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  1. grats on the suggestion!

  2. title lmao edit: added poll, sorry i didn't add that earlier.
  3. @VoidEls Oh. So it's only a recolor. Thanks Ran! Close please.
  4. title... can't find the stats anywhere.. also what's the price of that?
  5. Regromortis


    @Sloth lmao get wrecked i was first XDDD
  6. Regromortis


  7. Welcome Tbh you hit the great time cuz i wanted to make my new STR lmao. Your ign? Cheers.
  8. bruh - same goes with add's void dungeon... i wonder how are some people arleady with rank 15... oh wait
  9. im trying to get my heroic gear but nobody is in que im trying for couple of hours today, yesterday was same
  10. apparently if you take out things from guild mail box it work's normally cheers
  11. @MikuHatsune k i got it thanks everyone for help!
  12. @Kazemaki @MikuHatsune Which one are those naeun's gamble cubes? there are two in crafting but none in her store.