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  1. Pls Ran let me patent my looks

  2. Welcome to Void. You can message me if you have questions regarding game stuff if you can't ask someone else.
  3. Is NI and BQ passive fixed yet?
  4. It's only for 15 days so why not give them a chance to be able to clear the dungeons they need to to become stronger? Not like Void haven't done it, they once gave a limited-time +10 Rosso Weapon through event timer anyway.
  5. I think it would be wise to rename today's update to at least "Apink Card Reward System Revamp" since loke people say, it's misleading.
  6. Since this just got implemented, R> Lock @PhysicsTM @Shiryelle @Structure @Xera Thanks for hearing the idea out.
  7. It's not 'punishing' new players. You can't be stuck at low levels given the fact that you can easily level at Void. At level 70 you'd be doing SDs to level and pretty sure you'd do more of that than those dungeons that you would outlevel later on. It's a hassle getting out of dungeons to get tickets especially if you're farming with a party with queue buff. It's not laziness. It's saving time.
  8. Does that mean it's possible as long as the Apink tickets are revamped to be given to those limited dungeons? Maybe I should make another poll if they agree to remove tickets on Ruben-Elysion
  9. Sending love to those people agreeing (maybe it would create a problem for staff adding it on normal dungeons tho)
  10. I added a poll now that I'm home~