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  1. if that ambush belongs tho who i think it belongs, they're a extremely glass cannon, so it can deal that amount easily, and dw, lmao, i have 45% red and it's the same
  2. ambush has always been retarded, blame KoG, it's the only active capable of doing that amount of dmg, take in count Double Attack can happen so.... twice
  3. consdering now it's hard to rank up compared to last seasons, yeah i guess it's a valid point
  4. what a journey since NPC's fucking died it got hard for a bit of % even.
  5. "Vanilla with Hypers" that one got me totally unexpected, like OOF, hope to see how it plays out, seems interesting, we'll cycle with infinites and mp memes until one pulls the HA card and wins
  6. my point of view is that meanwhile vanilla and old spar rules should be still be made as the top priority, overall denial of this rule set is just a "eh" from me, sure does sound unfair if you're not geared, however as a spec the whole Arena themed tourney for me sounds "fun" to watch, strong people from the server whose rank on the board or etc body themselves in a fashion of gear is just interesting to watch besides new (not counting some Sparring Rooms) , let alone being it a 2v2 set, whole NA and KR make these tourneys and they do result very interesting to watch, my final statement is that i'd like to see this type of tourney on the future, probably lower rewards i don't know, i feel Vanilla too slow for me, and barely i do not enjoy watching slow gameplay, i like fast paced ones such as Arena, Videos or just overall Old Set Rule, as more sockets are allowed.
  7. Team Name: Bad Time IGN: Cenx Class: Eternity Winnter IGN: wutoux Class: Minerva
  8. you can get Destiny for now, gotta wait until 2.6 to get Eclipse due to a official patch enabling them, so that being said, you'll be able to farm for it, cheers.
  9. i liked pvp when it was off without no experience players, featuring the MP Gain build KE and the level 95 Rumble Plumm , a general tip for everyone who reads this and plays pvp, if your gear fucking sucks ass, even after realizing you decided to queue into 2v2 or 3v3, do yourself a favor and try to don't get yourself killed, how? just run man, your dmg and hp's so low, you won't even help by a bit, atleast do so via running, let the others handle it, it's annoying i've seen people die 4 times in a single match i'm in, just because they decide to yolo through it
  10. add being dead as fuck on terms of balance on KR , both playerbase and rankings
  11. what a meme
  12. cool event, bump