reply to others because i'm not sure and i'd like to minimize the amount of disinformation, since i can also be wrong if that helps any, i greatly appreciate that you took the time to make a big suggestion in order to contribute to the server, but bigger suggestions also take much more time to implement/try out/flesh out so it'll take slightly longer than the other smaller suggestions
  24. one day tm all IBs will get their time of the day eventually as rotations go even the memed VAKb (i hope) just takes time and stuff like "does laby have it" not sure to be honest haven't planned to do anything with them myself (standard note: this does not necessarily reflect the stance of the entire staff, etc) - for the time being, at least, since there are more pressing issues so no promises
  25. same as old cubes everything is unbankshareable EXCEPT the eggs, apink cards and the special crit/maxi stones, they're only a 6% max (on wep) ...and the el essence i guess, but that's already 1k ED at naeun as-is